Thursday’s Friday Finds

Yeah, I know the title sounds silly, but right now my life is sort of that way, so it works.  With the purchase of a new home (with oodles of more room to bring junk home!!), the weeks find me working there on odd days.  Last week, dear hubby decreed that Friday was a work day, which made Thursday a shopping day, while he wasn’t there to stop me!  Unfortunately, he has also acquired a new cell phone that means he can catch me out shopping at any time.  Gonna have to get an unlisted shopping number!  Lucky for all our loyal readers, the unsightly junk still exists on Thursdays, and Wednesdays and …

We loved this one.  This just lets you know for sure the junk is made in China, and they can’t read ANY English:

This is why you need proof readersI am a little worried about Avon Colling me.   What exactly do they do, and is it painful?

It couldn’t hurt any more than this lampshade:

Shade of pebblesWe understand why it was at the thrift store.  The overzealous antique dealer who had it before couldn’t sell it, either.  See, it still has the price tag:

Shade of pebbles2And yet, I am sure that it is no longer on the shelf at Goodwill, and is now gracing yet ANOTHER dealer’s booth, in hopes that there is someone dumb enough to believe it is worth $10.

What’s big, black, and silver?  We don’t know either, but here it is:

Big, Black, and SilverWe were not sure if it was made to disguise your fireplace, or to put in front of your mother-in-law’s face, or just to hide that unsightly gaping hole left from the last time your kids got a little out of hand practicing those ninja kicks.

If I were going to hide my face, it would be behind this darling fan:

Feather FanIt was carefully sewn to a backing to preserve the vintage feathers and celluloid sticks.  The price was right, but we both resisted.  On my part, mostly because my cat considers anything with feathers to be his rightful toy, including the neighborhood birds.  Sorry to all those bird lovers out there, but a cat is a cat, and I do try to curb his natural instincts as much as possible!

Now this poor dog just is not having a good day.  He is a little on the goofy side, and he hasn’t yet learned to hide his deformities.  Why else would he be sticking his odd tail up in the air for all to see?Look at my tail!He sort of looks like he lost his tail and raided the local cattail patch for a replacement.  We were not sure if there was a legitimate use for him, or if he was a decorative oddity.

We normally lay off religious art, so as not to offend, but these next three examples were too bad not to comment on:

Hulloo, anyone home?  It's Jesus!Actually, the picture is not bad (for a 3-D picture), but the metal frame with the built in light (the bump out at the top of the picture) made this too tacky for words.  Along the same lines comes this next picture:

3-D plaster pictureI am guessing this is the same subject matter, or maybe this one is just your local Roman with the worlds largest feet come calling.  Better hope he hasn’t stepped in some mud, or you are going to be cleaning your carpets for the next month.  Not to mention this last plaque would have taken some serious hardware to hang it up, as it weighed a ton.  Wait, maybe these are both Avon Colling?

If Jesus isn’t your decorative thing, there is always Moses:

Go Down MosesIt’s a little hard to see, but who wouldn’t want a bug eyed guy carrying the ten commandments on your side table for all the world to see?

We were on the fence for this last item, but I think we both came down on the side of good, after a bit of a laugh.  When your golfing game has you down, what else can you do but turn your 5 wood into a decoy?

What you should do after a bad week of golfNot sure if it would attract “Birdies” or “Eagles”, but it is worth a try.

It’s hard to believe that we have been writing and sharing snarky comments with everyone for three years, but it’s true!  So, in honor of our third anniversary, we are having a little drawing for the following items:

Wicker Windchime


The catch is, you don’t know whether you will win the nifty little art deco vintage creamer or the weirdest wicker dog wind chime in the world!!  Send in your name and email to: by noon (Colorado time) on March 21st  and take your chances!!  We promise names and emails will be used for nothing else, and discarded after the contest!!  Thanks for playing and reading!

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12 Responses to Thursday’s Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Congratulations on your third year! I enjoy your humor and the crazy stuff you find. Actually there is something I would have purchased in one of your pictures…not that I couldn’t find it elsewhere but…in back of the long-tailed dog on the left there is a low black pedestal. I broke one of mine. I don’t really need another one. But you know how it is. The golf club/decoy is very clever. I would have purchased something like that for my father. He liked to kill things and hit little white balls, (not at the same time.)

    • kathydeb says:

      It’s amazing what we see in the background of pictures–and we might have bought some of them if we weren’t so horrified by what first caught our eye. Thanks for reading and letting us know what you found amusing; it’s the give and take makes writing the blog so much fun!

  2. Connie says:

    Congratulations on your third year! Keep the giggles coming. I would have been sorely tempted by the feather fan, but alas, I too have a cat. Biscuit lays claim anything I bring into the house that has string, feathers or makes crinkly sounds.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks Connie–we know that Biscuit would spend days stalking that fan until it was his! The celluid sticks might even crinkle, which would make it irresistable! Glad you’re still reading and enjoying the blog.

  3. Happy anniversary! And as soon as I can find my phone cord again, I have to download the picture of the perfect lamp to go with that lampshade!

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks Shelia. I can’t even imagine the lamp that would match the shade; we are awaiting your picture with much trepidation! ;- )

  4. Congratulations on you third year, I too enjoy reading your blog.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks so much for joining in the fun. We wouldn’t enjoy writing the blog half as much without our wonderful readers.

  5. MsPBody says:

    Congrats on 3 years! You’re blog has singlehandedly renewed my interest in the Thrift Store ‘crawl’! Happy Hunting! 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      Woohoo!! That makes us very happy. Thanks for reading, and if you find anything horrifying, send us a pic!

  6. Anny says:

    This is totally laugh out loud funny!

    • kathydeb says:

      Thank you so much! We actually have people come up to us at thrift stores and tell us we are having too much fun!

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