We’ve Gotten Behind With Friday Finds!

We’ve been having a bit of a time scheduling our Friday shopping trips.  Kathy has been busy at her son’s school and buying a house; I’ve been busy being sick.  So, shopping has been hit or miss for a couple of weeks.  IngerK bailed us out last week, but I was worried about this week’s post.  That is, until I looked at the archive.  How could I have forgotten all those unlovely things just waiting patiently to be displayed?

When we saw this picture, we thought the artist was a pretty bad painter, but something else about it bothered us.  So we took it off the shelf for a closer look:

Fruit of the Loom  Fruit of the Loom closeup
Darned if this isn’t crewel embroidery!  The whole background is stitched, which is pretty amazing.  I don’t like it any better, but I appreciate the work that went into it.

Then a new cart full of goodies was rolled out, and all the vultures were circling the new prey–us included.  This was lying right on top of the cart:

Paddle my bear behindI’m not sure what I would say to someone who showed this to me as a souvenir of their trip.  Who, besides fraternities, sororities, and Mrs. Rayner (my second AND sixth grade teacher) uses wooden paddles?  I’m hoping it was snapped up by a Fifty Shades of Grey aficionado, and is hanging in an easily accessible location.

I’m not sure why this giant silver sea shell wasn’t used as target practice:

Shell we?  I think not!

You can see how huge it is; and being big and silver would theoretically be a decorating handicap.  However, as a target, being big and silver is a bonus, and think how satisfying it would be to fill it with buckshot.  Or even better, The Mythbusters could blow it up!  It would look great on the slo-mo replay.

My main gripe with this ceramic disaster is the color scheme:

Give this the bootI think it was supposed to be a Christmas decoration.  I can see holly leaves on the toes, and aren’t those holly berries scattered the yellow background?  It’s hard to imagine what was intended with the beads–they don’t seem to match anything!  Maybe the maker realized it needed a little something, and beads make almost anything better.  Uff da!

We like to see the vignettes set up by thrift store staff and patrons:

Lighthouse didn't helpThis scene could be titled “You need a better lighthouse!”  Obviously, this little wooden job isn’t enough to keep the sailboats out of people’s yards.

This is another little scene from Goodwill:

Up a stream without a paddleLet’s call it “Up a creek without a paddle” which might explain the candle-bear’s tears.  I think it’s pretty funny that people take the time to set up these little slices of drama, mayhem, or even romance.

We noticed this battle of the bands being fought on a local thrift store shelf.  The first band is highly flawed:

China Band2in that a number of the musicians have breakage.  The next band has a much more intrinsic problem:

Band O' ClownsThey are CLOWNS!!!  Clowns always are worse; worse even than Japanese porcelain representing an unlikely regency scene.  Although to be honest, both of these bands will eventually break up.

While cleaning out the new garage, I came across a stack of 50s and 60s decorating magazines.  Neither Deb nor I can resist these.  I haven’t had time to go through the stack, but I didn’t want to forget to share this room with you.  I can’t decide if coming home drunk would make this bathroom better, or just push you right over the edge into complete drunken stupor and all that goes with it:

Drunk might helpI see a bunch of remodeling in my future, but I can guarantee it WON’T look like this.

Stay tuned for some fun things coming up in the next few weeks.  We have something wacky planned on our third anniversary for all those folks crazy enough to stick with us for all these years.

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5 Responses to We’ve Gotten Behind With Friday Finds!

  1. Carol says:

    I love the lighthouse and sailboat on the fence. Reminded me of the evening we came home from the movies on interstate 89 in VT. VT doesn’t have many traffic slow downs but the interstate was at a crawl. When we finally got to the source of the problem it was a boat on a guardrail. I suspect it was a case of the boat coming off the hitch rather than someone trying to sail the interstate,


    • kathydeb says:

      He, he; love the idea of sailing the interstate system. It would be much more comfortable to have a bed, galley, and head while still being ecologically sensitive. Of course you could only travel if there was wind, which could be a problem with a daily commute. Thanks for giving me a smile this morning.

  2. Connie says:

    I am with you about the fruit crewel ‘art’. As someone who enjoys needle projects, I can appreciate the effort that went into the making. The $3.99 price tag certainly does not cover labor, but the overall product is definitely not worth the listed price. For me, the black background reminds me of the ‘Velvet-Elvis’ paintings… just cheap, cheezy and something that should never see the light of day.

    • kathydeb says:

      I know–I feel bad being snarky about it since it was a lot of work, and it was reasonably well executed. But what a waste of time, yarn, and framing.

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