Bring on Spring!

I can feel it; spring is in the air here in Colorado.  The days are longer, crocuses and snow drops are blooming, and my pussy willow is furry.  Before we know it, garage sale season will be here, which is really “the most wonderful time of the year.”  In the meantime, we will continue with the thrift store diet, with an occasional estate sale as dessert.

Speaking of spring, here is a crafty version of a May basket:

Spring basketI’m not quite sure where the maker was heading with this busy little basket.  It would make me buggy to try and place all those pearls evenly twice around the equator.  The part that made me laugh the hardest was the plastic-flower base; you can see the petals peeking out under the pearl and ribbon belt.  Coming in a close second was the bee with his crazy red eyes.

I’m not even sure if people remember who Betty Furness was.  I remember her from ads in the early 1960’s on behalf of Westinghouse (“You can be sure, if it’s Westinghouse”):

Betty Furness Thermometer setThe fun graphics on this box caught my eye.  I can’t imagine why Westinghouse would make a thermometer set; didn’t they usually do appliances?

Betty Furness Thermometer set inside boxThere was even a little brochure on how to cook turkey included in this set.  I hope someone snapped this cutie up and made a roast and then some candy.

Whatever words are used to describe this face, I’m pretty sure they won’t include useful, decorative, attractive, fun, charming, or well … you get my drift:

You've got Coffee Bean EyesThose eyes are enough to put me off my morning cup of coffee for a while.  If they are supposed to be closed eyes, I propose cucumber slices to relieve the swelling.  This isn’t appealing to me on any level, except as a clay pigeon.  Can you say “Pull”?

We’re pretty sure the same person owned these two items:

Same person had to own both of these framesI love cut-work stitchery but I wouldn’t buy this example; who ever heard of a knitted picture frame cosy?

I’m pretty sure that if we could read these mugs, we would be even more amused by them:  Fun Beer SteinsIf any of you know what these beer mugs say, we would appreciate a translation.  A friend of a friend thinks this is a Bavarian dialect, but he didn’t provide a translation.  The graphics are entertaining and probably indicative of the tag line underneath.  We thought they were well done and worth every penny Goodwill was asking for them.

There's always a stragglerWe found this single stein on a different shelf than his brothers; after taking his picture, we moved him next to his kin.  I hope someone bought the whole set, and kept the family together.

I’m not a fan of overly sentimental depictions of family life–hey, I grew up in a family and am well aware that it’s not all daisies, cotton candy, and bunnies when dealing with family members.  That’s why I find stuff like this annoying:

High Relief Fake Wedgewood  High Relief Fake Wedgewood
If you’re going to make a fake Wedgewood plate depicting siblings, it would be more realistic to have one punching the other (there’s one in every family–you know who you are!).  By the way, this week, these “collector plates” are in the front case.  Probably protective custody to prevent someone like me from knocking them off the shelf.

I was lucky enough to spend 19 wonderful days in Egypt about five years ago.  We went to the Cairo Museum and to the Valley of the Kings, and that’s why this vase bothered me:

King Tut Head Vase  King Tut Head Vase2
No king worth his weight in gold would have his likeness done in plain white pottery.  The gold lines are too little too late, plus someone misplaced his giant gold, lapis, and coral earrings.  This is so boring compared to the reality of funeral masks, even those made into head vases by souvenir sellers.

I will always feel grateful to this plaid:

The skirt that sprang me from Catholic SchoolWhen our local parochial school switched to this plaid for school uniforms, my dear mother refused to dress us in anything so ugly and sent us to public school–yay!!

Don’t forget to email us at or even use the “Contact Us” button on the blog to enter our giveaway contest.  If you’re lucky you could win this:  CreamerNot so lucky?  Then you might win this:
Wicker WindchimeEither way, you could have something cool for you, or have a white elephant gift for your next Christmas party.

Almost forgot to say that you should keep posted for the upcoming Easter post–it will make your bunny’s hare stand on end!

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7 Responses to Bring on Spring!

  1. I just love your weekly LOL post! 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      That is so flattering coming from you–thanks a million! Have to say in return that I enjoy your blog a lot; if people would only use your ideas, the thrift stores may become empty of horrifying content.

  2. I saw a sign! A “Garage Sale” sign! On my way to work this morning! (Sadly, I was running late and couldn’t stop. But tomorrow…tomorrow!)

    It’s like seeing the first crocus in the spring, isn’t it?

    And I wish I could have escaped bad parochial-school plaid. At least the Catholic school in Fort Collins only went up to 6th grade when I was there!

    Oh, and that Really Bad Lamp I was telling you about last week? Behold, the glory!

    (More new “thrift horror” pictures in that folder, too.)

    • kathydeb says:

      Ok, your bad lamp wins–although we saw one yesterday that might give it a run for its money! Lucky you with the garage sales already–although it has been so nice lately that it feels like spring already. Thanks for the laugh Shelia.

  3. Vivianne says:

    The script on the steins is Bavarian dialect and not standard German so I may be wrong but, to the best of my knowledge, they translate as follows:
    Die Liab’ und der Süff, Dös reibt den Menschen uff = Love and being drunk are the peoples excitement.
    Gen’ ma hoam, frag’ net wie = Let’s go home, don’t ask how.
    Hab’ I an’ Dürscht mia is alles Würscht = I am drunk and do not care about anything else.

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