Boo to You!

Well, it’s that time of year. I managed to get the outside of the house decorated, but the inside is sadly lacking. This working a full-time job really gets in the way of my fun. I have tried to prioritize, and go with the flow, and it is working as well as could be expected. That is, just so-so, but we live with it. Luckily, we have a bumper crop of Halloween fun on the blog, and that will make up for a whole lot.

Let’s start off easy. This was cute:

Most of the modern stuff is just blech, but we thought this was OK. Fill it with fun Halloween candy, give it to someone, and you could make their day. Of course, if I did that, half the candy would be gone, as I would sit in the corner and eat it. No self-control whatsoever.

We almost like this little witch:

Her face was kind of cute, but the rest of her was a little melty. I don’t think that was the idea behind it, but she seems to be missing much of a backbone. I don’t think she could stand up to anyone. Dorothy wouldn’t even have to work very hard to take her down, and Hansel and Gretel would be a slam dunk. She had a broom and may have been more of a kitchen witch, and as such, would probably bring a little luck to your cooking.

Speaking of melting:

I adore vintage Halloween, and these qualify, but I left them right there. These were those melty plastic chips from the ’70s and not even cute enough to overlook their obvious environmental shortcomings. I never could figure out why printing something fun on cardboard wasn’t good enough. No … you had to make it out of industrial plastic that will outlive your basic cockroach. They take up a whole lot of room in storage. Plus, both of these characters look like they are up to no good. I do not trust the evil gleam in their little beady plastic eyes, and those flirty eyelashes don’t disguise it at all.

The next bin yielded this:

Heck just push the cart, lock, stock and barrel to your front yard and you are done with the decorating. Is it just me, or are you sure that hand is creeping over the edge of the tub. I am more the cute Halloween type, so these were an easy pass, too. Good thing the Summer Intern was not around, as he is always trying to get me to up my game in the gory department.

We spent a bit of time on this:

We think it was supposed to be a cat, but it looks like Batman with whiskers to me! Perhaps he is in need of a good shave. Then there is the rest of it. Is it supposed to be flying with those arms pulled to the back? Is that a purple gown with a green jester collar? And, what heinous crime did he commit to be hung up on the moon? It was super cheap ceramic, not particularly pretty and darned useless. It needed to fly right off the shelf to the floor.

On the other hand it was a near miss that I didn’t buy this:

It totally made me laugh. The price was right, if it had not been about 18 by 20 inches, I might have drug it home. Now we know what Batman does on Halloween night! I really don’t think that is who the artist had in mind, but you tell me. Is that an owl on a rock or someone more sinister?

These were actually kind of amusing:

At this point in their life, they are a bit sad, but we think they are pretty vintage. Elf shoes, anyone? They could do double duty as a costume now, some sort of evil elf could work, and then save them to dress up as the Grinch for Christmas. Heck they don’t even have to fit, as we all know the Grinch’s shoes were too small! If you even tried to really use them, I think they would disintegrate into a pile of rubber scraps, but they were fun to see.

We have a winner in the craft department. How rare is that?

Who’s your Mummy? This is pretty easy, pretty cute, and if you didn’t want to keep it for posterity, it can easily be taken apart. Fill it full of candy for the front porch, and you have a winner. It has the advantage of being able to be made on just about any size pot. You get your short fat mummies and your tall skinny mummies, just like ordering a latte. There is probably a decaf one somewhere.

Deb and I both like Día de los Muertos things. This one is a fail, though:

They just didn’t really say sugar skull to us, and the colors were off just enough to be jarring. I think they were just pots, hopefully not mugs. Like it would make a lick of difference to how it would look, but at least it wouldn’t put you off your appetite or curdle your cream.

Last up, Deb and I each have an entry from our neighborhood. Mine is the annual pumpkin display at one of the local farms.

Someone needs to school them on how to do the A, but you get the picture. It is instantly recognizable. I know I am not the only one who has to stop each year and take a photo.

Deb’s neighbor, down the street, does a pretty bang-up job every year, and they usually add a few each year to keep you hopping. Here is this year’s offering:

There was a baseball game going on off to the left that is not in the frame. Don’t miss the bicycle built for “boo”, the strolling skeleton with the umbrella, and Deb’s personal favorite the newspaper delivery skeleton being chased by the poodle skeleton. She put an arrow by the poodle.

Hope you have a fabulous Halloween filled with all treats and no tricks.

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3 Responses to Boo to You!

  1. Always Fun posts, Deb and Kathy!!!Too cute and the ceramic-what’s it…is a total nightmare—what designer thought that was a good idea.

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    So much fun! Love both your local entries! We had zero trick or treaters, but we had lots of pretty Halloween lights and decorations to keep us happy. Now it’s full on to Thanksgiving!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I didn’t get many trick or treaters, either, which is weird because it was a beautiful evening her in CO. Maybe because it was a school night. Anyway, glad you like the decorations. It’s amazing how much people decorate for Halloween, maybe more so than for Christmas. We are heading into the holiday marathon. I’m looking forward to January myself! Hugs, Deb

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