Oh, We’re in For it Now

It’s snowing right now, so you might be thinking that weather is what I’m referring to with the title, and maybe it is, a bit. But, you know that we are rushing headlong into the holiday season, willy-nilly, and there’s no turning back now. Halloween is just barely over, and the stores already have their Christmas goods out! We aren’t allowed to enjoy the seasons and let things unfold with time; no, we have to rush from holiday to holiday at this time of the year because MONEY!! Rant over, but it kind of ruins my anticipation of Thanksgiving or Christmas because it feels like the holidays have been celebrated for months when they finally arrive. Sigh … next I’ll be shaking my cane at clouds.

Here’s something to keep us grounded in the now:

It’s been a beautiful Autumn here, and my burning bush actually looks like it’s on fire when the sun shines on it. This is a drizzly day, so it’s only incredibly red. By Christmas, it will look like a bunch of sticks, so I take pleasure in defiantly clinging to the current season despite what retailers want me to think about.

Also, last week Kathy mentioned my neighbor’s Halloween display having a skelly baseball game, sort of. Here it is:

Just look at that sky! It sure doesn’t look like Winter yet! These neighbors have been adding to their skeleton collection over the years. They might have the market cornered. I love this house; its based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design. There are no windows in the front—just that high glass right under the roofline. It’s very cool inside, and the whole back is nothing but windows. If you look closely you can see some skeletons trying to peek in the upper glassed area on the right.

Okay, time to get to work. Well, a labor of love for us, but hopefully fun for you! There is a small clown, but force your way past it to the drawing at the end of the post.

This really should have been saved for Kathy, but Tuesday and Wednesday were Día de los Muertos, so sorry that she can’t comment on the gato:

You know, I do like it. I have a dog version of this on a pillow and it makes me smile every time I see it! I’m not sure why it has to be hung from a thick jute rope through its ears, much worse than piercings, when it could maybe stand on its own, or have a ring to hang from. The eyes are kind of strange, but when I Google Day of the Dead cats, a lot of their eyes are flowers and they look just right. So, maybe it’s the execution and colors that bug me. If the thrift store hadn’t priced it as if it were brand new in a retail operation, Kathy might have dragged this home.

Pumpkins are Autumnal, not just for Halloween, and I have several to share:

The fabric one in the upper left is weird—that’s a strange fabric to choose for a pumpkin. I suppose that might have been the point, but then why wouldn’t you make one out of butterfly fabric, or something pretty? It isn’t any weirder than these:

At least these fabrics aren’t something the Stepford wives picked out so that the arbitrators of taste on the block weren’t offended. These look like Bette Midler pumpkins, and you know what she would say if you criticized them!

Fabric not your thing? No worries, we have you covered:

This is what you do with all your canning rings that were left over because your tomato harvest was annoyingly disappointing. They cannot be allowed to lollygag in the pantry doing nothing! At least now they can see the light of day and at the end of Autumn, you can easily disassemble this pumpkin and tuck the rings away in your big canning pot for next year.

You know, for being a 1970s comforter, this is kind of cute, in a need-to-wear-sunglasses-to-look-at-it-way:

The designers of that decade must have had stock in orange, yellow, and avocado green dyes because they were everywhere, all the time. We commented on this blanket, dutifully took a picture to show you all, and then started laughing at the check out when the person in front of us was buying it! Thank goodness, the buyer didn’t know why we were laughing. If they read our blog, they will find out. But, we weren’t laughing too much about buying this; it is the cutest ’70s thing that we have seen in a long time.

We are not a fan of this style of ceramics. I just couldn’t face this every day in the kitchen:

It is so bland, picked out by someone terrified of color or looking different from everyone else—blah!! I had to laugh when I was cropping the picture—look at the big cannister in the front. Now, look at the shelf. It almost looks like a piece of fruit got squished and leaked some color onto the shelf. Why couldn’t the appropriate fruit be painted that lovely purple.

When I visited the thrift store, not on a Friday, gasp, I passed by the end cap with the cannister set. The workers added some friends:

That giant piece of “pottery” with the eagle decoration fits right in, but why drag that lovely coffee cup into the whole business? I just love those old hand-painted cups, but really a body can only own so many, and then you have to let the rest make it on their own. This is a pretty one, though. It’s kind of funny that I called the additions friends, when you look at the book at the back of the shelf.

The same way I was sorry for the coffee cup above, I pity the poor flamingo:

It’s obviously the most normal item in this lineup. The clown is unspeakable. I’ve never been a fan of these kid ceramic projects, so the cheerleader is also a hard pass. The poor giraffe is kind of on the edge of being cute, in a very strange way, but really the title of this shelf is three of these things don’t look like the other. The poor flamingo just wandered into a rather scary scene, all unaware of his surroundings. Now he looks baffled, or maybe he isn’t that bright.

I saved the best for last:

This is one of the prettiest snack sets we’ve seen, and look at all the pieces! The sugar is pretty tall, my kind of serving size, and I really like the shape of the handles. The decorations are so dainty, too. We were sad when someone broke the set up, buying the pot, creamer, and sugar, leaving the plates and cups behind. That’s the breaks when the thrift store tags things individually at ridiculous prices. People have to make hard choices.

I have obtained two (one for me and one for thee) copies of Vintage Fashion Accessories:

This is the book I reviewed in a post a couple of weeks ago. So, let’s have a drawing! Leave a comment here on WordPress, on Facebook, or the doll boards saying that you want it, and we’ll gather up all the names and draw one on November 11th at about 7:30 pm. Don’t be shy—media mail rates are very friendly on my pocketbook.

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6 Responses to Oh, We’re in For it Now

  1. Yvonne Osborne says:

    Your blog makes my Fridays! I would love to win the book!

  2. Sandra Magle says:

    Not an entry….but I had to look at your ‘finds’ the leaking flesh fruit…looks like badly assembled body parts…canisters. Always interesting to see what you have there!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’ve been to thrift stores all over the country—I try to go to them whenever I travel, and I have to say that we have some weird stuff!! Other thrift stores seem boring by comparison with all of their useful, attractive things! Thanks for looking in and commenting!

  3. permon1980 says:

    Love the skeleton Halloween display! Please enter me in the drawing! Ivy

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