Scraping the Bottom of the Cauldron

It’s starting to look like we are going to get a little rain on Halloween night. Typical Colorado weather for Halloween. Either you freeze off all the little fairy wings and princess slippers, or the Monsters and Clifford the Big Red Dog kids get heat stroke. There seems to be little in between. We don’t worry about it too much, as if we get five trick or treaters, it’s a banner year. Doesn’t mean we don’t decorate and pass out full size candy bars, but at that rate, it’s pretty easy on the budget.

We seem to have burnt through out best Halloween offerings already this year, but never fear, there is a little bit more still waiting to haunt you.

The costumes are ARC are pretty picked over. Nothing much left, except to be a green army man or a graduate. But, we did spot this fun vintage hat:

I am hoping there was a great vacation and a lot of rum involved in this choice. If you were some place tropical, you can bet your bippy there would be multiple birds trying to perch in the flower garden on your head. That’s not to say we don’t like this hat, ’cause we do. We just need the piña colada to go with it.

We also found the ultimate pimp shoes:

You have to look really closely to see just how tall those heels are. Unless you are Tony Orlando, there is no other use for these, except for Halloween. At least we hope not. I can’t remember how much these were, but we did discuss how crazy the price was. Deb wanted to try and take a better picture the next week, but lo and behold, they had flown the coop, so someone couldn’t resist. We hope they win first prize in the costume extravaganza.

We came up with a couple of Kitchen Witches. They always seem to show up for Halloween. First the wind sock witch:

We do think this one is mostly a Halloween decoration, but she is still rather cute. At least she is about the jolliest witch I have seen a while. She may have been eating children to put that grin on her face, but at least she is cheerful.

This next one is more of a homemade number:

Well, they tried. We think they were well on their way to a fairly cute expression, but somewhere along the way she has lost her hat, which gives her enough forehead for any two green faced babes. Her out fit looks a bit pilgrimmy at best as well. I guess it saves on having to take down the decorations quite so quickly. And NO, she is not in our cart. We aren’t that desperate.

On the other hand, this was pretty tempting:

We understand the sentiment, heck, for us, you could even replace the W with a B and we would still be OK with it. If you don’t think we are bad, you should follow us around a thrift store and listen to just how catty we can be. And yes, you betcha, we are having fun!

We also thought this was pretty cute:

If I didn’t already have loads of cute candle holders, I might have needed this. It has all the proper Halloween ingredients. Black cats, spooky, trees, tombstones, then add a candle, and you are all set.

We each have a fun decoration to share from our neighborhoods. This is just down the road from me, and it is the second year they have set up something wacky like this. Here is a link to the post with the pic from last year. This year the tractor got a bit out of hand.

We have the Halloween pumpkin butt crack on the fellow by the fence, and the guy on the tractor is scratching his head, wondering where it all went wrong. I love that they even went to the trouble of taking down part of the fence. This place does a bang-up job on their Christmas lights, too.

Just down the street from Deb is this house:

Of course what is not to love about this whole setup? The dog on the back of the bicycle built for two is a particularly nice touch. This gal runs one of the local estate sale companies, and I know they had a bicycle built for two in their latest auction. Hope they didn’t sell their best decoration.

And one more, just because it has been a few weeks:

Ramses insists he has done his trick. I mean in a basket with a shirt on, so he wants to know where his treats are. If you have any spare chicken lying around, you know where to send it. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! May your treats be chocolate and your tricks be benign.

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  1. That’s actually some cute Halloween fun!

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