Just A-Hoppin’ Along

I keep trying to believe in Spring, really I do, but it’s a pretty dull gray day today.  It’s probably because one of the few daffodils that remain in my yard is in bloom, so it will probably snow on it and ruin it.  I have never figured out how come I can’t get daffodils to multiply here.  Tulips, fine, crocus fine, dandelions, well you know what happens with those.  Anyway, I will run out and take a quick peek at it, and if it snows too much, into a vase it goes.

We had kind of a bumper crop of Easter stuff show up, so we decided to split it into two posts, so as not to overwhelm you, and to keep from running out of photos too soon!  I picked the bunny post, as they seem to be a weakness of mine.  Take this little fella:

Deb suggested he might be contagious, since they put him in a bag.  (I am joking here, of course).  I just thought he was cute, and yes, he is sitting on my kitchen counter right now.  I don’t think it is mentally possible for me to get through an Easter season without at least one new bunny!

On the other hand, we need this to take the highway to hell, RIGHT NOW:

I know this is possessed.  I have seen killer clowns with less evil intent in their gazes.  He probably eats all the ears off every chocolate bunny and runs off with the last Easter egg, so you spend the next six months wondering just when you are going to come upon that rotten egg.  Don’t you feel sorry for the poor kid that found this in their basket?  Honestly, a big bag of Peeps would have been better, and we know those are inedible.

This is not much better:

It’s a baby, in a bunny, in an egg?  Were they trying to cover every Easter theme all in one toy?  Surprised it doesn’t have duck feet, as it is amazing how few people can tell the difference between duck and chick feet.  I suppose they were trying to cash in on the cutsey baby in a flower photos, but they failed.  No matter where they were going, they should have taken a U-turn before they made the first mile.

Speaking of Easter baskets:

I can not see any of these little flocked bunnies without having instant flashbacks to childhood.  I think I had a flocked bunny, although the majority of mine were brown, in most of the baskets I ever got.  They must have been a good deal and the Easter bunny bought a large supply.  These are still vaguely cute.

Unlike this:

I am hoping the main bunny in the photo and the killer clown bunny never get together.  There may not have been a more deadly combination since Bonnie and Clyde.  Seriously, doesn’t it worry you?  I think there could be serious consequences from just looking at them too long.  Visions of people tearing out their hair and gouging their eyes to keep from seeing them too long.  OK, maybe I am over-reacting, but not by much, am I?

On the other hand, this is pretty darn adorable:

If it had been heavier duty and a little smaller, I might have picked it up to use as a purse.  I am always amazed at folks who can take a few simple lines and you know exactly what it is.  How clever is that?  I might be tempted by this to fill it up with fun stuff and use it in place of a basket.  It’s way better than a cheap plastic basket, and it would make a super cute grocery tote or book bag.  It’s a win all the way around.

We will be continuing our Boredom Buster posts for as long as needed.  We are planning on those coming out on Tuesdays, and the regular blog posts still on Friday.  If there is anything you are interested in, or if you have ideas for ways to beat the blues, please feel free to message us and let us know.  We love hearing from our readers.  Please stay safe, take a walk, and wave at a neighbor.  We all need some long distance caring right now.


Hey, it’s Deb and I’m hijacking Kathy’s post for an  Easter boredom buster.  I just wanted to give you enough time to get this project done before Easter.

We like to make our own cards, and have the card-making equipment to prove it.  I was thinking about what you could use to make a card if you were a “normal” person.  Lots of people have a tablet of white paper around the house.  If you have kids, you might even have construction paper, which works just fine.  You could use a manila file folder if you have those, or printer paper.  Now, if you want color, I hope you have some color pencils, color sharpies, or crayons around.  I’ve seen people use tinted tissue paper and glue to color in a design, and it looks like stained glass.

What do you use for the design if you aren’t that great at drawing?  My first suggestion is to just go for it!  I’m going to add some patterns that I mostly drew myself, and I’m not an artist.  For most things don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good enough.  If you are a perfectionist, then you can download lots of images off the internet, print them, and you are good to go for card making.

Here are some patterns for things that you can cut out and either make cards or cookies or both; why limit yourself?  I learned from Christine McConnell that you can cut out cookies with a pattern on stiff paper and a knife; who knew?


These are copied from my vintage cookie cutters.  I have used cookie cutters as patterns for ornaments, paper tags, cards, and of course cookies.  These are modified because the beak didn’t look right on the chicken and the ears were too short on the bunny.  Feel free to modify further for your own purposes.  I thought the bunny would be cute with eyes and nose, whiskers, a little pink in his ears, and a cotton ball tail.  Stick him on a card and print “Hoppy Easter” and you’re done!  The chicken could be paired with eggs or a bunny and there you are.

Peeps crack me up, even if they aren’t made of any substance known to man:

I do think that they could make a cute card, ornament, or cookie.  Imagine dying cookie dough fluorescent pink, yellow, and blue and cutting out Peep cookies.  You could print out some Peeps and try and recreate famous scenes or paintings with Peeps.  The Washington Post used to do a Peep diorama contest and you could take on the challenge with paper Peeps.

If you have little ones who would like to make cards, here is just one of many free coloring pages for Easter:

I love it when kids I know color pictures for me.  I think that grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, and neighbors would be happy to be a recipient of such a piece of artwork.

Finally, I thought that two of the three presented ideas were pretty cute:

I’m kind of worried about that chicken, but if you like it, go for it!  Here’s a link to the website so you can follow along with their directions.

If you’re wondering what to write as your Easter wish, well, “Happy Easter” is a tried and true sentiment.  The internet is FULL of ideas: Google Easter thoughts/quotes/memes and you’re sure to find something.

We love card-making because it’s a personal expression.  Now that it’s hard to get out and shop, why not jump in with both feet and see what happens!

If you do try any of our boredom busters, it would be wonderful if you showed us what you did.  We promise not to make fun of it, no matter what!

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2 Responses to Just A-Hoppin’ Along

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Love that bunny tote bag – I would happily carry that! :>) And I love making cards – thanks for the craft project suggestion! Be safe and well, ladies! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • kathy & deb says:

      I was just thinking that the bunny on the tote would make a really cute card, too! So glad that you liked the post. We’re well, and hope your are too, Steph. Hugs, Deb and Kathy

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