Boredom Busters #1

The majority of folks were interested in these, so we are going to throw a few things out there.  Lots of this stuff are things that we love, so we hope that you find them fun, too.  But hey, if you get one fun idea to entertain yourself for a few hours, it’s a win right?

First up, a couple of links:


Hoopla is one of my favorites and lots of libraries have this available as part of their library card.  Check with yours!  Right now they are doing 20 titles a month free to borrow!  Lots of books, audio books, movies and TV.

If you can get this, they have a bunch of Janet Evonavich books, and she is one of our favorite authors!  I promise some laugh out loud moments in every one of her number series books, plus two super sexy hunks who will make anyone happy.  If not through Hoopla, check her out anyway!  Your library may have other options to digitally check out books and audio books.

Here is a link to Amazon’s search of our absolute favorite book of ALL time.  I am serious, the first time I read this, I walked around with a goofy grin and a spring in my step for TWO weeks.  I have since read it again, and saw the movie twice, and it still makes me happy.  Read the book first.  The movie is well done, but the book is better.


For folks into photography, I can highly recommend this site:

Digital Photography School

Sign up for their free newsletter it has great tips and tutorials every week.  Explore all the free articles.  They even have several sections devoted to fun new techniques to try at home.  I have never used their courses or ebooks, just the free stuff, and I get a lot out of it.

If that is not enough, check out the photography courses here:

The Great Courses

Joel Sartore is an amazing National Geographic photographer (check out his Photo Ark project too!).  His courses are terrific; they work for both the beginning photographer, and those who have been shooting for a while.  Done in easy-to-understand language with lots of great tips and ideas.  Sometimes, these courses are also available on Hoopla, win-win!  Right now you can try the Great Courses free for a whole month!  You could easily get through all the photography classes and have time to learn Spanish, or whatever else catches your fancy.

Next up here is a fun one:

Yeah, we all have coloring books, right?  If you don’t, feel free to download this one and color away, but once you are done, then what?  How about laying an old switch plate cover on the back, tracing around it and adding a 1/2″ to each side, cut an x where the switch comes through.  Cut it out and use Mod Podge or diluted white glue to put it in place.  Groovy instant decorative switch plate!  You can also use the colored pages to make a cool mat for a favorite photo, or a card, or even paper beads!

Here is one more project.  Let’s make Dolly Bunny Slippers!

Bunny Slipper Pattern

Hope you have a cozy place like this:

Please stay home, wash your hands, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Oh, and take a walk if you can, and get some sunshine.  Gotta take care of that mental health, too.  We will try to do one or two of these a week for a bit; we hope it will help.

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6 Responses to Boredom Busters #1

  1. romitazz says:

    Thanks ladies, some great ideas and links!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to make some bunny slippers now that Kathy has shared the pattern. I think it would make a cute Easter display! Hope you’re well, Rosemarie! It seems like things are a little better in Canada than in the US. Hugs, Deb

      • romitazz says:

        I am well, thanks. It’s good to know you both are by reading your blog. My husband has been working from home for the past couple of weeks. Although things look better here, don’t forget our population is 1/10th that of the US. It’s unfortunate that the numbers of infected are still climbing – everywhere. I think we’re in for a long ride with this. So many unknowns yet. On the bright side, I can’t wait to see your bunny slippers Deb! Hugs to you both.

      • kathy & deb says:

        That’s true with percentage vs raw numbers of afflicted. I’m glad that my hubby is working from home and not teaching; he has respiratory problems, and this could be bad for him! Stay safe and keep your fingers crossed about IFDC!!

  2. Sandi Magle says:

    Boredom, that is a word I’m not familiar with. I was an only child, and my mom taught me how not to be bored. And, this is back when there were 2 tv stations, and maybe 3 if it was cloudy…LOL. When we have the world now at our fingertips 1000 channels on television, how can being home be boring. I just have to walk to the basement and start digging to find something to keep me busy…sigh…or be lost in the doll room….definitely a fun place to be!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Right there with you, Sandi. I was one of 5 and if you said the dread words, “I’m bored” well, then, my mom made sure you would NEVER say those words in front of her again or even act bored!! I can remember helping her move furniture and painting 3 bedrooms before my dad got home at 4pm when I was 10 years old. I know how to keep myself busy; that was a pretty good lesson. But, some people just needed a mom like ours to give them a few life lessons on how to entertain themselves.

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