Thrifty Thursdays

Let’s start the day off with a funny picture.  I spotted this truckload on my way home a couple of days ago:

You should have seen me driving like a maniac to get close enough for a photo.  I wish I could have gotten straight on sideways, as from this angle you can’t see that the large one in the middle is a T. rex.  We live just down the road from Loveland, Colorado which is one of the sculpture capitals of the world!  They have at least half a dozen bronze foundries and a couple even offer tours.  I should go do that sometime!  They also have a world-renowned juried sculpture show called Sculpture in the Park that takes place in August.  All that is to say that this sort of thing is not that unusual around here, but it is still fun, and I thought you would get a kick out of a photo.

We hit up the thrift store again last Thursday, our one outing other than a trip to the grocery store now and then, so it is a special treat.  Pretty empty again this week, so we think we can keep it up.  Yay!  We also stopped at our craft reuse store, as we don’t have many visits left.  While there, we spotted this large-leather covered case:

Upon opening it we found this amazing commercial grade White sewing machine:

I tell you, I bet this thing could sew forever.  I was tempted, but honestly I already have three machines of various sorts and how many do you need?  Thank goodness it was $75.00 or it might have made the trek home anyway!  I hope someone does spring for it, because it would be a great sewing investment.

While there we also spotted this:

At first it looks pretty normal, but the Post logo threw us for a loop, because, hey, nothing says breakfast like the smell of paint in the morning?  We are wondering if it could have been a give a way, but yet again, how does tole painting relate to Grape-Nuts?  The world may never know.

Still at the craft store, we found this pile:

I have been known to dabble in needle felting and Deb is wanting to learn, but I don’t know what you could make out of this HUGE and I mean HUGE, those are the big bins full of, let’s just say colorful, roving.  About the only use I could see would be felted dryer balls and then you would just have to hope that they picked up a whole lot of dryer lint to dilute the coloring as soon as possible.  Maybe it’s just the two colors together, but the whole effect is rather jarring.

We have now become firm believers in time travel.  See what I mean?

Who knew Princess Leia lived the past as Maid Marion.  She hid it well, but those buns were a dead give a way.  Come on, how can you be that loyal to one hair style? Especially one that takes that long to do?  We have to say were were sorely disappointed when the Robin Hood plaque showed up on the next aisle over and bore no resemblance whatsoever to Han Solo:

Unless you count how this resembles the metallic gray of carbonite.  Maybe that’s it, frozen in time forever, but unless you are related to Jabba the Hutt, it’s poor taste for your walls.

We couldn’t figure out why these were in the case and marked at 45 bucks:

We just thought they were kinda creepy, and not in a good way.  Nothing like sightless eyes following your every move around the house.  Surely the leather could have been put to better use as a bag, or shoes, or hey, even a belt.  Let’s hit all those utilitarian uses first before we resort to death masks.

I don’t know if the masks were still on our minds, but we had a hard time wrapping our brains around this without seeing femurs in the balcony:

Doesn’t see look like she has been imprisoned in Vlad’s castle and is hanging out over the balcony begging for help?  Or maybe she is in on it, and is throwing poisoned flowers down on hapless passersby.  And if the first one didn’t get you, check out the gams on this one:

Come on, I swear those were leg molds for something and they repurposed them for this.  Looks like a whole chorus line bit the dust to hold up this railing.  All I can says is I think there are no angels here.  The little twisted devils.  Paint them pastel colors and give them wings all you want.

I have been slowly venturing to a few estate sales, but only later in the day after the crowds have left, but that also means I am left with the dregs of shopping:

Honestly, I love cats, but I think I will just stick to my toilet paper sitting by its lonesome on the back of the commode.  Just to be clear, this thing was a solid couple of feet tall and made entirely of plastic canvas.  While I admire the ingenuity in getting something that big to stand on its own, we all would have been just fine with this never coming into being.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy; please take care of each other and wear a mask when you go out.  We will all be better in the long run if you can.

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