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Bin There, Done That

I’m ashamed to say that I missed the Goodwill bins while visiting family in Michigan.  We had gotten the Norovirus from a young relative, so shopping was right out the first week.  The misty weather made garage saling difficult after … Continue reading

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Estate Sale Overload

Well, that title may be a bit misleading, as we truly do not think there is such a thing, but we did have two really good ones in a row, and that does tend to overload our wallets.  So much … Continue reading

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Old Grind Friday Finds

We keep thinking our lives will get back to normal after the holidays, after this, after that, etc.  We have just about decided that is never going to happen; it’s always something, so for now, here is a post-holiday post … Continue reading

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The Guardians

For a little something different this week, I thought I would share a day of finds with some of our deep feelings on “stuff”.  Many times Deb and I speak of “rescuing” things.  Orphan linens, bits of paper memorabilia, the … Continue reading

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From the Depths

I am not feeling too blog-ish this week, as moving is a #@*&, and shopping is not much fun by yourself.  But Deb is back in town and Friday beckons, so from past photos and a couple of additions along … Continue reading

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Miscellany,  def: a mixture of various things. One of our favorite words ever.  If we see misc. in a garage sale or estate sale ad, we are all over it.  Pretty much everything we buy falls into that category, so … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Kitchen Linens–a Book Review and True Confession

The book that inspired this post is The Kitchen Linens Book by EllynAnne Geisel: We each got a copy while shopping at Tuesday Morning–neither of us could resist that dancing tea cup on the cover.  It only seemed natural to … Continue reading

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