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We’re in Trouble Now

I have never understood the phenomenon at yard sales of seeing things in waves.  Some days you see enough cat carriers to stock a shelter, but the corollary of this is: just try looking for something.  Deb needed a new … Continue reading

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Yes, I think vexed is a perfectly good word for it.  I am finding myself on Thursday afternoon trying to crank out a post, in a week where I thought I would have plenty of time to get one done.  … Continue reading

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Not-So-Weird Collection: Silhouettes

I have had a love affair with silhouettes since my childhood.  When I was somewhere between five and seven, and my parents had silhouettes cut of me and my two sisters.  The artist had us sit in profile to him, … Continue reading

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Procrastination Strikes Again

Hey everyone!  We’re going to do a couple of summer reruns from really, really old posts.  This one was originally done May 2010.  We figure NO ONE read our blog back then (and we have the stats to prove it!) … Continue reading

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You Could Be a Winner!

We did the drawings and congratulations to: Queli, Ruth, Jean, and Sheila!  I’ve sent you all email asking for your addresses.  We’re so glad that someone wanted all the prizes! I have a couple other pieces of business.  A couple … Continue reading

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