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Texas Déjà Vu

B.H. and I have just returned from a visit to his sister in east Texas.  She reads the blog, and of course had lots of places picked out for shopping.  We were so busy looking that I didn’t take as … Continue reading

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One Sale Is All It Takes

We are simple folks.  All we ask is a decent sale here and there, time to share with friends, and a good lunch.  Well, last week gave us all that in spades.  We always have a good time on Friday, … Continue reading

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No Art At All

I am going to start off by mentioning that I am unusually crabby today.  We managed to get the Summer Intern graduated from high school and had the gigantic party in the back yard with nary a rain drop or … Continue reading

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Running on Empty

It’s getting to be that time of year.  Around our school we call it “March, April, Mayhem”.  The summer intern is graduating from high school this year, and the party is at my house.  Not sure why I volunteered for … Continue reading

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Easter Basket Cases

Easter and April Fools’ Day on the same day?  That’s a waste of a perfectly good holiday, plus now I’m afraid to trust my Easter eggs.  It hasn’t happened in 62 years, but it will happen again in 11 years … Continue reading

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Hearts and Flowers

It’s time once again for our annual Valentine’s post, or what not to get your sweetie, unless you would like to sleep on the couch!  We have each been married for 30 plus years, so we know what we are … Continue reading

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We’re in Trouble Now

I have never understood the phenomenon at yard sales of seeing things in waves.  Some days you see enough cat carriers to stock a shelter, but the corollary of this is: just try looking for something.  Deb needed a new … Continue reading

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