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The Final Chapters: A Century of Bags. Plus a Giveaway!

Well, I just decided to finish off the handbag book with the chapter on 1990–2000 plus some of the designer pages. Even if you aren’t interested in the handbag book, you might want to participate in the giveaway. It will … Continue reading

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Hanky Giveaway Winners

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway AND say thanks to everyone that visited the blog for the first time and gave us a read. Oldnewgreenredo and Chrysalis: please send your addresses to and we’ll … Continue reading

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The Early Birds Catch the Worm?

Unless you’re a robin, I’m not sure why on earth you would want a worm!  Yes, you’re right, we’re a day early, but hopefully not a laugh short.  Things just worked out this way so we’re rolling with it.  We … Continue reading

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Gobbling Up Bad Thanksgiving Finds

Well, our Thanksgiving is a little later this year so I think with a little coaxing we can get TWO posts for your reading pleasure!  Plus, we have a giveaway which I’m going to start with since it makes us … Continue reading

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Dress it Up, Dress it Down

I am a Happy Camper.  Halloween is here, the most wonderful time of the year!  And if it seems like I am confusing my holidays what with the carol title and all, just chalk it up to the stores putting … Continue reading

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Damsels in Distress

We have been shopping twice a week since Kathy started her Friday job.  I’m not sure that poor Fort Collins can take the Dynamic Duo twice as often as  usual.  We were at a thrift store on Thursday, talking to … Continue reading

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We Get Back On Track, Sort Of

It seems like we’ve had an eventful couple of weeks, and this week isn’t any different.  We’re having a garage sale Friday and Saturday—Kathy is desperately trying to clear some room in her garage and basement and I always have … Continue reading

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Our Top Ten Favorite Finds … So Far

In honor of our 500th post, we’re sharing our all-time top ten finds and having a fabulous giveaway, to boot.  To enter the giveaway, post a comment here, on the Doll Divas link, or on the Second Hand Roses Facebook page.  … Continue reading

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One Sale Is All It Takes

We are simple folks.  All we ask is a decent sale here and there, time to share with friends, and a good lunch.  Well, last week gave us all that in spades.  We always have a good time on Friday, … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

It’s the season of rebirth, new beginnings, if you will.  In less than a month it will be summer.  The Summer Intern graduated from high school, not that we’re surprised, but he’s beginning a new chapter and so is Kathy.  … Continue reading

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