Cat Days of Winter

Do they have dog days of winter? Maybe it’s cat days of winter; whatever it is, I think we are there. We are developing a pattern of wet snow most every Wednesday. Not sure what that means, but it is better than snowing every weekend! The only cool thing about spring snows in Colorado is that they don’t hang around very long. Most of them are gone in a couple of days of medium warm sunshine.

I got to do something fun last week. I belong to a group of Facebook folks who gift things to one another. If you have something you don’t need, offer it up and give it to someone else. It originally started out as a Buy Nothing list, but after that went to all app based, they switched to a gifting group. Anyway, a lovely lady on the group was unable to use her tickets to see Phil Rosenthal from the show Somebody Feed Phil. If you are a foodie, I highly recommend this show on Netflix. This is one of the Summer Intern’s favorite shows, and he was kind enough to take his old mom with him to the live show. It was a lot of fun, but one of my favorite things about it was this glorious theater where it was presented:

Stunning Art Deco architecture every where you look. How nice was it that a stranger shared this with us? If you have one of these groups in your area, I highly recommend them. Who knows what you can gift or receive.

Deb and I have a game where we offer/threaten to buy each other things. Here was something for each of us to gift to our “special friend”:

The vase wasn’t the worst, and I think that would definitely be the safest one in this group. As far as the figurine goes, would you let a small possessed child play with your puppies? We can only hope the little girl doesn’t open her eyes, because you can bet she has been bitten by a zombie too. It even managed to get one of the puppies. Those eyes! No one is safe.

We thought this was pretty funny:

Seriously, the pig already has a mask on. You know he is going to make off with all your pennies the minute your back is turned. You are going to have to take our word for it that this is a pig, as there is not a whole lot of piggy lookingness going on, but still. don’t put your money here!

We spotted this in a pretty shop last Friday:

You will be happy to know, I didn’t even think about buying it, but we did want to show you this lovely art deco style cabinet with a gorgeous 201 Singer in it. If you open the curved side on the right, there are cute little drawers in it to store all your goodies, and the bench seat opens up too. Plus, it tucks under the machine for neat tidy storage. The cabinet was a stock one you could order from Singer with your choice of machines. I think it only came in the blond color, but so pretty. ( Note, I just saw one stained a dark color in my sewing machine group, so I stand corrected! )

Much better than this lamp:

We wasted a bit too much time trying to decide if it came this way, or if someone decided it would be enhanced by gold painted cherubs. To be honest, I am not sure what color would make them better. Maybe black with the devil horns they deserve? I will give them credit for one thing, at least the shade was in the correct scale for huge ugly lamp, unlike these:

Why would you have giant garish lamps with teeny tiny shades? Like a larger shade would help them, but let’s at least pretend. If you owned these you would have to have a REALLY ugly couch to deflect folks from judging your taste in lamps. Maybe some really long fringe would help?

If you have giant lamps, maybe you need giant doilies?

But I am thinking not this one. OK, so you had some leftover yarn and it was a challenge to use it all in one doily? I might be able to handle the pink, green and white, but where did that variegated gold stuff come in to play? There were several large doilies and we blame the same crocheter:

Just imagine these with the ugly couch and the huge gold lamps. Or go ahead and add in the cherub lamp if you dare. The one on the top in this pic was really pretty; it is a shame it didn’t show up better, but white floors, you know. It was pretty enough to rescue, but at $5.99, it is no longer a rescue and more of an investment than I am willing to make. This was one talented lady, as the quality of the stitching was outstanding, but she should stick to white. At least she didn’t add some gold to this one.

I am hoping winter is really on the way out, or I am going to spend the next month looking like this pissed off puss I spotted at a thrift store:

Maybe he is possessed too, or he is just looking for some spring. No matter what, it was a poor use of a mirror tile, and we know why he is being left to forlornly sit on the shelf. Hear that, Mother Nature, don’t make me look like this! Send some warm weather my way, and if it’s Wednesday, let’s skip the snow.

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