Need a Hand?

We’re well into the quiet part of the year. An artist that Kathy and I support, Christine McConnell, said that Christmas should come at the end of January. The we wouldn’t have to rush through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, only to have nothing much for a month and a half, or longer. I agree with her; I might enjoy those winter holidays if they didn’t come right on top of each other. But does anyone listen to us?

This bowl gave me the creeps:

I probably have watched too many horror movies and when I see disembodied hands, I think of zombies or vampires clawing their way out of graves. I know this is supposed to be one of those many hands make light work things, but it doesn’t do it for me!! I think it’s even a bit worse from this angle:

It’s a very handy bowl, it says so right inside of it! Someone must have liked it because it was gone fairly quickly. For any Wednesday fans, I think that Thing would love this bowl; especially with a comfy blanket in the bottom of it.

These Chihuahua puppies are just a bit over the top:

First off, Chihuahua pups are pretty darn cute without being all dressed up. The scarves and hat are unnecessary, maybe the vulture artist next door should have snagged some threads for his subject. It just isn’t fair that the poor vulture has to compete for attention with puppies. Of course, I kind of like vultures, just not too close, because they are noxious-smelling.

Oh, Grandma tried soooo hard:

She knows the kids love Iron Man, and even found a crochet pattern. The problem is that the kids would probably like a Funko Pop or action figure Iron Man a whole lot more. They probably would like Iron Man sheets, or underwear more than this! Her heart is in the right place, but there was a failure of execution. We KNOW why this was donated to the thrift store!

This couple stunned us into silence, which isn’t easy to do:

Where have these been for the last 30 years? I suspect in a guest bedroom or display cabinet since they are in really good shape. No little kids have ever put their sticky hands on those satin outfits. Why are their names Carlotta and Conrado? Why did someone keep their Certificates of authenticity for all those years? It doesn’t make them more valuable, now, although the thrift store is asking $24.99 each. It shocked me the next week, when Conrado was gone, and poor Carlotta was there by her lonesome, looking more pitiful than ever. She has been through a couple of half-off sales with no takers, so I’m afraid that her options are dwindling.

I kind of think that these two should be named Carlotta and Conrado:

The proportions of the two figures are off. Most adults are between 6.5 and 8 heads tall, according to the internet. I’m no artist being that I can’t draw a straight line, but the bodies just seemed off to me. I wonder if someone painted this from another picture as practice, but you know that you can paint over canvases that you aren’t satisfied with and start all over. We see shoppers buying the ugliest pictures, and that’s what we figure they’re doing as starving artists. It’s win-win in my book as the new “art” is bound to be better than the original!

Well, someone is a big Abraham Lincoln fan, or was a fan:

This big ol’ plaster bust was painted like a penny, which is sort of odd. Ya’ll know that Mr. Lincoln was not a Coppertone baby, don’t you? Since those floor tiles are 12 x 12 inches, I figure that the bust was probably about 18 inches tall. If you aren’t running Abraham Lincoln’s presidential library, what would you do with this? If they had painted him like a human being and not a penny, there could have been more decorative options.

We thought this was an interesting, unusual, and fun snack set:

Usually snack sets are made from glass or bone china, with a geometric or floral design. This set broke lots of rules by being ceramic, and having a rodeo decoration. You could use this to serve snacks in the bunkhouse of a ranch, and your ranch hands would probably be amused. That horse and the rider are both having a bad day so it wouldn’t matter who you were rooting for.

Lastly, I was sorting through some paper things I bought a while ago (forgot where):

This tiny picture was in a pile; it’s only 2 5/8 × 1 3/4 inches! On the back, there is a short paragraph:

Florence in carriage in front of Marie Antionette’s La Petit Trianon–Versailles, France, June ’47.

This is the problem with buying bags of photos and old paper ephemera. It’s cool to look at old stuff, but usually you’re left with so many questions. I’m sorry the scan is so dark, the actual tiny photo is lighter and you can see Florence and the driver much more clearly. I would love to go to Versailles some time; now that B.H. is retired we may even do it! I probably won’t ride in a carriage, although it looks perfect parked in front of the building.

Thanks for stopping by. We have plans for fun posts with giveaways but life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully, we’ll get rolling by February, but no promises!!

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2 Responses to Need a Hand?

  1. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Lots of fun stuff there! I feel sorry for the white bear left behind – so sad. And I LOVE that rodeo snack set! How cool is that! I would even use it. :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hi Steph, I felt sorry for Carlotta, too. But, at $25 each, you would probably only buy the one you liked. She is still there looking so sad!! We really liked the rodeo snack set; it’s so unusual, but well done! Thanks for reading.

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