More Cowbell

I made a mistake. I bought my cat to work, and I decided to write the blog post while I am here. I do not type well with a cat hanging on my arm. Thank goodness Deb and her hubby are awesome proofreaders, or there would be no hope of making heads or tails of this. One of his favorite positions is on my lap with his paws on my arm. That way he has maximum access to knocking things off the desk. He has been a real pain this last week, as no one has ever found the button to reset the clock on a hungry cat. When an 18-pound Bengal follows you around the house for an hour pointing out that it is well past feeding time, it gets old really quickly. I think we are finally settling in a bit and we may come though it in one piece. Till next year.

We’ve seen lamps and we have seen LAMPS. This falls into the later category:

This was sitting on the floor and you can see it stretches up almost to the third shelf. It was taller than several of the shoppers in the vicinity. Do you put it on a table, or this is really a “floor” lamp? You don’t even have to plug it in and turn it on to be blinded by the light, as that gilded shade will take care of that for you. I feel a harvest gold shag carpet vibe from this, but I could be wrong, maybe it was brown.

This entire shelf needs to fall over. They could borrow my cat; he is great at knocking things off:

I am pretty sure we made fun of the clock lady already, but the mice, Indian maiden, other doll and cheer leader make for a shelf of horrors, the like you may never have seen. I am betting a good portion of this came from the same place, but I really hope not. We have commented on the crochet potholders more than once, so I will concentrate on that mouse. I want to know what is in that bottle and could he really be old enough to be legal? I think not. As far as that cheerleader, Give me a N give me an O, give me a W. A. Y. How many poor granddaughters got these when they made the squad? It’s enough to make you blow the tryout. Also, there is a teddy up on the left-hand corner that looks like he has “seen things”. I do think they are glasses, but that is not what it looks like from this angle.

I neglected to mention the hobbit hole in the above pic, as we saw a better one:

Someone went to a great deal of work for this. We were not sure we wanted to see it lit up—it was enough to know it does. I don’t know where you would use this, as it looks far too fragile to live in a garden for the fairies, and it looks way too dust-catchery (I am sure that is a word and a category of interior design items!) for inside use. You could always put it in a cage and give your pet hamster the poshest place to live ever.

We have seen stuff like this before, so it must have been a thing:

I dug though a couple of years of pictures and couldn’t seem to come up with the others we saw, but I seem to remember there was a boy and a girl. Same colors, same patchwork. Sometimes I am glad the search on our photos doesn’t work too well on WordPress. It is bad enough just seeing these. Not totally nightmare inducing, unless you look at them as being a Frankenstein horse, then maybe not so good. They were never very decorative, though, and now should be consigned to the trash.

OK, on to at least one laugh. You gotta laugh or cry:

Lest you be confused by the paper in the center, the whole thing was a memo pad. Hang on your kitchen wall and enjoy. The cat himself looks a bit bemused by his situation. Like, “why do I have a mustache?”. Reminds me of the whole Kitler thing. This is another one of those crafts that I bet was adorable in the pix on the instructions, and yet somehow, along the way, it went terribly wrong.

We did like this:

It’s really too bad the flamingo’s head is broken and the salt and pepper are missing. As far as souvenirs go, you could do much, much, worse and many have. You could still put your napkins in it, but we left it for the next person, as you know, crazy thrift store prices talk us out of a whole lot of things.

This also had us in stitches, enough that we shared it with everyone around us at the time:

On the surface, it seems pretty straight forward, then we turned it over:

No clapper in sight! You could ring to your hearts content, and no kisses would be forthcoming. I think this would also work with those ring for a beer bells. I bet there is a really funny story behind this. Don’t you wish it could tell us all about it?

I spotted this last item at a yard sale this summer and forgot to share it:

We think it is a telephone table, but I have never seen one quite like it. The lady did say they always kept the telephone book in the covered spot on the right, and I suppose the phone would sit on the table to the left, but it seems to need some sort of chair to be really useful. I still bet it has heard many a good gossip. You know that they say, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, come sit by me!

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the fashion book:

Leave a comment here on WordPress, on Facebook, or the doll boards saying that you want it, and we’ll gather up all the names and draw one on November 11th at about 7:30 pm. Don’t be shy—media mail rates are very friendly on my pocketbook.

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6 Responses to More Cowbell

  1. Sandra Magle says:

    Not an entry—but a really fun post. I’m intrigued by the weed house??? Fun stuff!

    • kathy & deb says:

      You’ll be amused by the fact that they moved the weed house behind the counter where all the “valuable” stuff is!! I said to Kathy, “Hey look it’s the hamster house!” and got the strangest looks. They are very mistaken if they think that it’s worth much!

  2. Lovindollz says:

    I would like the fashion book. I always look forward to reading you and Deb’s blog every week.

  3. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    I love that phone table! And the fairy/hobbit house is very neat – I’d definitely play with it. :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      That phone table is unique. I really get a kick out of three-legged pieces of furniture! You’ll be happy to hear that they moved the hobbit house to behind the main counter; no playing allowed!! Thanks for reading and commenting Steph it’s always nice to hear from you!

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