Falling for Junk

Fall is definitely in the air. We had a nip of frost last week that took out the most tender plants, but the mums and asters are still going strong. Feeling the need to start getting out the Halloween decorations, and I have already started sneaking in the subtle Halloween jewelry. In a fit of insanity, my Dad has now decided it is time to paint the doors and trim on his 120 plus year old building and I am now freezing to death at work. I think it’s a plot to make me help him paint!

We were able to find some crazy stuff to share this week, but when we got around to posting photos, we noticed that much of it was holiday related, but lucky you, I had some groaners on the back burner to fill out the post, so let’s have at it.

First up:

Someone had dropped off an entire collection of “decorative” plates, but we decided this was the weirdest one of the bunch. Just where are you supposed to display said decorative plate? Is there any room in the house that this would enhance. Of course not, so that is why it is still safe and sound in its original box. I bet after all these years it might be worth a penny or so. Much less than the thrift store put on it, that’s for sure, and scads less than the original owner ponied up for it.

Having done this once, and ONLY once, I totally agree:

I remember being the happiest mom on earth, when the doc told me I could have a glass of wine now and then, even when breast feeding. Woo Hoo. It was either me drink, or the kid drink, so I think the doc made the right decision.

Oh, my word, was this lady color blind?

We know we were blinded by the green. I really don’t think Deb managed to capture the true outrageousness of the green on the lower doily. It was your basic safety green. Pair it with the Green Bay Packer reject above and you have a reason for some really dark glasses, as I don’t think rose colored ones will help.

We like purses. We even like vinyl purses, sometimes. We didn’t like this:

Reminds of the vinyl covering on the “good ” couch in the living room. Hermetically sealed, in case dirt comes within a mile of it. The Kool-Aid doesn’t stand a chance. The interior print is just fine, but why pair it with that drab tan stuff? We know why it was at the thrift store, we just have some questions about the original buyer. We spend a lot of time hoping that these things are store overstock that some drunk buyer goofed on.

If either of us were big beer drinkers, we might have needed this for Oktoberfest:

Yes, you too can drink beer with a chicken perched on your head! No one will ever be able to tell when you are really drunk, as they will think you started off that way. It rather reminded me of Gonzo’s Camilla from the Muppets. It did get a good chuckle from both of us, so it’s work was done as far as we were concerned. We hope it found a very good home with a keg in residence.

We have another entry into our “pretty plate” category:

Isn’t it pretty? Not often you get the chance to use the purple tablecloth and the pink candles, but wouldn’t it be lovely? There were only a couple of plates, but we hope someone somewhere has lots of this.

Hubby and I took a trip up to Cheyenne to our favorite thrift store, and I noticed this:

Actually, it came up and slapped me up side the head. You are never NOT going to notice this lamp. If the gilding and the studs don’t get you. The golden crushed velvet will scream at all your senses. The mind boggles. I dearly wanted to see it lit up, but of course that was not possible, so I will have to use my imagination. I hate to say it, but the price tag is probably justified, as this sort of thing is big with a certain segment of collectors. I bet the next time I get up there it will be gone to some 30-something collector with the craziest house you ever saw. I read the best description of this yesterday, and wanted to remember to write it down, as I think this describes any collector worth their salt. They called it an “eclectic maximalist”. I loved it, and I live it joyfully!

OK, you might want to sit down for this one:

Isn’t this the cutest little box? It’s small, about the size of a little jewelry box, and super cute right? Then I had to go and open it:

I’ve heard of gag gifts but baby dentures? The actual teeth were only about a half inch across, but what where they thinking? This probably dates to the ’30s or ’40s judging from the print and the font. I had to ask how much, and when the lady in charge of the sale said a dollar, you know what I did. In my defense, I will be listing it on Etsy, and I bet a Tooth Fairy reward that it will sell super fast. The weirder the better.

Weird is all very well and good till it comes to cooking. On the outside, this looks harmless:

Nice bananas in a fruit salad. There are probably a few gelatin things in there, but overall mostly OK. How wrong you are. I give you exhibit A:

There is not a combination on this page that is not shudder worthy. Do you think they even made these and actually tasted them? Of if the did, did they take into account their tasters rapid trip to the bathroom? I know bananas were big, and new, but please leave the seafood out, and while you are at it, maybe give the cabbage a miss too.

Going to leave you with one last fun item. I recently purchased an old White sewing machine (no, do NOT count how many this is), and this card was stuffed in the case:

Who knew Singer made vacuums and irons? I posted this on a sewing machine group and someone there mentioned that their first TV was a Singer! Just a fun little piece of the past. The card is a bit bent, and I will straighten it out and slip it in an acid-free folder and maybe tuck into Singer machine drawer for safe keeping.

Hope you are having a pretty fall where you are. Halloween is not far away, and we have some posts planned for that too.

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2 Responses to Falling for Junk

  1. Sandra Magle says:

    Fun stuff as always Kathy, I know what you mean about ‘plates’. We had the main office/warehouse to Bradford Exchange in Wheeling, IL or maybe it was Prospect Heights, —so there are even more floating around here as everyone went to their closeouts and overruns and bought them cheaper—-but still they were stupidly expensive and now fill the thrift store shelves!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Yeah, no one wants those plates—you can’t even get anyone to take good china!. About the only thing they’re good for any more is to be put under plants to prevent water damage. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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