Road Trip #3

Do we ever stay home? Well, we actually have for well over two years, so if we decide to take three little trips that add up to less than a week, we are entitled, are we not? When we were up in S. Dakota, I was whinging about wanting to go to one of those 500 mile garage sales. Little did we know there was one right next door! Found a brochure for Nebraska’s three-day Junk Jaunt. It makes a loop around a whole bunch of little towns (and I do mean little) right in the heart of Nebraska. We decided that is not too far to travel and made plans to attend. Here is a little recap of our adventures.

We took off Thursday after work, and made it to North Platte. Got up nice and early to head to the sales, but it had been raining most of the day Thursday, and we were greeted by a landscape that looked like this:

Luckily, it was never too thick, and it was easy driving. When you only pass a handful of cars on your way in, the driving is easy. By the time we made the first town, it had mostly burned off and we were ready to go. You can buy a printed brochure with maps of each town and where the sales are, as well as what they had, and if you decide to go, it’s worth the money. There were quite a few misprints, but it was better than nothing. Here is ours and the pullout that you could have stamped in each town.

If you get a certain number of stamps (one in each town) you can send it in for a drawing. Taking a quick count, we made it to at least twenty towns! Each town had anywhere between three and fifty folks selling stuff at separate sales! We have seen a lot of junk.

If you are not up for the serious route, just pick a corner and follow the signs:

Nebraska has a lot of crazy junk. The majority of it truly was cr@p, and there was a whole lot of it. Several of the towns that were county seats used the fairgrounds or ball fields to set up. Can you imagine filling all these shelves:

This was in a sale barn and NOT a permanent shop! Also, if you are in the market for about 10,000 salt and pepper shakers, I know where to hook you up. I think there were at least a dozen at every sale, and some had way more. I didn’t see a whole lot of takers, though. There was a lot of rusty junk from barns, lots of signs, but too many reproductions of those, tons of linens, some decent basic furniture, and all sorts of odds and ends. Since we enjoy odd, here are a few things I snapped pix of.

Deb would be proud of me; I didn’t buy this:

I am not saying I didn’t WANT to, but at $1200, the price was a bit steep. This is a Wilcox and Gibbs from the 1880s, and was vastly overpriced at that figure. I was told that this belonged to the doctor’s wife. I could tell she bought the scaled down model, as there was no way she was letting the servants have all those extra bells and whistles. You know she wasn’t sewing the family clothes!

Prices were all over the place, as here is a cutie that is an absolute steal:

This may be about the sweetest one of these I have ever seen. It was dusty, but overall in good shape. I saw a plain red and white one, just like the one still sitting in my folks’ kitchen and they thought was worth a couple hundred. I was surprised to see this one still sitting there on the second day out.

I had to take the obligatory poodle pic for Deb:

This poodle has “seen things”. We don’t know what, but it must have been something. Look at that expression on his face. Since this was in one of the fair barns, who knows what sort of hijinks went on at night.

I did like this:

When I got home I realized I should have had hubby stand beside it, as it is hard to tell that it is child size. This had to be the bestest place to snuggle with a book ever. Add a hideous afghan that Grandma made and you are good for hours. It looked well worn, but in a gentle careful way. Hope someone took it home for the grandkids.

We frequently take photos of things we don’t really need to buy, or just can’t have. This chicky falls into the latter category:

I don’t remember what he wanted for it, but it was waaay out of my league. I remember that this dealer was pretty far out there in pricing. But, you have to admit this might be the best chicken toy ever. Of course, how many chicken toys are there? I have several, so I suppose there are a whole flock of them.

I think this one may be possible only in Nebraska:

As lampshades go, this is a pretty big fail. Fake leather is not known for letting a lot of light through, and I think the “decorative” part is highly suspect. About the only points I am going to give are for neatness in lacing. For that they win the prize. Guess they are stuck with the lampshade.


Overall, folks were pretty normal around there, and this dealer had a whole lot of the regular stuff, but I came around the corner and saw this. Good thing it wasn’t at the TOP of the stairs; I would have fallen all the way back down to the bottom. It’s a testament to the power of junking that the rest of the people in the room were so focused on shopping that I didn’t hear even one other comment on it while I was around. When you are lasered in on what you want, nothing else matters!

These have to have been made by the same person:

The one on the left is from NE, and the one on the right I highlighted in my post on Florence, Colorado. It seems a shame that there are so many miles keeping these two apart. A match made in heaven, or maybe hell. I’ll be darned if I am the one that is going to bring them together though.

I saw so many crazy things there, but I was power shopping myself. We found a few great things, and maybe some not so great things that I will post here and there. You know me, always out for the recipes and the craft books, and hey, it was only a quarter. By Sunday, the sales were winding down, and most folks had hit the road. There was still plenty of junk to be had, and there are a whole lot of folks taking a whole lot of stuff home to stick in the barn till next year. I am pretty sure we will be there to try again. Who wants to join me?

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2 Responses to Road Trip #3

  1. Sandi Magle says:

    That creepy doll scooter takes the first prize for wierd! LOL. Fun stuff!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Sandi, doesn’t it look like one of the creepy toys from Toy Story? I wouldn’t get within 10 feet of that thing!

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