Digging for Happiness

Well, it’s been a week, all right. It started with an inner ear infection over the holiday weekend, and ended with me begging plumbers to take my money, and plumbers saying “No!”. In between, it was HOT and my monarch caterpillars died (causes unknown), except for one lovely butterfly. In fact it’s been so hot that the school district sent the kiddies home early two days this week. What a pain for parents, but safety first.

I was having a bit of trouble finding my sense of humor, so I went out in the garden with a shovel and dug up weeds for an hour. It’s amazing how that gives you perspective on life’s little problems. Plus, my dog Koko was right next to me digging holes for all he was worth, since that was what I was doing. Okay, bad mood over. Of course the monster glass of wine isn’t hurting, either.

We did find a couple of garage sales even though it was the start of Labor Day weekend. I’m not sure why the nice older lady had these for sale:

I’m not a Bob’s Burgers fan, but I do know who he is mostly because of Archer. The same actor voices both lead male characters. I’m not sure why anyone would go to all the trouble of making punch needle pictures of the cast of Bob’s. But, we’ve seen crochet patterns for The Golden Girls cast and Friends, so why should punch needle crafters go unrequited? Whatever you think about the show, these are nicely done. Maybe the crafter should branch out and make some pictures with wider appeal, and they won’t have to try and sell them for $1 each!

Speaking of artists:

We saw this china figurine/diorama and thought it was sweet, especially the bear photobombing behind the girl. It really looks like Mama Bear is looking at what the girl is painting. But, there is trouble in this syrupy scene:

What happened to the little miss’s head? It looks like she has undergone trepanation, which is basically a hole cut in the skull to relieve pressure. That is a very weirdly regular breakage for a figurine. It almost looks like someone made the hole on purpose to stick something in the top of her head. If nothing else, it explains why the picture looks like it does. Rembrandt, she is not and her painting future isn’t looking too rosy without a brain.

They were starting to get out costume material a few weeks ago, as Labor Day weekend in Fort Collins is kicked off with Tour de Fat on Saturday. Check out the link for pictures of people’s costumes:

Boy, I hope someone snagged this dress for their costume because that’s about all it’s good for. If a friend tried it on and asked for an opinion, I would have to say, “Oh, honey, no!!”. It would be great for bike riding in the Tour de Fat, especially with that short skirt. Hopefully, whoever wears this will have some fun knickers on because they obviously have a sense of humor. I kind of wish it had been on a mannequin instead of a hanger because I would be interested in seeing how it draped. Not interested enough to try it on, though.

We’re still looking at the mounds of china at the thrift store, trying to pick out this week’s nicest pattern:

We loved the elegance and simplicity of this china decoration. There was only a cup. I would have liked to see a place setting; I’m sure it would have been very delicate and attractive. The cup was nice and thin, not clunky at all.

This made us laugh out loud:

What the actual hell is this supposed to be? It’s a bird (the feet are a hint) but the color and foofiness is a little strange. Put a crown on it, and your guess is as good as ours. If it had been 99¢ instead of $2.99, one of us might have dragged it home, although its life would have been short in Kathy’s house with the mighty Ramses on the prowl. You can’t pass up a smile when the price is right. Probably just as well since where the heck would we shoehorn it in at either of our places?

Well, this has it all:

Yarn in 1980’s Southwest décor colors with clay cow skulls, check. Leather cord, feathers, and plastic beads in same color scheme, check. Horseshoes, wait, what? Why did they have to drag horseshoes into this mess? They are even up for luck, although the good luck might be debatable since the horseshoes are attached to this artistic disaster. It would have been easier, cheaper, and more tasteful if they had just hung the plain horseshoes wherever they had placed this mayhem. My goodness, some folks should never be allowed to run free through a craft store!

We are suckers for woven baskets:

This one is made with palm fronds and whoever wove it knew what they were about. It has a nice shape, and that little rose on the front probably took a bit of fiddling. It looks like they rolled the frond and then made a spiral just right so it looks like a flower. I’m pretty sure that it’s much harder to do, than what that description implied. If I needed a basket, this would have been a pretty good choice. Of course, we don’t need baskets; we really don’t need anything if we’re honest, but what fun is that?

That’s it for this week’s edition. Here’s to things settling down and getting back to Autumnal weather, which is the best weather all year. I want to sit on my porch swing and listen to the birds twitter while they chow down on my sunflower seeds.

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4 Responses to Digging for Happiness

  1. Linda G says:

    The bisque figurine if the girl painting an image of her doll was most likely a lamp base originally – would explain the large base for stability as well as the hole in top of her head.

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