I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind

We frequently are haunted by the scary things we see at garage sales and thrift stores. Heck, we still have a picture of one of the first “bad things” we found as our mascot (Ruffles the Ugly Bunny) along the side of the main page. With all that being said, this picture, still in its original packaging made us laugh:

Unlike us, this little person seems to think it’s a good thing to have “you” on their mind. Or maybe the company is ripping off the 1975 ELO song, Can’t Get it Out of My Head. We know this is old from the tag, plus it does say 1975 in the bottom right corner. How long ago did Woolco go out of business? A quick question to Mr. Google says 1983 in the US and 1986 in the UK. I was surprised that the store was started in the early 1960s; I thought that it was older than that.

A friend brought this tray over to show me:

No, it wasn’t Kathy, although that’s a good guess with all the cats pictured here. I have lots of kids’ books, in various stages of disintegration, with really adorable illustrations. I was going to look for likely trays at garage sales and try to make a couple of trays myself. All you need is some scissors, patience, and Mod Podge. If you have some especially beloved books, but don’t want to mess them up, you could always do a good scan and print out replica pages to use. I was thinking of Green Eggs and Ham for my youngest sister. I’ve read that book to her a two hundred times, at least, and can still recite parts of it even though the readings happened 50 years ago.

When I first saw this box, but didn’t read the label, I had a totally different idea of what was in it:

Although, those attachments were a cause for concern! Turns out this is a battery-powered manicure set—whew! I think that the Chadwick company got their hands on a bunch of cheap Dremel tools and repurposed them. They also made a battery-powered back scratcher that looks pretty hilarious. If someone were giving me a manicure with this appliance, I would hope that they had steady hands. Nothing like having your cuticles removed by a sanding disc. It’s awesome that the manicure set still has its box; that’s frequently 99% of the fun.

We saw the side of this and thought that it was probably a pretty floral serving dish:

Kathy and I see these kinds of china dishes in the hundreds because very few folks want them any more. We both own quite a few, but really there’s a limit even for us! I always like it when the handles are “fancy” and the edges are scalloped. Imagine our surprise when we took a closer look:

That was totally unexpected! I don’t remember if there was a mark, but even if there was one, it wasn’t that prestigious; when we see meh things with good marks, we take a picture of the mark, too, for proof. I’m not sure where this scene comes from, besides the artist’s imagination. That large hill/mini mountain behind the house is very convenient, with the surrounding area being rolling hills, at best, until you get to another mountain in the far distance. It’s a pretty strange decoration for vintage china.

I hope these pods of china dolphins were a close-out from Walmart:

Otherwise, we have to question why anyone would need so many bad statues of dolphins. There are at least eight in this picture, because a couple of sets lined up perfectly. I have a hard time seeing how dolphins relate to a wedding (both parties are marine biologists?), a quinceañera (a fifteen year-old marine biology prodigy?), or even a birthday party (Sea World enthusiast?). And don’t tell me they are just decorative; they aren’t. To be honest, we were kind of horrified that several were missing the next week. I’m hoping that they “accidently” got knocked off the shelf.

We both thought that this doll had the prettiest face:

You can actually see her silhouette in the serving dish picture—that hat is unmistakable! She’s a travel doll from somewhere south of the border, and maybe way, way south as in South America. It’s hard for bad geographers like us to recognize the colors she’s wearing as being the colors of a country’s flag, for instance. It’s interesting that her legs and hands are made from a natural string wrapped around wire, but that certainly would be easy to get and relatively cheap. All that being said, her face is very sweet, although she has an enormous head. You could do worse with what you drag home from a trip. Witness her dolphin friend decorating a china bell from Port St. Lucie (?). It is irredeemable!

Last up is an entry from my ongoing feature, What’s Blooming in Deb’s Garden?

My rhododendron, for the first time in a couple of years!! It’s had a hard time for several reasons. First, it’s pretty old as it was here when we bought the house in 1993. Rhododendrons have a hard time in Colorado because it’s not moist, the soil is alkaline, not acidic, and it’s HOT and windy or COLD and windy! I try to mitigate the poor dear’s unhappiness with a little extra drip watering, pine needles plus soil acidifiers, and shrub covers all winter. I think it really suffered last summer when I wasn’t home very much. But, it looks like all’s well that ends well. It’s not a plant that I probably would have planted, but I’m trying to keep it going. Hopefully, it will look better next year with a couple of doses of iron this summer.

Thanks for reading along. As always, please feel free to share your garage sale/thrift store horrors with us. Pain shared is pain lessened!

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