Adventures in Buying

We had an honest-to-goodness thunderstorm yesterday. It was so fun to see the lightning and hear the thunder and get a bit of rain. We have been very short of these in recent years, so it was a nice change. For once it was not dry lightning that just sets the mountains on fire. We figure we will get there soon enough, but for now, some June? showers will hopefully bring July flowers.

We tend to focus on our shopping and sometimes forget to take pix of some of the crazy things we do buy, so this week, I thought I would get some photos of the things that have been cluttering up my craft room with the mental label of “I should take a picture of that”!

These have been hanging around for several months:

When we first found them in a bit at ARC, we only found two, and I was sure there had to be another one, and sure enough after a bit of digging, there it was. The fabric on these balls is mostly from the ’40s which would make sense. They were still in the middle of “making do” from the Depression and the war years, so of course you would save every bit of fabric. The cloth is all well faded and truly worn out, but not so much that a rag rug could not be cobbled together. I wonder what happened that it never got made? Hopefully something wonderful, like a fabulous new job, or a windfall of money somehow. I do feel like I owe it to the thrifty housewife to see this project through, so come winter, we will see how the rag rug goes. I will try to remember to post pix when it’s done.

This was a fun one:

Drat, it wasn’t Barbie size, more like a 16-inch doll. Gene Marshall could pull it off, but it was so odd, that I had to plunk down a couple of bucks at the garage sale. It opened up and everything:

The Summer Intern did a quick search and this was the Electrolux Quarter Keeper. I don’t know if you were supposed to save up your quarters for a new vacuum or not, but I don’t think this small roll of them was gong to cut it. Still it was so goofy, I had to own it. Now that I have it, I don’t know what I am going to do with it, but that is sadly the story of my junk, I mean craft room.

After I purchased my old Featherweight sewing machine, I realized that it was short a couple of the original presser feet, so being the crazy completist that I am, I had to go find them. I purchased the Multi-slot Binder on the right on Ebay for a reasonable price:

And not a week later, I was gifted a big lot of old sewing things on our local Buy Nothing List, and there was the binder on the left! The only difference is that the one on the left is from Great Britain. It’s a crazy enough foot, that I had never seen one, and here comes another one. It was supposed to apply a binding and a trim all at once, I will let you know how it goes when I get brave enough to try it.

In the same big lot of sewing stuff, I found these:

I will always rescue an homemade crochet hook, as I know how much love someone put into making something so utilitarian. The love is in the hook, and in all the items it made and I bet this one made a lot. It is so smooth and soft that it is just a joy to touch. The other hooks were pretty odd. They came with the cork handle and slipped through it to make a comfortable hook. You can see one installed and one out, as well as the packaging. I bet these were pretty comfortable to use.

I also found these, and they sent me to the internet to figure out what they were:

If you look closely, you can see a small screw that adjusts the amount the scissors are able to close. The whole thing had me scratching my head, till I found them listed as buttonhole scissors. They were designed to only cut to a certain depth, so you didn’t accidentally cut through the end of your buttonhole stitching. There are several different variations on these, and you sure don’t see them today, so they probably didn’t work as well as just cutting carefully. Still kind of a fun sewing item. I will clean them up and add to the stash, I mean collection.

You didn’t think I was going to let you off with no horrible things at all, did you? Of course not, so here:

Aren’t you sorry now? As far as African masks go it’s kind of cool, but I still say it would send you through the roof if you came around the corner and ran into someone wearing it. Even if you liked these, wouldn’t a postcard be a better choice? This just hangs on the wall and gets covered in dust. Talk about decorative allergies. Also, this does seem to look like a cat toy. Of course, to a cat, everything looks like a cat toy except for cat toys.

Elephants have been in season at the thrift store recently as well, but who ever heard of one covered with leopards, zebras, and lions?

At least the elephant and vase match each other, as we shudder to think of the décor they would fit into. I can’t remember if these were ceramic or some sort of paper-mache, but they were not the least bit useful, and we take exception to the idea of them being decorative. They were huge too, so there is no hiding them in a VERY dark corner and hoping for the best. On the bright side, my Bengal cat could stand in front of them on the mantel (where he is NOT supposed to be), and I would never notice. Yet another black mark for these.

Gotta finish up with a doll:

There is definitely some sort of possession going on here. Those eyes look like a gateway straight to hell, and the lack of neck is probably because her head has spun around so many times it is all wound up. Let it go and it will whirl like a top. Ewwww. Pity the poor tot who wanted a Barbie and got this. Thanks, Grandma. Even the photo-bombing jailbird hamster is inching away from her.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! Stay tuned for more garage sale fodder as we get into full swing.

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6 Responses to Adventures in Buying

  1. Yvonne Osborne says:

    And if Rameses stood behind the elephant and vase on the mantel, it would be even better! ; )

    If you’re selling the little vacuum, I would be interested.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Ramses makes everything better!! I’ll pass your interest about the vacuum onto Kathy, who knows what she is going to do with it.

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    What a wonderful combination of items this week! Love the rag material balls, and can’t wait to see what they become. The Electrolux quarter holder is amusing – my mother bought one that looked very like that model, and spent a long time paying it off monthly. But the thing worked like a charm and she had it well into her 60s. The hamster at the end looks like he’d like to jump off the shelf, to escape from the scary doll. Yup…

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Steph, we’re glad that this post piqued your interest. I really liked the balls of fabric too! Can’t wait to see the rug they make. I remember those Electrolux vacuums, they took a licking and kept on ticking!

  3. Emily C says:

    My mother had one of those elephants. Hers was Paper Mache. (tbh at this point i’m not sure if she actually liked it or received it as a novelty gift) It was always on display with the rest of her elephants.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s funny that there is more than one of those elephants. I guess they aren’t a craft project made with modge podge. Glad your mom liked hers.

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