Yes, We Have No Bananas

We had some blessed rain last week. The Snowmagedden the weather folks were predicting for us was pretty much a bust in our northern part of the state, although Denver got whammied. We got less than a tenth of an inch of moisture, and barely hit freezing, although we are not complaining about that part! But, two days later we had some really nice rain. Nothing like a pleasant surprise to make your day. It sort of made garage sales a bust this past weekend, but hey (sing all together now) we need the moisture.

I have become hyper-aware of sewing machines after getting my baby, so this one really caught my eye. The machine is just a basic (can you call something with those amazing decals basic?) Singer treadle, but that cabinet is something else, is it not?

You opened the top and the two front doors and there was your treadle mechanism When not in use, it looked like a fancy piece of furniture. How cool is that? Would take a bit of work to get it back to its former glory, and I hope someone came along who loves it enough to do it.

Hubby and I took a trip up to Laramie WY for some antiquing, as the weather was bad, and we saw this; I knew I had to take a pic for Deb. She has a thing for these Japanese wood and bark pix. This seems to be the basic DIY not-so-good version:

I think this is a whirlpool leading to death, and don’t you think the noose around the outside is a nice touch? Ok, it maybe it’s just a rope, and I am feeling pessimistic. At least the signature seems appropriate. Woods is the proper last name for someone who indulges in this sort of art. Lucky Deb, I was not even tempted to buy it for her. Neither was anyone else, judging from the amount of dust on the frame.

This one was a near miss:

If her face had been cuter, or the price MUCH lower, she might have come home with me. I adore the flour sack fabric of her dress, and pearls are always in fashion, are they not? I think some long-ago seamstress was pretty proud of this, but it doesn’t look very worn, so the recipient probably kept it for “good”, or just whipped it over a more charming pillow when the donor came for tea.

So Whimsey Bottles are a thing. I have a cool one from the ’40s. I will have to get around to showing a pic of it someday, but in the meantime, we spotted this:

Each piece of this is carved and put together in a way that will allow you to open them up once they are inside the bottle, so you can baffle your friends and astound your enemies. I tried to like this one, but I think all the joints were so obvious that it sort of turned me off on it. I mean if you are going to go to all that trouble, make it look super cool or don’t bother. See the above website. Plus, the price was off-putting as well. We have noticed that the thrift store has decided to raise their prices by leaps and bounds, as since folks are paying more for everything, why not thrift store items. We think it just makes folks wait for the half price days, I know we pass up a awful lot of stuff once we see a price tag.

You all know I am a crazy cat lady, just not this crazy:

Even if it hadn’t been dated, you would know how old it was. These could have been cute, but they missed that boat, and had to settle for plain existence, and so the pattern languished in the bin till it hit the thrift store pile. I noticed it is still hanging around there, too. Perhaps packing paper would be a good use.

It’s been a while since I shared a real cat, and I thought you all might need a dose of cute. This is what it looks like when you just can’t stay awake another minute:

We all need to chill out and be cats a few days a month. It would be good for all of us! I know I am feeling the need for nap just looking at him. Don’t worry—in just a few minutes, he will be up and tearing through the house at 100 miles an hour, totally ruining our relaxing time.

Deb and I regularly follow a group that uses a banana for scale in many photos, so we tend to notice bananas. How about this crazy bunch:

Honestly, it was so odd looking that it took us a couple of tries to realize they were a bunch of bananas. We tried to turn it into a sunflower with that spot up on top. Now, once you have a banana plate, what do you do with it? It seems overkill to put bananas on it, and it wasn’t flat enough for banana cake, or deep enough for banana cream pie, nor decorative enough to amuse your pet monkey. Not even round enough to make a banana Frisbee, so shelves of doom, here we come.

On the other hand, we both seriously considered this banana for “scale”:

Only drawback? It was a little small. After all that, it spoils the fun. We wished it had its whole pack of friends, then it could be a glass Fruit of the Loom gang.

We love spring, but with spring comes cotton and pollen. We got a kick out of this:

Let’s all sneeze together now. For those of you suffering, we feel your pain.

Thought I would leave you with one last little cutie, as we all need something to smile about this week:

We don’t know why they thought he should be in the case, and we couldn’t see a price, which was probably for the best, as they would think he was a rare Peruvian miniature llama, priceless beyond belief. I have a soft spot for these, and my dolls own a whole pack of llamas as I can’t leave them alone when I see them at yard sales. I guess it was a good thing he was locked up. Who knew the thrift store was protecting me from myself?

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