As in, spring has. The white ornamental cherries have burst into bloom, and the pink crab apples are not far behind. We are still a couple weeks short of our average last frost, so Mother Nature can still deal us a whammy, but it’s looking good for now. We have totally skipped those April Showers, and if we want any May Flowers, we had better start hauling the hose around. The joys of living in a high plains desert climate!

This week is a mix of old pictures and new pictures, good things and bad, but something to please and not please everyone. For instance, this table:

As much as I like roses, this is a hard “no”. Even those folks in Texas are going to reject this yellow rose. Actually the rose print would not be bad on its own, but this table seems to have warts around the side, and pine cones on the legs, as we all know roses grow in pine cones. I had to talk Deb down, as she got a first impression that is was older. I am sure it is just old junk, made to fool the unsuspecting into thinking it’s a valuable antique. We will probably see it at one of the antique malls marked at $100 soon. Don’t be fooled; don’t even them give them a buck.

Luckily, just before we saw the table, we saw this cute china:

It had a lovely mark on the bottom, although what it was escapes me at the moment, sorry the camera works, but not the photographic memory. We found the creamer hiding over on another shelf, and reunited it with the rest. (We do this often; you should see us pairing up earrings and doilies at estate sales!) If our cupboards had not been full to overflowing, this might have been a must have for one of us. Can’t you just feel your little finger lifting to the proper tea position? It breaks our hearts that no one has room for this sort of thing in their life anymore.

We know why no one has room for this anymore:

I wouldn’t even have to think twice to vote this off the island. Can’t you just let cats be cats and dolls be dolls, and never the twain shall meet? On top of that, she was short on arm (paw?), so there is no way it was even slightly worth the six bucks the thrift store was trying to extort. Even the cat head looks a bit embarrassed by the whole thing.

You might need to brace yourselves for the next photo:

What fresh hell spawned these lamps? I was able to sneak in and take a pic of these, but I was glad Deb wasn’t with me at this particular garage sale, as there is no way we would have been able to contain ourselves had we been together. I don’t even know where to start. Why the armless look? Venus de Milo, they are not, but who are we kidding. Would they have been better WITH arms? I think not. I sort of get the feeling that the lace on the dress and the awful shades has been replaced. I find it hard to believe the lace would be that pristine white after all these years, but it does beg the question as to why you would go to that much trouble. When all is said and done they are still shudder-worthy horrors. To top it off they were displayed on the table with the “good” stuff. Give me the bad crap any day.

These next three items come from a flea market in Cheyenne WY. It is less than an hour’s easy drive up there on I-25, and I have never failed to come home from there with a bargain for my Etsy store, so we hit them up every couple of months.

While these were not a bargain, they were delightful:

Gotta say in all our collective button hoarding, I mean collecting, we have never seen Elsie the Cow buttons. As far as advertising icons, Elsie is one of the cuter ones. I take exception to the buttons being used as a toy, just by cutting on the dotted line. I think as a boredom buster, they would be a complete flop, but as an adornment for a cute little jumper for your favorite tot, they would be right on the mark. Here are some fun facts about Elsie, including one that got me: her hubby was Elmer the bull and would later adorn Elmer’s glue. Who knew?

I realized, after I got home, and looked at this picture, I probably should have gotten this for Deb, as she has the canisters, and I have never seen this piece:

These painted chickens were ubiquitous in the kitchens of the late ’40s and ’50s and they still retain their charm today. You see canister sets, knife holders, spice racks, hamburger presses, and other utilitarian pieces in it. Never seen a tissue box, and for the price, what was I thinking? We have a saying in our family that you can’t look for artifacts and jade at the same time. Comes from rock hounding, but it’s true, if you are singularly focused on searching out one type of thing, you forget to look for others. I frequently miss stuff, as I am honing in on the Barbies. And forget about looking for things for the other collectors in my life! [Deb here: I forgive you, Kathy. I would probably do the same thing!]

I am on the fence about this last item:

While we have a soft spot for pink bathrooms in their myriad forms, we are not sure that a fuzzy pink trash can is the best. Fur just doesn’t seem like the proper material for a trash receptacle. I will put your minds at ease, that at least the cover was removable for washing, as the mind shudders with the thought of NOT being able to do so. I can picture this in a froth of pink tile and fluffy towels with that vaguely scented pink toilet paper nearby. Yeah, you get the picture.

We keep hoping for garage sales, but the wind keeps blowing, so we will let you know how it goes this week—wish us luck.

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2 Responses to Sprung

  1. I remember the Elsie buttons from grade school say, 1953-7 ish. One of my schoolmates had blue ones on a hand-knit cardigan sweater. Very cute…and the rest…the lamps are grim. Ha! Always enjoy your posts, Sandi

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Sandi, maybe you remember the kid’s Saturday TV show that always had an Elsie the Cow segment? I remember watching it in MI, so thought you might have seen it since you were in the same-ish area. So glad that you enjoyed the post. Deb

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