The Thrill of the Hunt

I don’t know that we have talked about the hunt that much on here. You know we go out shopping every week, but it is less about finding crazy stuff, and more about the goodies. We are both ardent packrats, I mean collectors, and that means every week is the chance to find that one thing that makes the whole week worthwhile. Deb and I first met when she came into my antique store, and we discovered a mutual love of vintage jewelry. I gave up the antique store when the summer intern was born, but the collecting and dealing bug never left my soul. Friday mornings are looked at with anticipation and a positive attitude that are hard to find the rest of the week. What is in that dusty corner? Can I get there before everyone else? What do I know that they don’t? One magnificent item can make a month, and being able to sell the other things on Etsy gives us a really good excuse for what we buy.

Take this item:

We were at an estate sale last weekend, which was nuts because there haven’t been many, so it was crowded with dealers and folks who had cabin fever so bad they couldn’t stand it. I gave up getting to one corner as it had at least three known dealers in it, but they all walked past this light fixture. The thing is signed and dated, and deco beyond belief. I snagged it for a bargain price, along with a couple other small things, and have been chortling all week about putting one over on the others who had just walked past it.

Folks ask how we are so lucky to find things like this, but it means we go out EVERY week. We don’t just hit one sale, we hit a dozen, and for every day we find something great, we spend a lot of time looking at dreck. For those who might want to see some more dealers and the way they go about business, I can recommend the shows American Pickers, and Swap Shop. Both have some episodes on Amazon Prime and for those in the biz, they are a hoot, and for those that just love crazy stuff, they are fun as well.

OK, on to the drivel! This cracked us up:

Read the box in your best infomercial voice! I am just glad it blows, and it is purple. After all that hype, it had better work, otherwise, you have a purple paperweight. It sits! It lies. It takes up space!

Speaking of collecting genes, someone here was afflicted:

I would have said you would be hard pressed to find that many souvenir piggies, but what do I know? Not sure where the yellow-spotted one came from, but he obviously was hitching a ride along with the others. After buying these in every state, I guess you could put your pennies in there and save up for the next vacation or piggy buying spree.

This cat has a problem:

Mostly we are worried about those front feet. I am sure that the piece that is broken off on the left side was a foot so this is a three front footed cat? Or are those some other sort of dangling appendages that we really don’t want to know about? The sad thing is, it would have looked just fine, albeit the tiniest bit cross-eyed, if the artist had just left them off. A case where less is very much more.

And yet another cat with issues:

Also cross-eyed, and it has SPOTS, but not in a good way. Apparently it is quite the birder, as it has twice as many jingle bells as a regular cat. This cat seems to only have three feet in total, but at least you can pretend the tail is covering up one of them and mostly get away with it. I love the old naïve cat paintings, but modern copies just look silly, and for some reason they painted this on some 2 x 4s, so it was stupid heavy. The better to become firewood I say. Pass the marshmallows.

We keep saying that we are going to quit making fun of afghans, and then the thrift store says, “Hold my Beer!”

At least these are only potential afghans. We adored the look on the gals face under the domino one. It was all just too much for her. Of course, why is she out in her yard, in the sun, under an afghan? Probably the best SPF she could find. We actually kind of liked the multicolor wheel one, but those gold roses just have to go. That one wasn’t pretty on the day it was made, and it never got any better. Of course, they seldom do. At least neither of us felt the need to drag these home for our awful craft books collection. How did we end up with that as a collection?

This lady about sums up our feelings on most of this stuff:

Why, just why? This poor gal’s arms were broken to get into this position, which didn’t improve an already sorry doll. She did disappear, so someone took pity on her. We hope they weren’t pickers and thought she was worth millions. She was not worth the plastic bag they stuffed her in or the lace they put on her dress. Poor lady.

We decided it was only fair to end with something fun:

There, made you laugh, didn’t we? Honestly, if these had been smaller, we might have had to take them home and hang them up, but it takes a pretty fantastic thing to make us make room on our walls these days. These are close, but not quite.

Here’s hoping you have happy pickings in your area. Garage sale season is coming. If you find something fantastic, let us know. We love being jealous from afar. After all, if it is all the way over in another state, it wasn’t meant to be ours, and we just have to look for one like it here! And if you feel the need to see what makes the cut in our picker hearts, just follow the links on the sidebar to our shops.

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3 Responses to The Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Yvonne Osborne says:

    Two weeks ago I found an unglamorous wad of wool at the thrift store with an attached tag that said “100% cashmere.” Five dollars! A yard and a half! With a careful machine wash and dry, and binding that cost almost double the fabric, my husband has an expensive blanket.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Excellent find. Imagine what that cashmere would have cost new. We love fun fabrics too!!! Bet it is beautifully soft as well.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wowser, what a deal!! You find something that looks worthless, and with a little bit of work, and sometimes quite a bit of expense, you have something amazing. Congrats on your great find, and I would love a cashmere blanket, too!

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