Yay, It’s Friday! Time to Celebrate!

Well, so much to celebrate—St Patrick’s Day next week, Mario Day today, and getting the driveway and sidewalk shoveled today! Best not to put too much pressure on yourself and appreciate the little things, too. It makes for a tiny bit of relief from the nonstop bad news coming out of Ukraine. Honestly, I’m pretty sure someone promised me that 2022 was going to be better. If so, they had better get cracking ’cause time’s a-wasting!

Even though this is the post before St. Patrick’s Day, we don’t really have much holiday froufrou to show you. Just this:

This really isn’t a bad thing, just really different, and nicely painted. Who knew that there were cat St. Patrick’s Day decorative plates out there—this is a pretty narrowly focused market! B.H. and I looked at the Little People pretty closely trying to decide if they were indeed cats and decided that we think so. I do fear for the little darlings as the big cat watching them has a delighted look on its face. Delighted at the fun scene below, or delighted to see so many yummy snacks right in front of him? You will have to be the judge.

I should have bought this even though it says 2020 and Mom:

I have a sharpie and dates or names can be crossed off. Last year was a stressful year, and this year isn’t looking all that promising, either. A glass of wine can be a survival tool. When the going gets tough, the tough get out the corkscrew (or maybe just twist the cap off now-a-days).

Of course, for those RARE times that you don’t stop at one glass of wine:

a cowboy demitasse might be necessary for survival. Its hard to tell how big this cup is, but that’s Kathy’s arm right behind it, for scale. I think my 10 cup coffee pot might fill this cup up twice, so yahoo, less running to the kitchen, but maybe more frequent trips to the W.C. My goodness, I was just thinking about this cup filled with a five shot latte; I might never sleep again after that!

This is a mystifying shelf:

What on earth are all of these lids doing without their bowls, dishes, and teapots? Since they are all sizes, someone would have to drop a ton of pottery to have this many lids left over. They aren’t old, and I’m not exactly sure what pattern they are sporting? Maybe a fake version of some very old Chinese pottery, but they shouldn’t fool anyone who watches Antiques Roadshow. I imagine they’ll disappear one by one, as people see them and bring in their lidless teapots and bowls to see if any of these fit. B. H. was thinking that someone was attempting to recreate Lidsville by Sid and Marty Krofft in the Seventies. Those two were definitely smoking something!

Oh goodness, this has been around for 50 years:

I’m not sure if this little family was painted with paint, right out of the tube, applied with a spatula or finger, or with some sort of clay that you use to decorate pottery. I’m sure it took a while to dry whatever it is. I looked at it in person, so I can say that it isn’t dried plant matter, although the wings look more like pine cones than feathers. The feathers on their heads look a lot like The Beatles’ mop top hair rather than how feathers actually lie on an owl’s head. I hate to say it, but this was gone the next week; it’s probably proudly hanging on an owl collector’s wall.

We actually thought this was kind of funny, in a good way:

The painter doesn’t have any great skill, but hey, you know they are three (French) hens all stacked up like the Town Musicians of Bremen. I would take them any day over the Fab Four Owls pictured above! This might make a cute decoration on a chicken coop, if you could protect it from the weather—or not. Another good thing about this painting is that I don’t long to paint a monster on it, which has been happening a lot lately. I think that some of the artwork that happened during the Covid lockdown is now making its way to thrift stores. A thrifty painter might swing by and buy canvases by the cartload to paint over. They would mostly be doing the world a service.

This post is just chock-full of “art”. I’m sorry for inflicting this on you:

Not only was this about three feet tall, it was also 3-D, oh joy! We saw it the same day as the fork and spoon clock from last week’s post, so maybe they came from the same kitchen. Perhaps I should say, “Hopefully, they came from the same silverware obsessed household”. I know it’s hard to believe, but this picture makes it look way better than it did in person. That fork was about the chintziest thing ever, and the spaghetti looked like a giant rubber band painted a sickly greenish-yellow color. The only good thing about it was the pepper, and what would you do with that? You know, a monster leaning down to bite the pepper might actually improve this a bit.

I was thinking last week that we should show you the fun stuff we buy more often. In the spirit of sharing, here’s something I bought a few weeks ago:

I so remember these from the Sixties and Seventies. He has the most ridiculously cute face and is marked Japan on the bottom. It’s a wonder he has made it this far, since they aren’t made of the sturdiest material. Someone else must have loved him, too! I should put a sticker on him that says, “I survived the thrift store!”. If you love him, he’s for sale.

Since we all need a laugh, I’ll leave you with this:

Hope you all have a Happy (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day!!

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2 Responses to Yay, It’s Friday! Time to Celebrate!

  1. Nilsa says:

    Love it ladies!! I like the cat St. Patrick’s Day decorative plate. I think that fork thing was part of the decoration of some restaurant. The owls are funny. They look like having a bad hair day. Poor Cat at the end – I noticed that you started and ended with a cat theme!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks, Nilsa! I wasted waaaay too much time trying to come up with a St. Patrick’s Day cat pun for the title of the post because the only St Patty’s Day stuff was Kitty themed for some reason. It’s a good notion that the fork picture was from a restaurant; who else would want something that big in a house? Have a great weekend! Deb

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