Very Punny

It’s a little gray and wintery today, but I spotted some snowdrops blooming in one of my flower beds. Can Spring be far behind? Don’t answer that. I live in Colorado and we can have Winter in May, but hope springs eternal in the heart of a gardener. I am starting to look at seeds and getting ready to start those million little seedlings that I set out for the deer to eat and the frost to kill. Hey, gotta have a hobby.

This first one is us in a nutshell:

We feel that way about chocolate, too. Oh, and maybe wine, cheese, dolls and jewelry. Not necessarily in that order! We left the sign for another person who might need a bit more encouragement for their vices. We don’t need a sign to keep us on the straight and narrow.

We sort of liked this:

You know, reduce, reuse, recycle and all that. Whoever made it, did a pretty good job, as a quick casual glance while it was hanging up, just said purse. It wasn’t till you got closer that the pull tabs became evident. Maybe if it were a better color for us, or a more usable shape, it might have made the cut. As it was, it stayed there as an exercise in eco-friendliness.

On the other hand, or maybe foot:

We could not figure out where they were going with these shoes. If they had only been brown with brown straps, they could be sort of cute, or if they had gone all snakeskin, but left the flowers off? Someone should have just picked a direction and gone with it. These look they were made by a committee that had never seen a shoe, except in the background of a Zoom meeting. The fearless leader had to be sick that day, and the colorblind quality control person let the whole thing slide as a practical joke just to see how far it would go. Well, it made it right to the thrift store shelves, although they must have spent some time on someone’s feet, judging by the wear. We don’t know why.

I was always thankful not to have a whole brood to cause this sort of problem:

I have all the sympathy in the world for moms who do it all. My only question, “Is the mug even big enough?” I don’t think so.

No, No, No:

As far as I am concerned this is not good for anything but a giant cat toy. They could use the center as a trampoline to get to the tops of the kitchen cupboards, and I don’t even have to explain the feathers. My cat would have a field day with this, and when he was done it would look like a flock of turkeys committed suicide on the living room floor. Honestly, a much better end than the poor taste to hang it up on the wall, unless you want to give the kitties some extra exercise by making them jump for it.

This totally made us laugh:

We think this is supposed to be Hedwig, as she is wearing Gryffindor colors and is sitting on a book of spells, but honestly it looks like a cat with a beak and glasses! We still spent a bit too long laughing at it, and if it had been a more modest size, say two inches by three, we might have had to give it a home somewhere. As it is, we left it for the next wizarding fan. We can only rescue so many things in one shopping trip, you know.

We were not even tempted to rescue this:

It sort of has a naïve charm, and we hope it was painted by a kiddo. If it was, some adult did them a disservice by donating it, as I bet they couldn’t do better. If it was done by an adult, then yes, hang up your brushes, and maybe spend some time watching Bob Ross for some tips on “Happy Little Trees”, or Happy Little Kitties!

How about a chicken skillet?

OK, so maybe a nasty chicken skillet ashtray. Scrubbing it won’t make it better. I also have some serious doubts about those chickens. Have they ever seen a chicken, or are they just pretending to make a chicken while secretly having a yen to draw dragons? It wasn’t much of an ashtray either, as there is not a whole lot room in there. Probably a good thing, as you would have to empty it often. Next time just leave it out with the butts.

This last item was sent in by a faithful reader and friend:

Horseshoes anyone? I am just plain speechless. Where do you start? The horse looks thoroughly depressed by the whole thing, as well he should. I hope and pray that some up and coming shoe designer, or the benighted group behind the snakeskin monstrosities above, don’t see this, or it will be the next big thing. Then there will be knock off ones, cats, dogs, don’t forget llamas, and probably Hedwig the owl/cat. Shudder.

Don’t forget, we love to get pix from our readers, and we can make fun of about anything, so please feel free to share your pictures with us anytime!

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