Apologies All Around

We had a little ice storm here yesterday, and it sure snarled up our world. I know all you folks on the East Coast are calling us sissies, and you are probably right, but around here, it usually drops six inches of snow on us, and we all know how to drive in it. Black ice is something that just doesn’t happen around here much, so we are baffled. Folks forget that four-wheel drive doesn’t mean four-wheel stop! Schools are delaying opening this morning, so that should give them time to get out with the mag chloride and the salt, and we should be all good this afternoon when the sun shines.

It was nice to get out and shop with Deb again, after her trip back home. I had to go pick her up as she will be down a car for a while due to the accident detailed last week, but hey, we are nothing if not determined to shop, and shop we did.

Started out with jewelry; there sure were a lot of dregs leftover from Christmas:

About all we can say is that we are glad these two have each other, as they are individually too scary to be tolerated. We thought this is a left over Christmas goodie, but it wasn’t marked as such, so it would still be full price for the terrifying snowmen. Would you trust them on your front lawn? I bet there is an ax concealed in one of those tubby bodies and no one will be safe after dark.

This next item is a bit tropical, so we wanted to like it:

We failed to admire it on many levels. We are pretty sure there is a bear outside the Tiki Hut, and who let him hang around? We know the surfboard is going to crash down on the first unsuspecting tourist who walks by, and why, oh why do you need a drink cooler shaped like this? If you must have a tropical drink, a blender full of piña coladas will hit the spot much better, and you don’t have to store this monstrosity.

Why, just why?

I just don’t get it, here is another shot in case it is not weird enough:

I know birds are opportunists, they will build a nest just about anywhere, but I don’t think any self-respecting goldfinch (maybe it’s a gold finch, we will just go with that) would build a nest on the ground in an old shoe, and if it’s not on the ground—how did it get in a tree? A better question by far is why someone would think this is decorative? The silk flowers and the tufts of straw are just icing on this giant fail. The birds aren’t even cute. Bet the young ones can’t wait to flee the nest and develop taste in housing.

We are sorry for this:

Seriously? The Mexican people have a rich culture full of wonderful artwork traditions and this is what you bring home? They are not cute and they are not even culturally sensitive. I will allow the sombreros, but only if you took the time to see some wonderful folk dances and you put them on a cute doll or teddy. I do know the figures are a bit older, but the trash is the right place for them. Go see a real Mariachi band! I’ve seen a few recently and some of those guys are hot!

While we are apologizing, Sorry, Grandma:

Grandma makes you cookies and you have the nerve to buy her this? Sheesh. We were speechless, and if you know us, you know that doesn’t happen often. We rarely shut up. We were pleased to see that the to and from were blank, and we were hoping against hope that this is some old un-used store stock, or a sample that a retailer stuffed in a dark hole till he could get rid of it in the back warehouse cleanup. Give Grandma a real hug. Bet she would like it a whole lot better, and in this day and age, if you can’t do it in person, write her a real letter telling her how much you wish you could!

We are also worried about this next item:

This was obviously made by someone who had never seen a cat before. I might give a pass on the top ones, although mom looks a bit foxy (not in a good way!) but the two on the bottom look more like orange pandas than cats. If I remember right, this was supposed to be decorative and you couldn’t even get the towel off to use it. If it were removeable, you could mop up a big old red wine stain, ruin the towel and solve your problems all at once. It did hang round the thrift store for several weeks, so we hope it eventually hit the rubbish bin.

On the other hand, this made us giggle:

The goofy almost googly eyes on the lizard/croc made us smile. It was obviously hand made, but by a person who had no illusions about their talent. Didn’t try to look real, just added a dopey reptile to a dish and called it good. If I could have thought of someplace this would have been useful in my home, I might have drug it off with me. Hope someone else loves it, too.

These shoes make my ankles hurt just looking at them:

They must have hurt someone else’s ankles too, as there they were with hardly any wear to them. In case you can’t tell, the heels are covered in cow hide that has been printed with the crazy stripe design. Sometimes shoes are just not pretty, and if you are not pretty, then you dam well better be comfortable. It’s like the plain girl at a party, she’d better be nice, or be a wallflower. As nice as Deb and I are, it’s a wonder we ever got married to our respective spouses!

I thought I would share one last fun picture. I have had this old photo of my Grandmother for years. The original is in black and white, but she told me ages ago the dress was purple and it was one of her favorites. I thought it would be fun to colorize the photo and let that dress be purple again. The photo was taken in 1929. Hey, my Grandma was a Flapper!

She was the sweetest lady ever, and I miss her often. She encouraged my love of old things and especially old jewelry, so cheers to a jazzy lady, and give your grandma a hug if you can. Just not that thing above!

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6 Responses to Apologies All Around

  1. OSS says:

    No ice here. Still blue skies. …sigh… Gonna be another dry one for this side of the hills this year. Hey, LOVE that pic of your grandmother! Mine was definitely NOT a flapper. lol Hugs to you ladies!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We feel your pain. We hadn’t had any snow of note until after Thanksgiving and it was SOOOO dry. I hope you guys get some of the wet stuff, soon. You’re right about next summer. 8-( Hugs right back at you!!

  2. Sandra Magle says:

    Love your Grand’s dress and the photo is so typical of the period…worthy of blowing up and framing! Hugs, sandi

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    No snow in our town, but some south on the coast. Cold, though! Absolutely love the photo of your grandmother! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • kathy & deb says:

      It has been scary dry here, so any precipitation that wants to fall is welcome. Drivers in CO aren’t all that familiar with ice, so it’s sort of a grit your teeth choice. They need to do a better job of cancelling school, though! Isn’t Kathy’s grandma a peach? Flappers had the best clothes! Keep warm, maybe some hot chocolate would help!! Hugs

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