New Year, Old Junk

We have finally had some snow, and lucky us, we have had about nine inches combined in two storms just a few days apart. Now I can honestly start complaining about winter. Actually, living in Colorado is really hard, because we so desperately need the moisture that we just can’t whine. For those wondering, Deb and I were nowhere near the fires that destroyed many homes and businesses in Superior Colorado. It was a REALLY late season wildfire, and the snow arrived the next day. One day late for many folks. If you are feeling the need to celebrate the late Betty White (another blow for the New Year) I would love to suggest the Humane Society of Boulder County, as they are working hard to reunite fire victims with their pets, or just give to your local Red Cross! Enough downer news, on to the dreck, and I promise something fun at the end.

I think I had better get this over with early:

Honestly, we were so stunned by this that we just stood and stared at it for a few seconds. Probably a few seconds too many, but hey, we needed time to recover. I truly hope some poor little girl who was a budding ballerina didn’t get this as a gift for her room. If so, this is another one that should come with a trust fund for therapy. In a pinch I suppose this would be awesome for that redneck wedding, too. Nope, honestly, the brain just cannot go there today. By the way, it did disappear, so unless someone took it home and threw lighter fluid and a match at it, it is terrorizing someone else.

I did like this:

I am almost positive Connie and Deb found this on their foray to Loveland, because if I had been along, I probably would have bought it. I adore old cooking stuff still in the box. From the looks of it, I can’t tell if it is just the shaker, or is there an actual donut maker in there, and how automatic can it be? I am pretty sure there was major house-wifery labor involved no matter what they say. I have attempted homemade donuts and they taste divine, but there is nothing automatic about it.

This was a pretty cool box:

And the back:

I don’t think we took a photo of the inside, as it was pretty messed up. We just liked it’s sleek ’40s look. We don’t know what Texol is, but there it is on the back. If it hadn’t been $4.99, we might have taken it home and loved it. Both of us have a thing for boxes, so it would have been a toss-up who got it.

We also liked this little china pattern:

Fun shape, and a pretty color. Imagine your whole table set with it. I always like to think of how excited the housewife was to get these pretty things. It was a time when it was a joy to set your table with love and to dine in elegance. I miss that. I am as guilty as the next person of not taking the time to love my china. Although my dishwasher went out again a couple of weeks ago, and I am washing dishes by hand for the next few months while we get a new one. Time to use the good glasses!

I like kitchen witches as much as the next person:

But we are just not sure about this one. Her face is kind of cute, but I think she is channeling the Flying Nun with that hat, and why is she sucking on a straw? Or is that a stick to strike recalcitrant children who don’t rinse their dishes? Red, white and blue is not really a traditional color combo for a witch either. Maybe she is a very patriotic witch. All in all, we don’t think she is very trustworthy to watch over our kitchen.

While we are scratching our heads, what is up with this:

I think it just looks like a llama head on a long neck, and since when are giraffes covered in nice English garden flowers? So your house is still mauve from the ’80s, but why not choose another animal and leave the giraffe on the savannah where he belongs? A cute little cat becomes the calico cat, and Bob’s your uncle.

This falls into our “everything but taste” category:

It’s got ruffles, it’s got beads, it’s got sequins. You probably wander around the world shedding decorations when carrying this. While I like things bejeweled as much as the next gal, this just isn’t pretty enough to deal with the trouble of carrying it. We sure see a lot of purses that must have seemed like a good idea in the store. Must be that magical mall lighting.

This last item is pretty fun, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it. If you haven’t checked out your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, I urge you to go find one. They are hyper local, and it’s a great place to get rid of your unwanted treasures and pick up a few new ones. Folks post things they want to get rid of, and you reply if you are interested. They pick a recipient, or maybe you are the only one, and these days to stay safe, most of it is porch pickup. They keep them to pretty small groups, mine is only 1/4 of our town, so you never have to drive too far. All that is to say that someone posted this dress on our group:

Here is a close up of the bodice:

The dress probably dates to the 1880s, and is silk and lace. It may or may not have been a wedding dress, as many wedding dresses were not white at this time, and white summer dresses were in. The silk is completely disintegrating, but the lace is still good. Not another crazy person wanted it, so it came home with me. I am hoping to try and make a doll dress in a similar style using the lace and finding some new silky fabric. I did get a kick out of the size of this one. I am guessing from the length of the dress, she was about 5 feet tall, but her waist was almost 25 inches around. The little chubbo! I have seen dresses like this where the waist was only 18 inches. I am glad there were some nice healthy women out there, too!

Here’s hoping your new year is off to a great start, and I’m sure ours will get better once we shovel ourselves out!

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