Santa Baby

Here’s hoping your cookies are baked, your halls are decked, and your stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The run up to Christmas is always so much work that it is sort of anti-climactic when it finally arrives. Looks like, if we are very lucky, then we might get a bit of rain for Christmas, but nothing that looks like the white stuff. Today it is over 60 degrees and I have been working with the back door standing open for the cat to go in and out. We have a few more Christmas goodies to send you on your way into the holidays, so here we go:

We found the pin on the right first, but decided it might as well be joined by the matching earrings that were around on the other sided of the jewelry display:

Santa has “seen things”, or maybe “done things”, but either way they have left a lasting impression. We think that these are handmade, and maybe the crafter should consider another line of work, like a call center, or stuffing envelopes. Just keep them away from the clay.

We thought these were funny, mostly because of their twins-man-ship:

I know the job is hard, but this stint sure has aged Santa a bunch. Plenty of wrinkles, maybe a little jaundice, and boy is he losing weight. I think maybe Mrs. Claus should be concerned. Of course what with the pandemic and all, it’s probably been a whole lot of elf supervision as they work from home, so it has been nerve-wracking. He probably has been hitting the elliptical a whole lot to deal with the stress. Maybe leave a little extra piece of fudge for the Jolly Old Elf this year.

We just can’t understand why someone hasn’t snapped this up:

You know we are kidding, right? That sock Santa is scary on so many levels. That big red nose would give Rudolph a run for his money. Then Santa could have a self-guiding sleigh. The worst part of the whole thing is that we can’t blame a misguided crafter, or better yet a kid, as it was commercially made. Sigh, they should just quit. The Santa head on the right is only disconcerting in its absence of body. We have no idea what this was originally attached to, but it’s odd that it has just left us with a disembodied head. Rather like the Cheshire Cat without the lingering smirk.

I guess everyone is entitled to a little Christmas:

I must say this is our first elephant Santa. Honestly, we can’t make fun of him, because he is kinda cute. Plus, he is obviously a good Scottish elephant with that nice plaid hat. We decided he might be handmade as well, and as such, didn’t deserve the ignominy of a thrift store shelf.

While we are looking at animal Santas, we have this saucy lady:

I think she looks a bit on the snooty side, and there she is, sticking her tongue out at me. Now really, what did I do to offend her? If I were painted like that, I wouldn’t have the nerve to be that snippy. Someone did seem obligated to keep this plate for many many years till great Aunt Eunice passed on and wouldn’t ask about it anymore. Three days after the funeral, it was at the thrift store.

Nativity sets are hard and some folks should just not attempt them:

Not sure that sponge painting was the best choice for this. I really do feel sorry for Joseph and that receding hairline. I suppose having to support a wife and her miraculous birth could stress you out enough for some serious hair loss. I know that this is a ceramics project from some time in the ’60s as my mother did the exact same set. Hers is much prettier. Notice, Joseph still has his hair, and they have someone to adore other than the front of the shelf. Sorry for the quality of the pic, but I had to go outside and take it back through the window! She sets it up every year in the window of her shop and folks line up to try and buy it. The set above will be safe from all that.

Couldn’t resist a last couple of Christmas tree crafts. Take this one … please!

I think some innocent egg cartons have suffered enough already. There is something rather suggestive and obscene about this as a Christmas tree. This is another one of those things that someone would have to be half blind, or heck maybe all blind not to give it a huge pass. No tree at all is better than this. To top it all off the person selling it seemed to think it is worth $35.00. Too much eggnog by half.

Here is an example of not knowing when to say when:

We think it is supposed to be a tree, but right now it just looks like a spoiled tot who climbed to the top of his over-abundant pile of presents. They glued everything down to within an inch of its life, so we couldn’t even see how to rip it apart in a way that would make it useful. Now it’s just blech. Time to add it to the yule log and roast a marshmallow on it.

We want to wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season, no matter how you celebrate. We wish you and your family Peace, Joy, and Love.

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4 Responses to Santa Baby

  1. Too much fun…the egg carton Christmas tree made hubby laugh!! Fun stuff, Merry Christmas, late…I crashed though after the holiday! Sandi

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Sandi. Hope your holidays were full of everything that makes all the work involved worth it! We appreciate you and hope you have a Happy New Year! Deb and Kathy

  2. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    I’m late, but am wishing you a very happy Holiday week and year! I hope Santa brought you your hearts desire! :>) Hugs to all of you!

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