All Worn Out

If the weather folks promise me snow one more time and renege, I am going to file a breach of promise suit. Honestly, for all you folks drowning in different parts of the country, we will gladly take an inch or so off your hands. It’s mid December and we have yet to have measurable snow in our area, which is just about unheard of. It’s going to be really hard to have a white Christmas at this rate.

Well, it must be time for the ugly Christmas sweaters to make their appearance. We try not to take pix of too many, but every now and then one really catches our eyes, and not in a good way. Take this:

Overall, it’s just your average ugly sweater, but we are giving full marks to the person who managed to glue the light bulbs along the sleeves and get them to stick straight out. Comes out looking like a holiday biker gang. Substitute lights for steel studs and away you go. They were on both sleeves for the full effect. I might have given an enthusiastic thumbs up, if they could have gotten them to light up.

This one may be even less effective, and very much less comfortable for sitting down:

It would be sort of like wearing a corset. Every time you slouched you would be gored by a reindeer horn. Best solution ever for poor posture.

Lest you think Christmas is the only occasion for ugly sweaters, we have this entry:

Let’s hear it for the ugly Hanukkah sweater. Honestly, I thought that those of the Jewish faith had more taste. On the bright side, well other than the color of the sweater, when you are bored you are well equipped with dreidels for a quick game. I’ve got to say this one was a first for me. Who knows, it could be a new trend that we were just not aware of yet.

Deb likes Christmas pins. Deb did not like this pin:

This is one shady Christmas character. I don’t know what he is doing, but I don’t think he is up to any good. Probably selling fake Christmas wreaths, and getting little snowmen hooked on flakes. Or worse yet, it could be a clown in a Christmas disguise luring the unwary to get too close to that big red nose. Run away, run away!

We think Santa may have had just a bit too much eggnog, or maybe he lost a bet with the head elf:

No matter what happened, no one is ever going to let him forget this one. The look on his face is probably because he realized the number of phone cameras focused on the pink hula skirt. It’s going to be on Twitter and Instagram so fast it will get to the luau before him, and you can bet it will be the header in the Elvish newsletter for next month, or maybe even longer. The reindeer all put it on their computers as a screen saver, too.

We are not sure what is up with these gloves:

I like dream catchers as much as the next person, but I have to say it never occurred to me to fasten them to my gloves and put Christmas holly in them. WTF? Where were they going with this? They are not particularly decorative and they certainly are not useful. That is why they live at the thrift store now. I guess for 99 cents you could free them from the nightmare hoops and have a pair of red gloves. That is about all they are good for.

I love old cards. I got a box with a bunch of fun ones this past summer and saved this one out for Christmas because it was cute:

And the inside:

I’ve heard of DIY, but I think this might be taking it a bit to far. You know, just add water and all that, but the part where you have to wait 20 years for a tree makes it a little less convenient. The seeds are still in the packet, so no one had the patience to start them.

In another box from the same sale, I found this page pulled from a magazine:

They had it folded to show the card display, so I assume that is what they wanted hubby to get cracking on. This predates the ’70s string art craze by a couple of decades. I am withholding approval on it, as I think it could go either way. It might be super cool, or it might end up looking like someone hit the chianti and had a go at knitting. I am almost more amused by the rest of the page. Santa’s paper doily beard is priceless.

Hubby and I hit up a sale a couple of weeks ago that said they had vintage Christmas items. This was my favorite thing in the sale:

Gilded and tinseled to forever, and it even lights up. I was giddy with delight, then I saw the price tag. $300. It was fun, and I adore vintage, but even at my craziest, this just had to stay put. But at least I got a photo. I think I would be terrified to leave this lit up for any length of time. All that conductive aluminum and lights too. Better hope it never shorts out!

This last item falls under a public service announcement. We have mentioned that we both love the vintage pamphlet style cookbooks. When I get one, I do sit down and look at the recipes most of the time. Usually, it is just to have a good laugh, although rarely I will find something worth trying. Mostly cookies, cakes etc. I found this little book a month or so ago:

Inside, I found this recipe:

Surely you can not make whipped topping out of powdered milk? As I always have powdered milk on hand for emergencies, I thought I would give it a go in the interest of public information, cause, hey, you can’t always go to the store for Cool Whip.

It took quite a bit longer to beat it to a stiff peak. Closer to 8 minutes than 5, but look at this:

The taste was a little odd, but I have not had it in the fridge for a bit yet, and I am hoping the flavor will work a bit better with time. Not sure that powdered sugar would not be a better choice for sweetening as well. (Note: I left it in the fridge today. The flavor did not change, and I had mixed reviews from the family. Hubby liked it, son hated it. It also separated a bit, but was still useable.) I had a discussion about this with my mom and MIL at Thanksgiving, and MIL was of the opinion that it would work due to using a product in the past called Dream Whip, which lo and behold, they still make. It was a powdered form of whipped topping. I’ve never heard of it before, but hey, if you ever have a strawberry shortcake emergency, you now know what to do. If you give this a try, or have a variation, let us know. In the interests of science, of course.

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6 Responses to All Worn Out

  1. romitazz says:

    I’m just curious – did you use a rotary hand beater or electric? I’m sure that using rotary and “turning the beater as fast as you can” makes all the difference in this recipe lol. 😉

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Rosemarie! It’s Deb and Kathy wrote this post, but I would bet a bundle that she used her mixer. I’ll ask her and if wrong, you’ll hear about it! No one in their right mind would try to use a rotary mixer to beat something into peaks!! I’m pretty sure that would be a cardiac workout. Hope you’re warm up in your neck of the woods! Hugs, Deb

      • romitazz says:

        Hi Deb! I can’t imagine beating with a rotary anymore either lol. I do remember my mom using one though. Memories hey? We have snow now (not a lot but enough that it’s staying on the ground) and it’s chilly – I can’t really call it cold yet – that will come soon enough. Lots of wind. I read your post that you don’t have any snow – wow – you could sure use the moisture after the summer you’ve had! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. And I’ll try to blow some snow your way lol – it’s not Christmas without snow 🙂

      • kathy & deb says:

        We really need some moisture in any form it wants to appear in, but snow would be wonderful at this time of the year. We had a fire just west of us last month so we could have fires all winter without some watery help. I hope you have a great Christmas, too and keep your finger crossed that it gets a little wet around here!

  2. Diane Rhodes says:

    Regarding the red gloves and Dreamcatchers, I’m pretty sure I recognize those as part of my most recent donation. I thought they should be worth more than $ .99!

    • kathy & deb says:

      You know Diane, I got some of those gloves from a charity wanting me to donate; I think the charity would be shocked at that price tag too! I think 99 cents for a pair of gloves is a steal and they are even red for Christmas!

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