Dressing for Excess

We had a crazy little storm last night. It started about 8 p.m., with flashes of lightening, cracks of thunder, and then it proceeded to hail! The temperature was 45 degrees, so we have no idea how all of that was happening. The whole day had been cool, cloudy and overcast. I am thinking someone really ticked off Mother Nature and that was a parting shot over the bow, just as a warning, you know. We had some icy frost on the car this morning, so the garden’s days are numbered. Luckily, the mums are still pretty, so let’s enjoy some fall.

One of our favorite things about fall and Halloween is the annual thrift store extravaganza of bad clothes, um, I mean, costumes. I have always wondered which crazy back-room person decides whether it is better to save for Halloween, or to just offend now. That is the question.

I’m going to ease you in with this little number:

Happy Christmas and Merry Bridesmaid to you. I’m thinking that this polyester, lace-bedecked creation could go either way. Maybe we could combine them and go for a Christmas wedding. Just think, there is probably a matching red one out there somewhere. You know it still exists as plastic never wears out. Anyway you look at it though, all it says to me is: “Gee, I’m sure glad the ’70’ are over!”

I have seen cute square dance outfits—this isn’t one of them:

Even if you put three layers of ruffled petticoats under it, it’s still freakin’ ugly. Who put that gingham in the middle? And who in their right mind decided it was a perfect match for the green gingham on the other two layers? There has to be some hereditary color blindness involved. If this were made of red, or pink by itself, or even the green by itself, I would give it a pass, as when square dancing the proper attire is called for, and that means ruffles galore. I shudder to think what the matching top must have looked like. Thank goodness it has somehow separated itself from the whole shebang.

I had to really work at taking the photo of this next outfit:

For some reason my camera wanted to make it an acceptable hot pink. Even now, it is not as bilious a pink as it was in the store. Honest, it was the worst color pink you could imagine. It has a tag in it that says Dineh, which means it was probably Navajo, or Navajo made, but what were they thinking? Unless it was a grand joke to send it off with a tourist lady to look like a complete fool, or a giant pink Hostess Sno Ball. If that was the point, it worked like a charm, as someone must have taken it home and worn it at least once.

There is a call from Ringling Brothers. Their clown wants her dress back:

I refuse to believe this ever looked good. Not on the rack, not on a back. Maybe stuffed into the nether recesses of a deep dark closet, but then someone made the colossal mistake of taking it out and letting it see daylight again! And lucky us, it’s polyester, so it is with us forever! This is just one big NOPE.

These were actually pretty cool. Not sure you would ever wear them. but still interesting:

And a close up of some of the detail:

We think these are probably ’70s judging by the color, but we could be wrong, as you never know with some of this import stuff. They would be a serious chore to wear, as they weighed a ton, too. The one on the right had pants with it, so it was a his and hers set. Still pretty interesting, although not for the 45 bucks they had on each of them, and you know you would have to buy both of them, right? Otherwise, what would your significant other wear?

Speaking of tonnage, these next two dresses would require you to work out for at least a month before the big event. Up first, this ruffled hot mess:

Sorry for yet another blurry pic. I think I will throw my helper under the bus and say it was all her fault. Of course, the real reason is probably photographer error, or a camera that just couldn’t. Nope, not that dress. It’s sort of a weird greenish gold that would defy accessorizing, and it really did weigh in at quite a few pounds of dress. This is the kind of dress that wears you, not the other way around.

If that color is not you, try this one:

There were several other people in the aisle with us while we were discussing this, and many insisted it had to be a costume, but if it was, then someone with a sadistic side made it, as there was a built-in corset, and multiple underpinnings to make it hang right. Some serious fitting and sewing was involved. And boy was it heavy. It was all I could do to hold it up long enough for the picture. One lady didn’t believe it was that massive till I handed it off to her. Needless to say it went back on the rack and everyone passed it by.

Check out this fashion faux pas:

The Summer Intern and I spent a good long while trying to decide what was going on here. I am thinking mermaid, but this dress was practically square. That is, as wide as it was tall! Not a good look. I refuse to believe it was some cross dressing diva that had this, as they have WAY better taste than this. I shuddered when I noticed it was gone the next week. There is chance that I will see this again around town, and I am truly terrified.

After all that, you deserve a breath of fresh air. Check out this cute little ’60s floral job:

When these dresses are done right and they fit well, they are delightful. I am hoping someone snapped this up to wear to a special party. It’s perfect for spring, and heck, spring might even come again one of these days. Even though there is still a lot of winter to get through! Hope you are enjoying a pretty fall where you are.

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2 Responses to Dressing for Excess

  1. some scary stuff there—I think the black and ruffles—could be dissected and used forHalloween and some over the top doll clothes!

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s amazing how often you can use dress fabric and make something cool for your dolls!! Of course, you could first wear that dress with your hair in rollers and wearing slippers to hand out candy on Halloween night! Win-Win! Have a great weekend!

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