Good Clean Fun

Just when I said things were cooling off last week, this week we hit the 90s again. I really don’t want to complain, as I know what happens when you tick off Mother Nature, but I really would like some fall. It’s the end of September, and I am still sleeping with the windows open! Just a nice transition makes my yard a whole lot happier. This deal of being 92 one day and 18 degrees the next just isn’t conducive to gardening. By the way, I am not exaggerating a temperature swing that large—it has happened.

While out making a service call last week I spotted these turkeys:

What, you thought I was kidding? Nope, real wild turkeys. We never used to see these in town, and now here they are trying to pay a call on the State Patrol office. Wonder if they are reporting the bald eagle that lives next door? I kind of get a kick out of them, but they are only slightly smarter than domestic turkeys and that makes them pretty dumb. I apologize for the blurry pix, but be prepared for more, as for some reason my camera was not in the mood this week.

Let’s just get the worst ones out of the way. I think I know why these photos are blurry:

After all, just what is there to focus on in these vaguely rose shaped blobs of wax? Honestly, these were NEVER pretty, and they didn’t even smell like roses, so there is no hiding them behind a large vase and just enjoying the scent. On top of that, these must have been a bear to get out of the molds. There are folks in Taiwan who still have nightmares about prying these out of there without damaging the bloppy petals. I don’t think you could burn them fast enough to even make them useful. Better to melt them down and start over. At least that is an option.

This poor blurry dog doesn’t have that luxury:

I want you to notice what a nice clear picture I got of the shelves in the background, though. I should get an A for effort just for that. Anyway, the dog is a little cock-eyed, and I think it is supposed to be a teapot, and at least the liquid comes out of an acceptable end, but it still is a miss on pretty much every level.

That should be the worst of the pictures. I am going to blame the fact that my eye surgery never ended up giving me good, or even decent vision, and tiny things are almost beyond me these days. I am trying to get used to the world in blurry focus, so think of the above photos as just sharing my worldview with you.

I guess this person decided to donate their religion:

Or maybe it is just an entire choir of Singing Nuns. Anyway, the whole shelf made me laugh. Being the reformed Catholic she is, Deb gets nightmares even from nun statues. I did wonder where the hermit on the left came from. Probably a stint with some Zen doodling. Honest, I did not set this up myself.

I’ve got to say I have never seen anything like this before:

From what I could gather, it’s a freestanding ceiling fan. Judging from the condition of the blades, and its new home at the thrift store, I gather it did not work very well. I can see this being just the teensiest bit out of balance and causing large amounts of mayhem as it crashes to the floor taking out everything in a 7 foot tall arc. Not to mention the wreck it would make of your cocktail that was sitting on the attached table. Somehow the ugly square box fan is looking a whole lot more appealing. This was one of those good ideas gone bad.

These must have been the worst curtains ever:

Permanent press by Trulon, never needs ironing. There were four packages of them, and you can tell by the photos they have been around for a while. They sort of looked like cheap plastic cheesecloth in the bag, and no, they did not look like they needed ironing! I take exception to them shown blocking anything like light or views from coming in the window, as they were as see through as, well, cheesecloth. I don’t know what look they were designed to enhance, unless it is your basic trailer trash.

The Summer Intern was with me when we saw this:

He claimed it was basic dollar store trash, and I insisted that even the dollar store wouldn’t have something this bad. I was subsequently proven wrong, when we stopped into the dollar store for something else. For every little girl that gets one of these instead of a Barbie, I am really sorry. You didn’t deserve to be treated to this! It looks like the tail should be stuck into a frozen popsicle. Then you would really have something. Popsicles with a tail. Just lop off the top of the body and throw it in the trash, There is nothing redeeming there.

I got a kick out of this mouse found at a recent yard sale:

I, personally, think he could give Brain a run for his money. There are obviously nefarious deeds running around in his little head. I don’t give that swan in front a snowball’s chance in hell of making it out in one piece. I almost bought him. Must have been mind control.

We went to a pretty cool estate liquidating place last weekend. It was way out in the country, and they had lots of outbuildings full of stuff, and I probably should have taken more pictures, but I didn’t, so you will have to settle for what I did take. The Summer Intern was absolutely horrified by this. Actually, it almost did in the whole family:

What, a gerbil you can’t refuse? The Godmouser? I can’t even fathom the idea that must have been running around in the “artist’s” head when they painted this. Maybe there were some magic mushrooms involved. There has to be some sort of explanation. It would make a great “caption this” picture, so please feel free to add some in the comments.

These last two photos made me smile. I think of housewives out beating the rugs and sweeping the carpets and imagine how grateful they were for this:

And this:

Honestly, that last one might also be used as a medieval torture device from the looks of it. I am sure it took some Herculean strength to make these work, but can you imagine how much easier it was? I am not sure how these survived this many years, and I don’t think I will take up collecting them, but it reminds us, we should never complain about housework, or the weather!

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4 Responses to Good Clean Fun

  1. Paul Landkamer says:

    Turkeys are fun! We have flocks wander through the yard frequently. And yes, those Dollar Dolls ARE that bad. I got ’em on occasion for the clothes, but even those are a bit stiff for “real” action figure use.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for the turkey love. We saw one poor female all alone and wandering through a garage sale a couple of years ago. I’m sure she was just looking for her flock, but it was pretty humorous! I’m so glad that we didn’t know about the Dollar Dollies until now. At least you wouldn’t feel bad if your kids destroyed them—more like a good deed!!

  2. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    OMG, the gerbil/mouse painting! I snorted my iced tea! I LOVE it and would probably have bought it if I’d been there. He really needs to be in Casablanca, or a Don Ameche movie, where they always are in dinner jackets, pouring drinks and lighting ciggies. I have to say that painting is the highlight of my week! Kind of like that weird little mouse, too. He’s too smart for his own good.

    Mum bought an Electrolux vacuum when I was a teenager, and she paid for it for about 5 years. But that thing could clean and it worked like a charm. She was so tickled with it. She had for about 20 years, too. Our cats went insane over and attacked it the whole time we used it. Good family fun! ;>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Steph, our editor loved the mouse painting, too! He said it looked like James Bond to him and he would hang it in his office to mystify his students. We’re always glad when the stuff we see can bring back some fun memories—like your childhood electrolux. My grandma had the cannister version. Hugs, and hope you’re doing something fun and fallish this weekend!

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