Call Me Irresponsible

I thought I was so on the ball this week. Last week, I took lots of pictures at the thrift store. I carefully edited and cropped them. Uploaded them on Monday, so far so good. And then, I just forgot that the post won’t write itself, so here I am cranking one out on Thursday afternoon. Which may look like I am ahead of the game, but I have to do it now, as we have several on-line auctions closing tonight that I want to hover over, and grouse about people out-bidding me. For some reason there are two Singer Featherweight sewing machines this week. I need another sewing machine like I need a hole in my head, but I keep thinking one of these would be awesome to take back and forth to work with me to use in my down time. Someone already outbid me on one of them, as I refuse to pay $200 for one that I don’t even know if it works. Tonight will probably be no different, but a girl can dream.

Halloween is coming!

The person that dresses the mannequins at ARC has a really weird sense of humor, don’t they? I am not saying that I didn’t get a chuckle out of this, but there may need to be an intervention of some sort before too long. I am saving up some more fashion faux pas from the Halloween collection for later in the year, so stand by.

I turned around to check out the jewelry rack beside the green headed monster and found this button:

Well I’ll be. That is the perfect excuse for almost any craft. I need to sew, you never know when we will need new clothes. Yarn, of course, I have to practice for when the world ends. Cooking? No explanation needed. Beads? You are going to need something to trade with the zombie leader, as I don’t think you can knock them all off. Now if I could just figure out how to justify doll collecting, I would be in business.

I really needed Deb this week. I was totally on my own. Didn’t even have the Summer Intern to share my comments on the Amish Limbo:

You tell me if you can think of another reason for this. I know a limbo stick when I see one. How low can you go?, How low can you go? Just in case you need ear worm that goes with this, click here. And here I though sarongs and bathing suits were the proper attire for this pastime, but what do I know?

I took one look at this and decided I didn’t like his:

I’m glad he liked my style as his just wasn’t anything to write home about. We are kind of penguin connoisseurs at our place, as the penguin was the mascot of the summer intern’s school. This was put out by Hallmark and they should be ashamed. You know how much Hallmark stuff costs, and this wasn’t worth the price of the ink on the tummy.

On the other hand, this may be my style, and I know it’s Deb’s:

Do they still even make Mr. Coffees? Doesn’t matter. The sentiment works. If Deb had more space on her wall, I would have dragged this home for her. We spend a lot of time when we are out and about finding coffee, and now I know why, she is looking for the perfect mate. Apologies to the perfect human mate she already has, but sometimes nothing will do but caffeine.

I really don’t know where to go with this next item:

I’ve heard of damning with faint praise before, but this may be taking it a bit too far. I really have a problem with the everyone gets a prize thing, especially after you are over three years old. If this is the best you can do, you might be better off just being quiet. You know, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Or just go all out and let the kid know that he is a royal pain in the ass, and you really hope he graduates soon, as you don’t want to have to try and teach him anything ever again. I volunteered in schools; I know those kids!! Ask any teacher, and they can name at least a dozen in their class right now!

Found another fun dish pattern:

Love the mid century squiggles. I didn’t bother with a pic of the back, as it was just some random Japanese pattern, but it looks like a Spirograph with a wild side decided to have a bit of fun before settling back down in the toy box. Patterns like these still look great 60 years later don’t they?

Someone who didn’t like cats very much decided to let their collection go:

I mean, if you liked cats would you buy any of these? The only one that doesn’t worry me is the orange tabby on the left. He looks like he has just had enough of the whole furry clan. The grey tabby on the right, as well as the white one, must be possessed. There is no other explanation for those eyes. The two in the middle are mostly harmless, but nothing to write home about. At least you won’t wake up with them eating you. I wouldn’t hold out hope for that being the case with the two demon pusses.

I am almost positive these belonged to the same person:

There seems to be a definite aesthetic at work here. I think they are cat fans, but they don’t really OWN a cat. They buy things from other designers that have never seen a cat, because they don’t really know what a cat looks like. Either that, or they are really dog people in disguise and are trying to hard to overcome it. I am hoping that the fact that all this has hit the thrift store shelves means that the twelve step program is working.

I mean if you really want to know that a cat looks like, take a look at the Birthday Boy:

Yes, Ramses has turned one year old. Wish him toy fish and mice galore! I know you can’t go too long without a Bengal fix. Or it might just be the proud kitty mama in me talking. Either way, you get stuck with a pic now and then.

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3 Responses to Call Me Irresponsible

  1. Amish Limbo…held mini quilts, was quite the trend here in the 80’s. And Fab cat photo…pretty boy!

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Happy Birthday, Ramses! And my thoughts go out to Deb and her family – I hope all will be well. Have a good weekend, Kathy and fellow readers!

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