Fun at a BIG Sale

Most of my time in MI is spent taking care of my dad, keeping my mom busy and out of trouble (she’s 85 years old and wears me out by lunch) and talking to Dad’s doctors. Last week, Dad was feeling okay, my brother was visiting, so my sisters, mom, and I took off to look at a sale in town that was liquidating a second-hand shop. Plus, it was half-off day!! The lady had eclectic taste to say the least. I did see some funny things, some cool things, and some irresistible things. I’ll show you a sampling of all three.

There was a lot of stuff. I would say it was equivalent to the first day of the Unitarian Church sale that we used to go to in August. And, this was NOT the first day of this sale, nor even the first week. The seller had held a series of sales which my sisters went to and found great inexpensive vintage things, so we were excited to get a chance to shop.

She had tables and tables of jewelry. I bought one thing for Kathy, and just took a picture of a most perplexing piece:

I’m at a loss to describe what is happening here, except a woman is dancing and men in sombreros are playing an accordion and bass. I don’t know what that blue frog-like thing in front of the dancer is. I was too captivated by the musicians to even notice it. The pin was 3D and there was a lot going on. It was fairly inexpensive and half-off, but I didn’t buy it. The dancer is not a beautiful woman; I’m concerned that she either has a huge mouth or a mustache, and it’s not great that I can’t tell which one. Also, is that a maraca in her hand? I hope it isn’t a mirror! I have to love a piece of jewelry to buy it any more. Those musicians were pretty tempting, though.

Here’s a picture of me holding the pin so you can get more of an idea of scale:

Here’s the pin with my big thumb.

I am using a Halloween picture way early out of desperation:

If the cats or the witch had been fun or cute, this would have been a no-brainer for Kathy. My sisters and I thought the cats had a super creepy vibe, and the witch is just weird and ugly, but not in a old scary witch way. Another problem was that the details were so poor, that I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a mask, or had glasses on. If you had asked me prior to this sale if I thought that there could be a witch and cat pin that was too ugly/weird to buy, I would have said, “No!!!”. I have been enlightened to what is out there.

So there was jewelry which is always interesting to look at. There were also boxes of another interest of ours:

Dolls! I looked through two boxes of newer Barbies, hoping that maybe a stray vintage doll or outfits snuck in there. No luck. I was so hopeful, that I even looked in this box for something vintage. The bearded fellow in front surely is vintage. Just look at his tag tucked in the belt. But, these are not our kind of dolls, so I was ready to move on, when my sister threw in an addition:

My sisters aren’t crazy about clowns and are well aware my feelings. What kind of monster would take a perfectly innocent baby doll and make a clown out of it? It wasn’t much to begin with, and it’s much less now!

I did buy one of these. Any guesses?

I thought the one on the left was kind of cute in a Groucho Marx kind of way, but the vixen on the right with her Charlie McCarthy companion was just so wonderful. It was half off, too!

The seller also had a line-up of art:

I don’t know if you can see, but on the far right, near the top is one of those porcelain relief pictures of a pair of lovers. It wasn’t quite as nice as the Meissen pair we talked about here, but it wasn’t crap, either. I gave the silhouette picture with the fallish colors a close look, but I don’t need another reverse painted picture on the wall. The rest of the art is just regular stuff that you see at many garage sales.

Here’s a closer look at the reverse painted silhouette:

Those colors were almost blinding at the end of the driveway with the sun shining on it. I actually had to squint and look away because I had my sunglasses off so I could look at jewelry.

I could tell that the seller had a good sense of humor from the decoration she had on the house near where she was taking money:

She seems to have some random doll heads and bodies. There are a couple in the picture above, and one of them had me laughing as I was paying. There was a doll head in the picture line-up above the pictures sitting on the candle holder next to the bright green price list. She had them all over the place randomly, maybe just to see if anyone is paying attention. I was!

I did buy a couple of things, but wanted to share this:

Ken is just arm candy!

This book is from 1962 and has some simple line drawings at each new story. There are places to list your friends at school, and the little girl who owned this did fill in some of the blanks. The section that I wasn’t crazy about was recording your height, weight, and dress size. That was an era when women were obsessed with their weight and dress size and it seemed to determine a lot of their self-worth. Come to think of it, that thinking is still around, today, although healthy bodies seem to be valued, too—even if they aren’t a perfect size 8.

Well, thanks for checking in with us to see what we’re up to, sadly separately. I’m hoping that if my dad continues to improve that I can get back to Colorado, sooner than later. There’s a chill in the air here in Michigan, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Colorado. Fall’s just around the corner.

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