Hair Raising

It’s been tough having Deb off with her folks again. They really need her and it is a blessing that she can take the time to go be with them, but it sure puts a kink in our shopping style. Luckily, I had a good friend visit last week, who was more than happy to fill in. I bet she had no idea one of the prerequisites of shopping with us is being able to hold things properly for picture taking. She is just lucky that I didn’t make her model the clothes I wanted to take pix of. So, if any of our loyal readers ever visit, and honest, we wish you would, just be prepared to be a hand model at least.

I did have a few garage sale finds that I still need to share, so you are in luck, you get to see this:

Now you KNOW that chair did not come in that fabric originally, so someone had to go stand in the upholstery shop and order that gold crushed velvet with a straight face. Once they got it home, it was obviously too precious, or just plain too ugly to be sat upon, so it is still almost in pristine shape. I don’t think this chair was going anywhere, as most folks couldn’t get past the glare of the gold to see that there might be a decent chair under there.

I picked up this adorable little suitcase last week at a sale:

It’s only about 12 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It is covered in paper and has a leather handle as well as a locking hasp. It was filled with dolly stuff which was what caught my eye first, but after I emptied it, I noticed just how cute it was. Here is the inside:

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what this might have been for. It is not a train case, so if you kept cosmetics etc. in it, they would flop around when you picked it up. It really is too tiny to be of much use for traveling otherwise. You would be hard put to fold up a nighty and a pair of slippers and stuff them in there. Could be a sample, but it doesn’t seem right. Doll cases were more doll oriented and wouldn’t have the locking hasp. It is also too small for a briefcase. I give, send in your best guesses.

I love vintage fabric and roses … well, maybe not:

To add insult to injury, it was that everlasting polyester double knit. What, on God’s green earth, could you possible make out of this that would not make you look like a walking shower curtain made from a gardening catalog? Let’s see … vertical lines make you look more slender, but we can’t have that, so let’s add some horizontal ones as well, and then fill up all the squares with blurry muddy pictures of roses. Surely we have a winner here, said no one, with an ounce of taste, ever.

I am hoping that these are toys that have gotten mis-displayed by the staff at the thrift store:

Because as far as jewelry is concerned this is one gigantic, and I do mean BIG fail. It would cause some serious spine trouble if worn for any length of time. While they may be cute as blocks, and who knows when you might have a sudden need to entertain a toddler, I think it might be taking “Be Prepared” a bit further than necessary. On the other hand, if these are supposed to be toys, who was the smart alec that came along and drilled a hole in all of them?

On a lighter note, well, we assume it is lighter, check out this album:

I for one, immediately think of accordions when I think of Latin Music. Nothing says ChaChaCha or Samba like Lady of Spain. At least the two models look like they are having a good time, but methinks there might have been some rum involved in the Rhumba, to make them that happy. Thank goodness it was recorded in high fidelity sound. Wouldn’t want to miss a note.

Here is yet another little lady that has been dipping into the blue eyeshadow a bit much:

Funniest thing about this little figure, is that the exact same day I took her photo at the thrift store, I saw a post on another group that I follow about a gal who found her and the matching figurine at a thrift store clear across the country. She posted because her grandmother had given them to her for her birthday, but she had lost them over the years due to family circumstances. She found them again, and her boyfriend bought them for her birthday, so she got them twice for her birthday. I always wonder how fate shows us things like that. It’s like going to garage sales and seeing the same item (fish molds, cat trees, cranberry servers, etc.) over and over on the same day. Or reading about something and then seeing it at a sale the next time you go out, even though you have never seen one before. How does that happen?

These last three items fit together pretty well. Deb and I spotted this at the thrift store when she was last home:

That is one mod wig stand. Bet it ended up holding a whole lot of Marlo Flip wigs in its day. I decided it would be an awesome wig stand or hat stand still and picked it up for my Etsy store. Who knows who will need it.

A couple of weeks ago, when out with my hubby at yard sales, I zeroed in on this in a free pile:

What pink bathroom wouldn’t need a curler bag this foofy? The gold dots were a nice touch of glamor as well. It had a tag inside that read Celebrity, so you know it had to be good:

It was kind of grubby, but due to the wonderful world of polyester, it cleaned right up and is now ready to serve a while new generation of curlers. Oh yeah, who does that any more? Well, maybe it will serve another use in someone’s oh-so-pink bath.

The real kicker in the bag were these mod cardboard curlers from the makers of Dippity-Do:

Love me some Mod-Rods! Honestly, they probably worked fine, plus they were cute, and if you applied enough Dippity-Do to your hair, anything held. Follow up with some Final Net hairspray, and you were good for a class 5 hurricane, or a drive in your boyfriend’s convertible, even if he drove like a maniac. By the way, just checked and they still make both products, so you could still be in luck, although you will have to do without the Mod-Rods, unless you can find some more vintage ones, as these two will not finish off that flip.

We are starting a little dip into fall around here. The mornings are a bit crisper and the evenings cooler. It’s nice; hope the rest of you are enjoying a cooling off!

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  1. LOL…Class 5 hurricane hair…cracked me up!

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