On the Road Again

This has been a trying month and now I’m back in Michigan helping with my dad. He’s had another health problem spring up and the handy dandy geriatric nurse was needed to help manage it. I kind of feel like there’s a dark cloud over Dad and hopefully that means we’ll see the silver lining soon. The downside of this, blogwise, is I sure hope Kathy has some pictures for next week ’cause I got nothin’.

We did a little bit of garage saling last week while Dad slept. We stopped at this crazy house because we liked her flowers:

As soon as we stopped, we realized that all the flowers were silk, including the ones attached to the outside of the house. We figure that there were hundreds of dollars worth of fake flowers when you looked at the beds near the house, the flower boxes and the back and side yards:

She was having a sale to benefit the local animal shelters and told us that she restored vintage travel trailers for a living. The one behind the fence is called the “Pink Flamingo” and looks like an outdoor living space/office/party house. The trailer in the front left part of the picture is named “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere”. Most of the treasures she was selling were craft supplies like fabric, trims, and of course, silk flowers.

This picture frame might be the work of an adult Boy Scout:

Always be prepared

I thought it was a fun decoration for any place where coffee is queen. For coffee snobs, it wouldn’t take long before those beans would be too stale to use. We coffee connoisseurs/addicts usually have three or four Costco-sized bags stashed in the freezer for those “In Case of Emergency” times. A caffeine headache is no joke and my eyes don’t really focus until after that first cup.

Neither of us have ever encountered this many pieces of Mexican red clay pottery in one place:

It’s so cool to see different designs on some of the pieces. As a kid, I can remember having the handled bowls like those in the lower right corner. I’m sure we served food out of the larger ones and ate out of the smaller sizes. Sadly, most of these glazes contain lead, so they are an absolute no-no with acidic foods, and to be absolutely safe, they should be used for decoration only. But, some folks do use them with chips or pretzels; it just depends on your risk tolerance. There are lead testing pens available that give you results instantly. Be sure that they are EPA approved. These sellers were asking quite a bit for these; $20 for four chipped dishes isn’t exactly garage sale prices.

This ceramic duck has those extra touches that will attract our attention, always:

This poor duck is a prime example of what happens when crafters just don’t know when to say when. I’m amused at how the duck has “creases” and “folds” all over its body to mimic fabric, along with the flower pattern that is trying to look like embroidery. I’m not sure that anyone would really want this duck if it were fabric, so what’s the end game here? I could talk about the color palette, but really that pales in comparison to the head-scratching ribbon and flower decorations hot-glued to the wings and chest. How is that final touch helping to make this decorative? They are just the last nail in the hot-mess coffin!

Did the same crafter who made the duck also decorate this purse?

This woven purse is a blank canvas for decoration. Something easy would be to paint some blue and green turtles on it. (How did I ever think of that?) You could embroider on it with straw or floss and put a cool pattern on it, flowers, or a scene. You could also apply ribbon, rhinestones, buttons, or whatever in a pleasing pattern and voila, a fashionable purse. Or you could throw some polished stones on the corner and tell yourself, “Gosh, that’s pretty!”. I would find this purse just cause to strip away your creative license if you showed up in my crafting court. ( Kathy here, apologies to my good friend Karey for not noticing the turtle purse behind the mess! I would have snapped it up for you had I not been blinding by the rocks. )

WTF Walgreens?

I think that most of these roses are made from paper from looking at the blue/white and pink/white ones. How would that work inside of liquid, though? These paperweights seem like they are at low tide with the big bubbles at the top and the weird water in a couple. My favorite rose might be the greyish one at the far right. It would be suitable for half-mourning decoration after the widow leaves full black behind. See, reading those regency romances wasn’t a complete waste of time! As for the other ones, maybe you could leave them on the graves of your enemies.

Let’s end on a feline note:

I’m putting a spell on you

I’m not sure this isn’t the world’s most dangerous cat. Look at the poor broken cactus right next to it! It sure has an angry face and the strangest nose and mouth I’ve ever seen on a cat. This is supposed to be one of those Mexican pottery cats as executed by someone who has only heard a description of one, but never seen the real deal:

The more I look at this, the more convinced I am that this is someone’s painting project trying to copy a classic. It sure didn’t go home with either of us, but again it seems to be an appropriate thing to place on a grave; this time to contain evil spirits.

Well, that’s it for me! Please keep cool and safe if you’re near the burning places, or safe and hunkered down if you’re in the stormy places. We’re just trying to stay hydrated in the August heat here in Michigan.

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3 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. OSS says:

    Best wishes for your Dad. We are having similar things with my mother. …sigh… Artificial flowers…that made me LOL. And I absolutely LOVE those revamped vintage trailers! How FUN! I’d love to have a pink one. Somehow don’t think that’s in my future though. Hugs to you both! And Dad!

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