Some DON’T Like it Hot

It’s hot everywhere, so our little corner of scorched earth has lots of company. I’m sitting here at 8pm sweating and trying to write. The sweating is winning, but I do have a big glass of iced tea as my backup! The outside air is actually breathable, with no chewing required, so I opened the windows. Fingers crossed that the air conditioner people will be out to fix our unit before it snows!

You know that it’s hot when you see this at the thrift store at 10:30 am:

Wow, she must be a super organized person to have ice cream and a spoon to eat it while out shopping. OMG, when it’s this hot, and if I were lucky enough to have a carton of ice cream with me, I would have to eat it with my Swiss army knife or whatever else I have in my purse. It would be a crime to let it melt!

You know, we like those vintage jardinieres that you see in antique stores. This isn’t one of those:

We just can’t get too excited about this lumpy top-heavy daisy-rific jardiniere. As a reader said about another amateur paint job, it looks like coloring book art. As far as we’re concerned that’s strike three and we haven’t even mentioned that the pedestal looks too flimsy to support a big heavy pot; it would probably go right over with a slight breeze. Keep the vacuum handy and kiss your $65 prize goodbye!

Just what was the crocheter planning to adorn with this international orange project?

It looks like interesting trim, or maybe a scarf?, with all the fringy thingies around the edge, but uff da, those colors! Some yarns and threads just aren’t meant to be made into anything but a crossing-guard vest, or the like. I feel kind of sad looking at all that work, with this result. There are at least a hundred of those little flower things around the edges!

Well, there has to be a happy medium between too much color and a beige sleeping pill:

I think that this swan would be enhanced with some international orange and yellow swirled in with the tannish colors. This is home décor for someone who never takes a risk, and doesn’t want to start the neighbors talking! I can’t imagine that the Venetian glass blowers could make something like this without a lot of vino involved, but we’ve seen those blown glass clowns with our own eyes! However, I wouldn’t put this slight indiscretion in with those full-on assault and battery cases.

There has to be a story behind this colorful yarn doll:

She has Mexican knees judging from the colors. I wonder if this is a native cultural thing that two middle-aged women in Colorado just don’t get, or is it more like last week’s doll with the Latino/Native American outfit that was the result of a crocheting granny getting a bee in her bonnet? It would not surprise me in the least if the same person owned both of these yarn-centric dolls.

I thought that this little yarn bear was kind of cute, until I read the card behind him:

Holy Mackerel, that bear is a pretty powerful dude! The card says, “Put the lovely dolls into your pocket, they can lend you a helping hand; they can help you steal the heart of your sweetheart or [gulp] punish the bad guy who had hurt you.” Both of those things are kind of terrifying. We probably should have bought all of these, and soaked them in holy water, dried them, and then burnt them in a cleansing flame with some sage. You sure don’t want this kind of ability to fall into the wrong hands!

The last two things are good things—surprise, surprise, surprise!

We saw this hand-embroidered dish towel at an estate sale and thought it was kind of cute. It took a minute to register that it was also a calendar! It’s a perpetual calendar, except maybe February, and there are extra numbers to either side of what shows through the opening, so we figure. You slide the numbers so they line up with the correct days of the week. There might be papers with 30-day, 29-day, and 28-day months stacked behind the visible 31-day month. It’s obvious that the month names are on a long strip of paper that slides. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this before.

Finally, we see so many fun dish patterns that no one seems to love. This mid-century pattern has a lot going for it:

It has some strong graphics and isn’t fussy. I like that the plates aren’t round, either. Here is the mark on the back:

It turns out that Walter Dorwin Teague was an important industrial designer who was called “the Dean of Industrial Design” and was integral to the acceptance of mid-century design in the U.S. There are any number of pieces of Conversation made in the 1950s, with many different designs and colors. I read somewhere that there are pieces of Conversation in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, and the Detroit Institute of Art. This design is known as “Coffee Tree” and was supposedly sold in the Montgomery Ward’s catalog. All that for $1.29; we should have bought them. Hope they went home with someone who appreciates them. If you’re interested in vintage design, you can’t go wrong shopping thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales.

Well, hope you all can stay cool and hydrated! We don’t go out to lunch yet after shopping, but maybe we can stop in at Walrus Ice Cream and have a scoop to cool us off!

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4 Responses to Some DON’T Like it Hot

  1. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Fun items this week! Those mid-century plates are fabulous. Poor little beige swan…. I’m partial to swans, but she is rather bland. I’d have to place her between two flamboyant swans in my collection, to help tone them down, or give her a little color! :>) I’m so sad for the little blue voodoo bear – he needs to be loved and made into a happiness token. Too many things to do, so little time….wait, I have time! Send them to me! LOL!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Poor swan should live with flamingos just to even things out! The plates were gone and I hope their new owner will treat them with the respect they deserve. The poor little voodoo bear needs to be turned towards the light and goodness. You know us, if I find him, he’s going in the mail!! Have a great weekend, and week!

  2. My EYES< MY EYES…yikes that's some ugly stuff! LOL.

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