Be Still My Beating Heart

I have to say that even with all the heat, the stress of my dad’s illness, and having my own quinquennial (I’m absolutely terrible about exams!) physical this week, it’s still been a great week. Once again, those villains that claim that coffee is bad for your heart, have been rebuffed by science, at least as far as atrial fibrillation is concerned. So, I’m taking that as a totally clean slate for coffee, and I will celebrate by drinking the entire pot tomorrow morning. I should have a hyperactive morning, poor Kathy, followed by a three hour nap in the afternoon!

We went garage saling last weekend, and then to a thrift store. It was glorious! We saw lots of stuff, mostly bad, but some good, and I have the pictures to prove it! We know life is getting back to normal because a fellow shopper came over to us and told us that we were making her laugh! I would say, “Mission Accomplished” if I could remember any of our bon mots to pass on to you. Alas!

I still have two pictures from my sister shopping trip to share. Luckily for you, they aren’t the really bad ones, you’ve already seen those!

I wonder if readers who know us can guess what attracted me to this booth?

Hmm, I wonder if there is anything in that case?

We just cannot pass by a vintage Barbie case without looking inside it! I think that it is physically and mentally impossible. I really liked those cannisters with the art deco vibe, and the polka dot pitcher and glasses on the top were pretty fun, too. I have to say that the owner of this booth has superior taste in my not-too-humble opinion. If I didn’t have a houseful of those same kinds of things, I might have been tempted.

I had never heard of this doll furniture line by Ideal:

Ideal started making the Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture collection in 1964, both dolls and furniture, to fit into existing dollhouses which are 1: 12 scale. Barbie is 1:6 scale and 11.5 inches tall, so she doesn’t work with dollhouse furniture, for the most part. The little doll next to the dressing table isn’t part of the Petite Princess line, but is rather older being a Nancy Ann Storybook doll. These dolls are about 5 inches tall, so the vanity might work for her with some finagling.

I would like to officially complain about how hard Monsignore is to spell. I was glad to see the word “ignore” included in the word, because I intend to after this paragraph!

I have a ton of questions, starting with why does a Monsignore need olive oil? They are just below Cardinals, I think, so they most likely have a housekeeper, since even the small parish I grew up in, had one for our priest. And, why is this can of olive oil a bank? Did it ever really hold olive oil—wouldn’t the oil leak out of the top? Did all the kiddies at Catholic school get one of these to fill up with change to donate to the church? Time to put my inner two-year old away, for now.

As a rule, we kind of like these knotted Asian tassels:

The red ones are for good luck, according to the interwebs. I’m not sure what is being bestowed, besides a headache, by this motley example. If you stick a St. Christopher medal, a four-leaf clover, an evil-eye bead, a horseshoe, and a rabbit’s foot on it, you should have all your bases covered.

OMG, I was so tempted to buy this for my Alabama football loving S-I-L:

Roll Tide!

I’m assuming that the designer drank a whole fifth of Jim Beam before designing this poor mascot! I’m pretty sure that Big Al would vehemently deny that this was him—no way, no how because the uniform is the wrong color. But, I would argue that we’ve already conceded that the designer was drunk, so getting the color wrong is par for the course. And, hey, it was made in 1972 back when college football wasn’t the billion dollar industry that it is now. This is sooo ugly that it should be punted right off the shelf.

We saw this dusty pink salmon statue and shuddered:

I’m trying hard to imitate real art!

Then, we shuddered again because the back-room pricer thought it was worth $25—seriously! I don’t care that the lines are trying to give this an art deco vibe, it just doesn’t work! It did remind me of another salmon statue that was much better:

Moment by Gordon Gund

I saw this at the Mayo Clinic when my sister was a patient. I really liked that this had a “Please Touch” note on the signage and I did run my had over it which was very satisfying. Gosh, I wish I could buy Moment for $25!

Last up was a dolly high chair:

It was so cute and cheap, that I decided to buy it for resale. It’s kind of big for Etsy, plus my shop is closed while my life is in flux, but I do have a fair amount of luck selling on Facebook marketplace, too. I’m hoping that Kathy and I can do one of our vintage sales this fall, and maybe I’ll save it for that. I just love the decal and the red on the tray. If you collect baby dolls, wouldn’t it make a cute display?

Well, keep your fingers crossed for us. We’re going to venture out into the heat tomorrow for some garage saling before the temperature gets hotter than an Easy-Bake Oven. The rest of you should keep cool, safe, and hydrated inside while we professionals handle the high-temp shopping. 😉

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3 Responses to Be Still My Beating Heart

  1. Hey Kathy…the pink fish was ROYAL HAEGER…and will go for a bit…$70+ plus shipping, the company closed a few years ago, this was probably from the 90’s. Otherwise, I’m with you on the rest. Royal Haeger, did not have an imprint on the bottom but had gold/colored labels that people unwisely removed. Hugs, Sandi

    • kathy & deb says:

      That’s the great thing about art—it’s so subjective. Someone did like it enough to buy it as it was gone this week. I think that color put us both off, black would have been better! Thanks for the info, we’ll have to keep it mind if we see this again. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Deb

  2. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    The Ideal Petite Princess furniture is wonderful – I had some when I was a child and then bought a few pieces (curved couch, dressing table, end table and grandfather clock) when I started collecting. I have few very small dolls, but I do have a little collection of Dawn dolls and the PP furniture works well for them. I have a photo, if you’re interested in sharing it. Let me know! LOVE that Moment sculpture.

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