A Stitch or Two

I am feeling pretty crabby this week, so I decided to be a little more informative and perhaps a bit less witty, but I will try.

I lost my 18-year-old buddy this week:

I love this photo of him because he was so funny. He had gotten into a fresh skunk spray area (not a direct hit, whew!) and knew he smelled. He let me give him a shower with baking soda and vinegar, and was smelling much better, but he was still looking pretty pitiful. He made me laugh. Ramses has been a comfort, but no two cats ever have the same place in your heart.

To top it off, some delightful idiot decided to make a left turn in right in front of me, and now I have the joy of dealing with insurance, repairs etc. to my pretty purple truck. I am not sure there is enough chocolate in the world, but Deb is home for a bit and that is a pretty good substitute.

I have had several of these sewing kits sitting around for a while needing to have some pix taken and I decided this was as good a week as any. Deb and I both love things like this. The everyday treasures that women surrounded themselves with, bring us joy as well.

This is a rather unassuming looking leather roll:

Well worn, but still in one piece. Open it up and we find this exuberance of plaid and ruffles:

It has nice little flannel flaps for needles, pockets for thimbles, scissors and what have you. The leftover roll serves as a pin cushion. It is probably late Victorian. It must have been a treasured piece to survive in this condition.

This piece is probably not a whole lot later:

It has three sides of three different colored velvets. The person who made it may have been colorblind, as the third side is brown! Or maybe that was all that was in the rag bag at the time. Press on both ends and it opens up:

More flannel for your needles and the pretty little thimble was all that was left in it. It’s kind of a fun little kit and in a pinch, you can pretend it is a Muppet! Another one that I am surprised it has lasted so long, as surely some bored kid should have found it in Grandma’s stuff and opened and closed it till it wore out, but they didn’t. Kids must be losing their touch.

As I spend a good amount of my time living in the world of dolls, I thought I had found a really cool dolly hat:

Imagine my surprise to open it up and find this:

More flannel. This one is very tiny. Only about two inches at i’s widest. Sorry for all the fuzz on this. I did try to clean it up. I just didn’t have the patience to sit there forever with some tape! I think this little kit dates to the ’20s. Not a lot of room for anything but the needles or pins, as the hat is stuffed solid. Still, give the seamstress props for a clever build.

This is a later kit from the ’40s maybe? Homemade and latching on to that Mexicali theme that you see with the big sombrero wearing fellas, asleep in the shade of a saguaro:

It’s made of felt with loosely crocheted yarn trim. On opening this one you find the ubiquitous needle flap, although this one is felt. and the clever thimble hidey hole that is the crown of the hat. All the pins were there when I found it, and I tend to leave these as is.

Honestly, I just showed you those other sewing kits just so I would have an excuse to show you this one:

Lipstick you say? Think again:

The spools of thread twist up just like the lipstick it looks like. There is room for some needles in the center of the thread. I guess this is for the woman who just doesn’t want to admit that she can sew on a button in front of her suave and debonair date. (We always pronounced that as Su-a-ve and de-bonner!) This thing tickles me no end. I have no idea why I need it, but I am sure I do. The finish is pretty shot, but I don’t think I will mess with it. Again, not the best pix. My phone was acting up, and did I mention I had to talk to insurance agents today?

And since we are wending our way through the ages, I thought I would add this cute little ’70s pincushion:

I could have removed the needles, but this is just so you know I really do try to use some of these things. I have to make up some sort of excuse for them sitting around my sewing machine. This fellow is pretty cheaply made. Probably came from Woolworths or something like it, but I dare you not to smile. It was probably 89 cents well spent at the time.

Hope I wasn’t too much of a downer today, and here is hoping that your days will all be Lucky Days!

And just so you know these buttons are no more than 3/8ths of an inch across. Luck comes in small packages. I shop with Deb tomorrow for the first time in over a month, so life is good.

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2 Responses to A Stitch or Two

  1. The first roll is amazing, but everything is totally worthy of a post! Thanks for sharing and sorry about kitty…it’s hard to lose them after so many years!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks, Sandi. We love sewing kits and Kathy has some really cool ones. She was worried about poor Scrappy going missing, but sometimes cats do that when they know they are dying. It’s hard not to know for sure! Pets are wonderful, but they should live as long as we do!!!

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