It’s Halloween In July

We are still doing the online auction thing, as many of the companies are still giving it a whirl. We got some really fun things at the last sale, but my word, the auction company is disorganized. We got to the pickup site (which was a solid 40 miles from home, I might add) to find about 50 other people there waiting for their turn, too. They had a sign-in sheet and I dashed up and put my name down. I waited about 35 minutes, and was then brought into the house to pick up my lots, which were in about three different rooms. And guess what? They managed to lose one of my lots, AGAIN. This has happened at two out of the last three auctions I have bid on. Honestly, you would think it could stay put for half an hour. The last time, someone else had taken it home and it took them over a week to find it, and then it was missing stuff. Hope this goes better this time, but I am not holding out hope.

Luckily, they had hidden these two lots in the refrigerator! First up, the part that gave me goosebumps:

I have wanted these Halloween cats for years, but was always unable to afford them. These weren’t cheap, but reasonable, so I sprang for both lots, as some of them were in each lot. They are about 9 inches tall and probably from the late ’40s early ’50s. I figured I would forget to post about them around Halloween, so you get them in July. Think of those nice cool October temps, and enjoy the view and the kitty concert.

The rest of the lot had some of this type of decorations in it:

Not sure if the cats or the owls make me happier. But that sweet little bat is no slouch either. I don’t know why this stuff makes me so giddy, but it does! These also date to the ’40s or ’50s. It’s no small feat for them to survive this long in relatively good condition, but these are not bad.

Since I started doing some stuff that is in my personal collection, and let’s call it that instead of my hoard. I thought I would share a couple more fun things that have needed a photo.

I have no idea what the heck I am going to do with these:

But tell me if you could have resisted shiny red foil lobster die-cuts. If so, you are a better person than me. I actually didn’t even pay a dollar for them, as they were purchased when our favorite used craft place went out of business and we were filling bags for cheap, but I might have even paid a buck for them in a fit of insanity if given the chance. For fun, let us know what you would do with these.

This was in another recent sale purchase:

Nothing special about it, just some vintage braid. I have seen it used for a base on lots of crochet or netting projects. What caught my eye was the “Dust Proof” designation. Did we lose this technology? Because I am positive I want my entire house treated with whatever they used! I feel cheated that this was never offered to me. I might coat my coffee table in this braid just to see what happens. I have a feeling that dust is still going to show right up, and I will be let down by yet another miracle product.

While we are on the subject of ribbon, I can’t resist these little Hallmark booklets:

I have got to say that the way they wrap things, it is a fine art. I am lucky if I can slap some tissue around something and stick it in a gift bag. There is no way that some of these things are happening, but I have the booklet and can always hope that my inner Martha Stewart comes to the fore. Check out some of the pages:

I can see why this style might not have caught on. Done poorly, or in a bad color, they could come out looking vaguely obscene. (I need to get my mind out of the gutter, don’t I?) Maybe a person could go straight for the titillating style. Perfect for a bridal shower gift.

How about a bed of roses:

Honestly, if I had to make enough ribbon roses to do the style in the upper left corner, that box would be empty! The wrapping would be gift enough!

This would be a little more my speed. I think I could handle most of these styles, and they are still pretty clever:

I’ve always liked quilling and I think it is a cute technique.

This odd piece of jewelry was in a lot I got from an auction as well:

It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. The glass cameo was applied to a glass background that was made with bits of shell encased in it. The edges were silvered, and the back was painted black. I can usually date jewelry to within a decade or so. This one has me stumped, but it is kinda cool. I am not sure quite what style of dress you wear it with. Maybe just go with a toga.

I did see a couple of things at the thrift store this week. It was slim pickings, if you can imagine. Maybe it was just because things are funnier with Deb is around.

This did crack me up:

Someone needs to switch this feline to decaf immediately! Those eyes tell me he has been sleepless for about a week, and yet he is still guarding the coffee cup with his life. I am surprised they were able to wrestle him into a sweater, as that much caffeine should have given him super feline strength. I can’t imagine why he is at the BOTTOM of the Christmas tree either. Unless he has already been up and down it approximately 1000 times.

This also made me laugh. Take a guess at what it is:

For those of us of a “certain age” this brings back an ache in the wrists just thinking about them. I still have my Click Clacks and can do it with only minimal pain. Probably should have bought these and redone the strings. I could introduce a whole new generation to one of those extremely dangerous toys of our youth. And yet we survived!

Hope things are not too hot in your area, and the summer is treating you well. The snow will fly again soon enough and I will whinge about that. I am gathering enough stuff together for a bang-up craft pamphlet post, as I bought this lot at an auction … a story for another day.

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2 Responses to It’s Halloween In July

  1. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    That cat painting is awesome – what a riot! I would have been tempted to buy it. I know a lot of cat lovers who would enjoy it. Have a good weekend! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      It was pretty funny; not sure if any of it made sense, but what the hey? Glad you got a couple of laughs to get you through the weekend. Hope you aren’t hip deep in all the rain!

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