Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

Sorry, Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again if you don’t burn all your bridges on your way out. I’m staying with my sisters in the tiny town we grew up in. All of us had moved out-of-state, but my sisters have all ended up back in the place we grew up. Who knows, I may end up near here too in the future. Never say never, a much better life quote.

My sisters are amazing gardeners. Witness their clematis:

I could have snapped a picture of their bee balm which is over five feet tall, or their happy daisies that decorate the front walk, but the clematis is pretty dramatic all on its own.

Last weekend, we drove about 30 miles southwest and ended up in a cute little town, Holly MI. They have a whole bunch of antique malls and shops, which was very entertaining. I really liked how this mall was set up:

They used lots of old vintage architectural details to decorate the walkways. It was fun just looking around outside the shops. There were about 40 shops in this particular antique mall.

Kathy wrote about uranium glass or Vaseline glass in a post here. I saw a display that shows that sellers are catching on to showing off their wares:

You can talk all day about glass glowing under black lights, but seeing it in person is even better. This is a pretty prosaic group of dishes; about the only interesting thing about them is that they have uranium, just a bit, in them to make them look green. Thankfully, they’ve come up with less scary ways to color glass, although the risk from this glassware is insignificant.

When buying dolls, the term MIB means mint in box, and for some collectors it’s essential. When looking at vintage items, you really don’t see MIB things, but I did last week:

If I had a quibble with Anchor Hocking, it would be that very few “Early Americans” had table service like this. Pressed glass was first made in the 1820s, which surprised me; I thought it was later than that. This looks like a very practical gift for a young couple, although two cruets seems like a stretch, but hey for some reason they had to get to 11 pieces. And “PRESCUT” seems just a bit misleading since these pieces are not cut in any way, shape, or form!

This was my big purchase and I don’t mean the photo-bombing dog, or display Barbie:

I found two Strombecker dollhouse chairs that look like they’re in the mid-century style. I thought that they might work with dolls that are a smidge smaller than Barbie.

Strombecker stopped making doll furniture in the early 1960s, mostly because of Barbie’s popularity; she was just too big for most of their furniture. ( Kathy here: I have one of these exact same chairs, cause they are just so darn cute! )

It started looking a little stormy, so we headed back home. When we got in the house we heard the tornado sirens go off, and looking at the news, we realized that there was a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm watch going on. Of course, it went right through where we had been, although the tornadoes touched down in the thumb of MI and up north. Just a little too real for me. It never occurred to any of us to check the weather!

I still have a couple of things from thrift stores to show you so this won’t be the shortest post ever.

You know a craft is a fail when you can’t tell whether it’s a cat or kangaroo:

Looking at it now, I’m even more upset because it’s missing its front legs and we didn’t even notice! Poor little thing needs a cart or something. Anyway, we turned it sideways and we think we know what it’s supposed to be:

Who on earth would make a two-legged cat? I don’t see anywhere where the front legs might have been attached prior to being shipped off to the thrift store. Come to think of it, only having two legs might be why it was voted off the island. Who wants stuffed animals that make you feel sad? We get enough of that every day!

This is another craft fail of the fussy, crappy, big kind:

Why didn’t the maker put curtains on a window and attach a flower box outside and call it good? This doesn’t put me in the mind of looking out the window up in the mountains and seeing a big deer. Actually, the scale of the deer seems a little off for that window. Is it too big or too small? For some reason I just can’t decide, and honestly does it really matter? The perspective problem is strike three and this craft is OUT!!

After those two craft fails, I thought you might like to see something cute. My great-niece loves drawing. She has been doing pet portraits, so I sent her this photo of my dog, Koko:

I just love him with the butterfly. Anyway, this is what she drew for me on her iPad:

I just love it, and had it printed on a canvas to take home with me. She has done several dog and cat portraits so far and we are enjoying her art!

I’m still in MI because they cannot determine where my dad’s cancer originated and the primary site determines the treatment. Luckily, the University of Michigan has a clinic that treats people with cancer of unknown origins, so my dad will be getting some cutting edge treatment even if they never figure out where it all started. It’s been so nice spending time together after not seeing each other for two years and luckily, he feels pretty darn good for being 84 years old!

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans. Hope you all have a fun, safe weekend!

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4 Responses to Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

  1. Monica says:

    I found some of the Strombecker chairs at a thrift store a few years ago. My husband stopped at the same thrift later in the day and found a rocking chair that I had missed. A lot of Betsy McCall (8″) collectors have them. Also the “Dog and butterfly” portrait is so cute! Now I will have that song in my head for the rest of the day. Have a great weekend!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I had forgotten that song and yes, now it’s in my head as well! 🙂 That’s what I’m going to call Koko’s portrait. I really like Strombecker’s quality and I bought those to see if my Momokos or similar dolls can sit in them. I’m willing to take a swing for $8, and otherwise I can sell them on Etsy. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Always a fun trip with you two, great photos and the mall looks, FAB.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I did really like how that mall looked and I bet it wasn’t really expensive to do, just some work. Their prices weren’t insane, either. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

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