Fire on the Mountain

Yesterday was our first super smoky day in Colorado for this summer. The wildfires are starting up again. We can look forward to red dawns and sunsets because of all the particulates in the air. We don’t have anything real close to us yet, but it is only a matter of time. A super wet spring, plus our summer hot dry conditions, makes for a deadly combination. I wish I didn’t have to point this out, but:

Please take care while you are out in the woods, no matter where you live. Our forests depend on it. OK, off the soap box and onto bigger and better things.

Not quite Soapbox Derby, but adorably cute all the same:

Love that they called this a “Tot Rod”. Pretty darling little pedal car. Imagine the joy this baby brought on Christmas morning. This and several of the next items were at a local “junk” auction a couple of weeks ago. I was glad there was not anything I was dying for as the forecast called for almost 100 degree temps, and I was going to have to want something pretty darn bad to stand out in that.

If I was going to be tempted by anything, it might have been this giant-size hippo:

I found out about house hippos a while ago, and have been on the hunt for my very own. It’s all in good fun to have a tiny little hippo to hide in your house, even though the commercial is about something serious. I thought this would make a fantastic house hippo, even though he was a solid four feet long and seems to have a thing for tipping giraffes. Not sure I could have convinced hubby, unless he had gotten a severe case of sunstroke from standing out in the sun.

Near the hippo was a big old tub of rolling pins:

We’ll talk about that booted foot near the tub later. For now, how about that for a collection of rolling pins? Think how many pies and cookies owed their lives to one of these. I sort of felt bad that no one loved them any more, and I really hope they went to someone who will take good care of them.

Now that foot:

I don’t know what this red Power Ranger did to get kicked out of the group, or maybe he is just a rugged individualist, but here he is, all on his lonesome. The hippo was just down the way, along with two giraffes. There was a dragon to the right of the Power Ranger and the giant fake rock behind him was also in the group. I have serious doubts about the person that sent this whole pile to the auction. They must be a VERY interesting person, or just plain off their rocker. Heck, they might make us look normal.

Glad we only went to the preview of the auction, but it did net us some fun blog fodder. Found a couple fun things at the thrift store and garage sales this week, too.

I was also tempted by these, but I was not sure where you wear them, unless you are on a scenic trip to Roswell, NM:

Everyone needs some nice alien glasses. Or you could use them and pretend you are an insect, but I think the shiny silver lends itself more to an E.T. impersonation. By the way, if you have never been to Roswell, and you are ever nearby, not that it happens as it is pretty much out in BFE, do yourself a favor and stop. It’s American roadside campiness at its best.

I thought this cute little dolly bunkbed was super fun:

I am a sucker for vintage doll furniture, and I love the little bunny decals. They take this one right over the top. Lucky for me that I have not succumbed to collecting things in this size, as I was able to take a picture and move on. Hope it went home with some little girl for her Teddys or dolls.

I thought this was pretty amazing too, but I didn’t bother to ask what the lady wanted for it as she was hovering over it and ooing and aahing to all that came by:

I asked to take a pic and called it good. This is about the oldest Mickey Mouse hat I have ever seen. I think it is pretty close to being the very beginning of the show. Sing with me now … M I C … K E Y … M O U S E ! Did you know that the first ad that ever aired for Barbie was on the Mickey Mouse show? Kinda cool. I’d rather have a Barbie than ears, but hey, that’s just me.

Decided I needed a couple more pix to round out the blog, so the Summer Intern and I hit the thrift store after garage sales. I am VERY sorry I did:

By all that’s holy, what were they thinking? I get the heebie jeebies just looking at this. There is no way that you should ever be alone with this thing. Something bad is going to happen. I don’t even want to speculate. Why would they make something so plants could grow out of his pants? And does the fact that he is a golfer make it any better? The answer is a definitive NO. It was still there when I cruised by again on Wednesday. I keep hoping someone with a half an ounce of good taste will come along and knock it off the shelf. I probably should have done it and saved the world. Guess I am no Power Ranger.

Whew, that was pretty bad. Probably should have warned you. Will leave you on a happier, groovier note:

Peace out baby! Sorry the image is blurry. I think my camera was still reeling from the last pic. I don’t know why the casual position and the crazy feather hat, but I think this bear is just going with the flow. Guess we all should do a better job with that. I will work on it, right after I get the golfer out of my head!

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6 Responses to Fire on the Mountain

  1. What a fun post, the power ranger and all those great finds…the doll bed is adorable. You have toooooomuch fun! Sandi

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Sandi!! How nice is it to see some normal stuff that isn’t so weird, and at times, disturbing? Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    OMG, that golfer! My eyes! My eyes!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I know!! I was telling Kathy that it probably came with an upright cactus in the pants for maximum grossness!! On the other hand, it looks like a contestant on Holey Moley.

  3. OSS says:

    Stay safe, friends. We’ve had a few horrible smoke filled days from the fire in Moab. Looks like it could be a really loooooooooooong Summer. Come on, rain! (no lightning) Hugs!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I was telling family that no matter how hot it got, there shouldn’t be that much left to burn after last summer/fall. Should have known that there is always something left to burn when it’s hot and dry. Hope the wind shifts a bit and you get some rain!! Take care and we’re thinking of you!

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