Someone Needs to Call Animal Control

I’m still in Michigan with my family. It’s so nice to spend time with my family after not seeing them for so long. I have to confess that I’m not sorry to be missing the scorching heat back in Colorado!

I thought you might like to see a couple of different buildings that I’ve seen on my travels around the state. First up is a house made of rock:

East of Evart MI

I like the different sizes of rocks used; some of those rocks are huge! I’m not sure how they even kept them in place before the cement set up. The gambrel roof is pretty cool, too. I wonder if this was a barn that they added onto and made into a house. There are lots of rock/stone houses in MI. You will turn onto a new city and there will be houses that are all rock, or maybe partially rock and shakes. I love them!

The other building is one that I have passed by while growing up and never paid much attention to:

Near Goodrich MI

Round barns were commonly built until about the 1920s. George Washington built a 16-sided barn for grain. They were thought to be more efficient, stable, and required less materials to build. I also read that they were often used as dairy barns. They could be truly circular or a polygonal in shape. They are both considered “round”. This one is a true round barn made of concrete and built in 1950, so no wonder it’s in great shape!

Well, time to get the post rolling. I’m using some pictures from when Kathy and I shopped together the last time.

This poor Mexican duck has bored the angel into pretending to be narcoleptic:

This duck has some pretty fanciful but stale colors. Usually these ducks are tan, brown, and black, or blue, gray, and black with lots of lines, and designs that I interpret as feathers. This might be a copy made by someone who really didn’t know about Mexican pottery ducks and wanted to incorporate those 1980s colors—blue and mauvey pink. The bronze lusterware pitcher and bowl deserve to be next to something a little bit snazzier.

Come to think of it, this cowboy doll has the right colors for a Mexican pottery duck:

That might be the only thing I can say about this doll. We like most of the witch shelf-sitting dolls we see as Halloween décor, but this cowboy with chaps is a big fat NO! I might also say, “Why?” because that’s the second thing that occurred to me. It might spend the rest of its life at the thrift store because who would want it? If you have it in for a cowboy, it might make an acceptable Voodoo doll.

I guess you could store some no-bake cow pie cookies in this cookie jar:

On the other hand, no-bake haystack cookies might be more palatable to think about. I’m no farmer, but I wonder how often cows sleep on hay bales? Probably never because they aren’t built for climbing in my limited experience. I think the maker thinks about cows like they are big dogs, ready to climb up on the couch. Mooove over! You could pair the cow with the cowboy doll, and get rid of two eyesores at once.

I so hope that a child made this glass tile as a fun project to give to their mom:

If an adult was responsible for this, then I have questions about their sanity. If my project ended up looking like this, I would toss it in the nearest trash can! I figure that a kid probably used jelly beans to make the designs along with paint, pieces of paper, and lots of Elmer’s glue. I suppose that a person might be able to find some wax product to melt and form into a fish-like shape that are supposed to be yellow tangs, I’m guessing. That orange coral has to be made of pork and beans from a can. What else looks like that?

We were amused by the name of this game:

I’m confused by why they equate family fun with tailgating; that’s kind of an adult activity. I was wondering how to play the game, and with a little Googling, found a video of the fun to be had by throwing rubber chickens. Check it out here. My favorite comment on the Flicken’ Chicken video is “Them chickens BOUNCE”. Not a phrase you hear often. I would rather play bocce ball, but maybe throwing chickens would grow on me if I gave them a chance!

We aren’t quite sure what this is trying to be. A multi-media project for school?

There are paper shapes, lace, flowers (silk ?), buttons, and paint. I just don’t get the feeling that there was a plan here. We were staring at it, and then the Summer Intern came up with its friend:

The second one is pretty congested across its middle. They certainly aren’t something that I want to look at daily. The pair make me nervous because there is so much going on and there isn’t any unifying theme, pattern, or attractiveness. I’m annoyed that so many useful things were used in this cringey way—what a waste! I hope to God that they didn’t use any vintage buttons on this mess.

Thanks for stopping by and giving us a read. I have an interesting book about historic clothing with gorgeous pictures, so there may be a book report coming up in the near future.

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