Dog Days Already?

Whew, it has been in the mid-nineties for a couple of days already. I am not ready for this heat. Usually, we just gradually fade into these higher temps, but just two weeks ago, we were barely hitting 70F. And then, wham, Mother Nature decided we have had enough of enjoying spring. My poor plants are wilting in the heat. It has burned the blossoms on my peonies and they fade in less than a day. Sigh.

Luckily, we have had a bumper crop of garage sales the last couple of weeks. The Summer Intern and I have been hitting them on Fridays, and the whole family goes on Saturdays. I miss getting snarky with Deb, but she is still back home with her family. It just means I have to shop for her, and she shops for me with her sisters.

I am not sure what this pot is making a face about, but it seems to be offending the bunny nearby. Come to think of it, that little girl looks pretty crabby about it, too:

I’ve seen cool face jugs on Antiques Roadshow, this is not one.

This was actually pretty cool. I didn’t need it, but it was still fun. Apparently, before they Rocked’em and Socked’em, there was this:

I think I prefer robots boxing to real-looking people, and I don’t like boxing of any sort, but I have to say this game was in amazing condition. It was from the ’50s and looked like it had never been taken out of the box. Probably a Christmas present from some Dad wanting Junior to be a little more “butch”. Junior ignored the game and went on to become a wealthy world-renowned fashion designer.

I liked this too, although it breaks my heart:

25 years ago, when I had a brick and mortar antique store, something like this would have sold for $60 or $70 bucks and been out the door so fast it would make your head spin. Today a fiver at a yard sale will probably still see it go unsold. I would have brought it home and rescued it from ignominy, but I already have three ruffled bride’s baskets, and how many do you need? I, at least, have an excuse; what is up with the rest of you?

On the other hand, these silly things are still big sellers:

Folks snap up this mid-century stuff like crazy and these grape clusters are quite popular. We have to admit that we have never seen one with candle holders incorporated into it. Must have been quite jazzy with the soft glow of candlelight reflected in the bilious green of the grapes. I wasn’t even slightly tempted, but I am sure they were gone the instant the right person spotted them.

A quick Google search produced a great little article about this fellow:

This was a logo for a company that started out making automatic stokers for coal furnaces. You can read the article here. He was pretty cute, but priced above retail, and I don’t buy ashtrays much. I also liked the little white metal figure beside him. If you can’t see it well, and believe me, I couldn’t see it that well, even in person. It depicts a child on a bearskin rug. Kind of a funny thing to make a cheap sculpture of, but there you go. I think I like the robot better.

I am sure this was grabbed almost immediately from the thrift store:

This is probably one of the bigger Coke collectibles I have ever seen. Yep, that is a full size floor lamp beside it, so it is huge. I am a dedicated collector of several things, but I am really glad I am not into Coke, and had no reason to drag something like this home. The conversation with the spouse, when this came through the door, must have been interesting. Probably not harmonious, but interesting. I forgot to look at the price, so can’t enlighten you there.

The last time Deb and I hit the thrift store, we found several pieces of “please pass us by” jewelry. You know us, we love jewelry. These were easy to, if not ignore, at least leave there and hope they get thrown in the giant jar of junk jewelry and tossed in the trash.

We saw the front of this one first:

It was huge and I can just see all those little prongs getting caught on every last piece of clothing you own. When we turned it over, you could see how it had been made:

Honestly, why did they have to mess with a pretty good chain mail pattern? It would have been kind of cool without all the blue bling. No one would have the patience to remove all those blue gems, and most wouldn’t even turn it over. Poor thing.

I don’t mind repurposing, but why take something ugly and make it uglier:

So I get that you lost half the belt buckle. Just toss the remaining half. Don’t try to thread a chain through it and turn it into something just as useless with no panache. It wasn’t even very pretty as a belt buckle. Maybe it kept up your pants up, but that is about it. Or then again, maybe it weighed them down so much they spent a lot of time down around the ankles. Either way. Hard pass.

This piece was trying to be a cool ’60s thing:

It’s got the right look, but it was cheap looking and feeling. The knockoff from a Woolworth store. I suppose from a distance, and on the right muumuu, with a busy pattern, it worked. Remember the disappointment of getting the flimsy replica instead of the real deal? Babs, instead of Barbie, Action Mike instead of GI Joe? Yep, just like that.

I couldn’t go too long without giving you an update on Ramses. He likes the drive-in and so do we:

Best place to go on a hot summer night, and I guess we are going to have a lot of those, so look for me and the “Lap Leopard” there.

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2 Responses to Dog Days Already?

  1. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Oh, the heat! It’s been just awful. But it’s broken here, now, and is delightfully cool and clear. I hope your area clears up! That Knockout game is awesome – I love boxes with illustrations! And mint in box – a collector’s dream. The Bride’s Basket is LOVELY. I have something like it, packed away, that my MIL (now gone) gave to me as a gift for an anniversary. The blue beaded necklace is wonderful – I can see it looking fabulous with a simple sweater and a pair of slim slacks. Hope you all have a great weekend!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Glad your hot weather has gone away for now. It’s hot (90’s) for the next week in CO. The bride’s basket is so pretty; you would think that someone would use it for a candy dish or something. Have an awesome weekend, Steph!

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