June is Bustin’ Out All Over

Well, maybe not June specifically. With all the rain, weeds are busting out everywhere. I’ve filled two 32-gallon trash cans with dandelions alone! Our new neighbors across the street seem to like dandelions, so we have lots of seeds flying all over. Don’t even get me started on bindweed, my nemesis!

We have been showing you our seasonal flowers, but when I got home from MI, my cactus greeted me with this:

It doesn’t bloom every year, but I always appreciate its efforts. I got the cactus from a resident at the nursing home where I worked. I took care of everyone’s plants, so I had lots of plant buddies. Sadly, she didn’t know what kind of cactus it was, so I don’t either. I call it Janey after her, but if you know its real name, please let me know.

My mom gave me a special present when I was visiting:

She is so lucky that she actually owns two, both bought at garage sales:

They’re called Singer Featherweight sewing machines, and are particularly coveted by quilters because they are portable and sew beautiful straight stitches. I have been looking for one for years, but I only wanted to pay $25 for one, like my mom paid for this one. That’s a tough find! I’ll give this baby a good home and might even let Kathy have an overnight visit if she is a good girl.

What’s June without a bride?

She obviously was a gift that wasn’t appreciated as she has never been opened. I think she is all ready to be a bridezilla what with her hands looking like boxing gloves. She is able to enforce her every whim. I do think that a Bendos bride and groom would be fun on a cake. Way better than one of those syrupy kid bride and groom, or the bride dragging the groom by his coat. Plus you can pose them!

There is something seriously wrong with ARC’s stuffed toy display:

This vulture has all the cuddle appeal of a toaster. I suppose you could give him and his pet rat a pity hug, but I wouldn’t recommend it. What is up with the black ribbons on his wings? Are they supposed to be feathers? If so, what an epic fail. And I can’t even deal with those ping-pong ball eyes. Vultures aren’t beautiful birds, but the ones I have seen at least seem dignified; let me change that to stinky but dignified.

But, the vultures woes fade to insignificance when compared to this fox:

I don’t think that I have ever seen a toy animal as peculiar as the fox. And no, his awfulness isn’t mitigated at all by his cute reindeer friend! I couldn’t decide what bothered me the most: his human eyes or his human teeth? Why decide, they are both dreadful. When I looked closer, shudder:

I noticed his tag, which says “Fuggler”. Hmm, does that stand for f’ing ugly? If so, great name! I looked Fuggler up on the internet, and I have to say it’s a pretty funny website full of the ugliest toys you have ever seen. Don’t believe me? Take a look. What the heck? I almost want one now. It must have been the “Sign up and regret everything” button. But, poor Fuggler would have to live deep in a closet because I just can’t look at that face!

This could be a Serenity Prayer made just for me:

I modified it slightly because I will drink wine when there isn’t any gin and tonic available, but I don’t achieve the same level of acceptance. I think the beverage version is more true to my life—strength and wisdom can be in short supply when needed, but I always have gallons of coffee and gin.

Since we have only had one shopping trip, I’m stretching the pictures. So, here are some cool things my sister gave me for my birthday:

I was showing the whole box to Kathy (it was full of all kinds of stuff she found at garage sales). Kathy, having the best eye for cool stuff, pounced on a bag of lace and trimmings. She pulled out the velvet ribbon with tassels and the bead decoration and told me that they were Victorian! The velvet is that wonderful thick silk velvet that you can’t find any more. There were ten tassels and I told Kathy to take what she wanted. I’m wondering if they were decorations on a dress, mourning wear, a cloak, a hat? It’s hard to know. I’m pretty sure the beaded lovely was on a dress. Here’s a close-up:

Although, I could see it as part of a headdress with big ostrich feathers. It weighs a ton and is still hanging together pretty well. My sister also sent a huge length of sari fabric, which she wants me to cut up and make doll clothes. I’m still mulling that over. When I told sister about the age of the ribbons and beads, she didn’t have a clue. It sure was a lucky buy for me!

Well, thanks for stopping by. All of our summer plans have been turned on their side. My dad is ill, and I’m on my way back to MI to help out. Please send all the good thoughts that you can spare to him; he’s such a good person!

I hope everyone is enjoying getting one step closer to normal. Kathy and I can shop separately and shock each other with our finds!

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6 Responses to June is Bustin’ Out All Over

  1. Lovindollz says:

    That fox with those ugly human teeth got to me!!! Wow, never seen anything like it. Sending prayers and hugs your way and hope your dad gets better soon.


    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you for the prayers for my dad—he needs all the help he can get! We were with you on the fox stuffed toy; the teeth were awful! I did find the web site pretty funny, but wow!!

  2. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Sending healing and healthy thoughts to your Dad! Love the black beaded tassel thing.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Steph, my dad needs all the good juju that he can get. The black trimmings must have been stunning on clothing! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ivy in MA says:

    Love your blog! Hoping things go well for your dad! Yeah, that fox is kind of scary!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Ivy! We are hoping for the best with my dad; he’s a strong guy and has a lot to live for! Thank you for your good wishes. As far as the fox goes, it’s the human eyes and teeth that make it creepy!! But the website for Fugglers is so funny!

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