What’s on Your Plate?

Spring seems to have finally spring here in Colorado. It was fairly gentle, at least so far. Right now, temps are low 80s and life seems pretty good. Lots of flowers are blooming and doing well, as we had a bit more moisture here and there this winter. These wonderful iris were a start from a neighbor, and look at them this year!

Nothing better than folks who share plants. It’s fun to share some beauty, but you know us, we would rather share weird, or at least weirdly beautiful.

Found a couple of crazy things at garage sales this week, while Deb was gone. First up, it seems that suitcases are following us:

This is another one with a fun lining. This one caught my eye, as I can remember my mother having this exact same green suitcase, and the little matching train case when I was a kid. They must have belonged to my grandmother before her, and she took them off to college and beyond. I really didn’t need another fun suitcase, and for $25, I left it for the next person.

At the same sale I spotted this lamp:

I have so many questions. First up, what is it? Well, other than a lamp, you know what I mean. Does the shade really match the base? Could you rewire it by looking closely at the shade, and if you did, would it even be the slightest bit useful? How in the world did they get the graphics on the shade? It was fabric, not paper, and really well done, but again, why? And last up, was someone crazy enough to buy it? I can guarantee it wasn’t purchased by me! We can only hope some wacky engineer was not shopping at garage sales by himself and brought it home to the long suffering wife, or she was going to have to start a bonfire.

I love old boxes, especially those with kitchen gadgets in them:

Seriously, that gal on the end looks way too happy to be slaving over a hot stove. Really, the other two are a wee bit too cheerful as well, so I am thinking this thermometer must have come complete with a flask of bourbon. You could use it to cook, or better yet, make yourself really happy in the kitchen, or hey, even for the man of the house in the back yard. Alas, when I opened the box, it was just an ordinary cooking thermometer:

And it was missing the good glass candy or jam one. On the bright side, it had those nice skewers to poke the hubby and make him go out and grill.

After analyzing the first three pix, I knew there was no way even the most dedicated student of double spacing was going to make those into an entire blog post, so I made a flying trip to the thrift store, and what do you know, as usual, it did not disappoint, or maybe it did.

There is a whole fad of finding things that fall into the category of “vomit” items. Mostly they are clocks that look like this. Usually they are poured plastic over a bunch of weird things. I don’t think this frame is truly a vomit item, but you tell me if that is not the first thing you think of when you see it:

I’m sorry. No one EVER stood back, looked at this and said, “Wow, I made something great” did they? If they did, some new glasses would be in order. I am not even sure what it is made of. I think some purple aquarium rocks and then, I don’t know, grunge from the bottom of their shoes after waking in the pen of some exotic animal? I can’t even imagine the photo they had in mind for this. Photo of the hated ex, or maybe their mother-in-law on a bad day.

You would think that would be hard to top, but just down the row I came upon the infamous Dogpig:

Not only is this dog part pig, he caught something and is having to bring it back, and he is royally pissed about the whole thing. I was so horrified by the picture, I forgot to even look and see what is was made of. I think it is some sort of metal, but it sure seems like a lot of work for something this ugly.

We see little groupings of these plastic deer all the time. But in case you have no more room in your curio, this one was glued to a plate:

And of course, it would not be complete unless the whole shebang were painted gold. Looks like it was some sort of souvenir, but I have no idea from where, and if I did, I would be sure to never go there, as they obviously have no taste. If they did, they wouldn’t invite folks to their country who would buy things like this!

I also came across this sinking ship:

I can genuinely say it was big … and ugly, and not seaworthy. Wasn’t very decorative either. The poor white trash equivalent of the model ship for your mantel? I am sure that it came from one of those cheap discount decorative stores, and it should have stayed there, or made it to the wood pile for kindling.

Last up, so as not to leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, I thought I would share some pretty things. We spend a lot of time admiring pretty china patterns in the thrift store, and I thought it would be fun to share some with you now and again. Today we have two. Firstly, this pretty poppy plate:

I love the graceful lines and the subtle shade of green coloring. Nice mark from England, too:

They call it a windflower, but it looks like a California poppy to me. [Deb here. There is an anemone that looks like this flower and is also called a windflower. But, they do look like poppies, too.} Also notice the tag has been moved by another shopper. I wish those fools in the back would understand that folks want to see the marks. They have an entire plate to choose from and put it right in the middle!

And this one really made me smile:

Just love how the whole design was made of little squiggly lines. The colors yell 1950s at you. Must have been a really fun set. Here is the bottom of it:

Somebody’s good Bavarian china! I was able to find it easily on Replacements and it is called Spencerian Rose. Interesting name.

Well, Deb is back, so off to garage sales this morning, if there are any with the holiday weekend. Please stay safe this weekend and have some fun!

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4 Responses to What’s on Your Plate?

  1. Great post—lamp shade looks like some kind of motor? Perhaps some sort of custom company ‘award’…lol of a product? The rest there are no words, except great porcelains!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m going to show my dad the lampshade. He reads plans and diagrams like that and knows what they are, so I might have an answer to the what the what questions. We love looking at china patterns, although we have bulging cupboards and usually leave them where we found them. Have a great weekend!

  2. Emily C says:

    Some items are just better off without stickers. I got one small metal bowl & the color apparently was pressed in, but i don’t think there was much in the way of glue, etc. When i peeled the sticker off, the color bits peeled off with it.

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