If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You

Hello from Michigan! I’m here visiting family for the first time in nearly a year and a half and it feels great. I hadn’t seen my parents for two years because they winter in Florida and so weren’t here in December. That’s just too long at all of our ages.

I have to say that the weather is much better in MI than CO. It snowed right after I left, and a friend told me that CO is having the wettest Spring in 77 years. Meanwhile, it rained for part of one day in MI, and the weather has consistently been in the high 60s to 70s range, which is perfect in my book.

The biggest problem is ticks, which are pretty active now in northern MI and we have had one or two on us while mushroom hunting. My mom learned how to hunt mushrooms as a girl, and has done it all her life. My parents have morels on their property and if you’ve ever had a wild morel mushroom, you’ve visited mushroom nirvana. I don’t recommend hunting mushrooms unless you are doing it with someone experienced, since the difference between delicious and poison is a thin white line. If you want to buy morels, be prepared to pay in the vicinity of $50 per pound!

The trees are blooming, as well as a few bulbs. My mom loves flowering crabapple trees:

I know I’m beautiful!

Her redbud is trying to distract us, but the crabapple is stealing the show right now.

The most amusing thing is the hummingbirds. There is a persistent tiny male who sits on the tree overlooking the feeder. If any other bird dares get near HIS feeder, there is hell to pay:

I’m tiny but terribly, terribly territorial

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but he isn’t more than 2 1/2 inches tall, and what there is of him is totally fierce! The Baltimore oriel feeder is nearby and those poor birds couldn’t get near it because of Mr. Hummer divebombing them.

Kathy and I managed to go garage saling the Friday before I left, so we have some weird stuff to show you that is different from the weird stuff we see at thrift stores. Garage sales are the preview for what shows up in thrift stores, after it doesn’t sell at a garage sale.

We went to a sale where there were lots of old strange things:

We think that this is a sewing thingie, with the spokes for storing thread, the foam pieces for needles and pins, and the hole at the top for your scissors. It could look like a bird, maybe, if the foam pieces were both attached, and the scissors were in the top; on the other hand, if the scissors were the beak, his head would be spinning like Linda Blair’s. We like old sewing things, so of course we looked at it, but left it right there!

I think I played this kind of game once or twice with my cousins at Christmas time:

Most web sites say this is a 1950s game, but Jim Prentice was making games in the 1940s, too. I can imagine the excitement in a kid’s heart after unwrapping this:

This looked pretty complete, and take a gander at those instructions! My goodness, way too complicated to be fun as far as I’m concerned. But, I’m hardly the usual 12 year old boy, am I? Since it was so complete, I wonder if the kids even played with it much. You could always tell our favorite toys by their condition. Of course, we passed on this, too. Their prices were high for a garage sale, so there wasn’t any money to be made by us on Etsy. I will say, they knew what they had, and were mostly fair in what they were asking.

This kid’s toy took a look at lawn darts and said, “Hold my beer”:

People were worried when we had beer-can cannons as kids. What would they say about a real cannon?

I go “BOOM!!”

I was interested in exactly what happens with these cannons, so I watched a couple of videos showing them being used. There are no projectiles, so I guess Jarts wins as the most dangerous kid toy outside of Easy Bake Ovens and BB guns. You have a tube of what is essentially gunpowder, and you put it next to a flint. When the flint sparks, the powder goes off causing a big boom and flames out the mouth of the cannon. This would never be approved now, but I’m sure there are plenty of them still around being shot off on the 4th of July.

This fountain strikes me as a little pervy:

Relaxing all by myself. I’m sure no one can see me!

It was out in the garage next to a bunch of tools, so maybe the garage dwellers fired it up while working on cars, drinking beer, or maybe shooting pool. It just bothers me because of an experience I had as a young woman. A friend, Amy, and I hiked up into the mountains of Oregon, and found this great stream. There was no one around, so we stripped and jumped in the water, splashing around. We got out, toweled off, and then heard what sounded like a standing ovation. We hadn’t looked up to notice the bridge behind and above us. It was crowded with road workers, maybe 10 or so, who watched our whole performance and then showed their appreciation with applause, and whistles. I have never gotten dressed so quickly, but first Amy and I took a bow. That’s kind of how this fountain feels to me, but I’m sure lots of folks might appreciate it.

Well, if you want to have a Colorado luau, ARC has you covered:

Quite a selection for a land-locked state that doesn’t have a close connection to Hawaii. I was shocked to see the price tag on the top right one—$4.99! I think you could get a similar one at the dollar store for, well, a dollar. I’ve been to Hawaii several times, but have never gotten a lei. These sad plastic things are a poor substitute for the ones I have seen.

This is kind of goes with saying after the last couple of years:

I hope these women can have fun without alcohol, doing whatever they are doing. I’ve spent at least five minutes looking at this, and can’t figure out their outfits. Who would run in that, whatever it is?

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll leave you with a picture of my boy, since Kathy shows you adorable kitty porn:

every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man
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2 Responses to If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You

  1. Honestly I was an only child, and my Dad and cousin and Uncle would play the football game, and I really learned how to set up plays, but the ‘players’ never really did what they were set up to do…LOL.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I seem to remember my cousin’s version had a magnet so you could make a runner go down the field, but mostly all the other players vibrated in place. It wasn’t much fun for me, but my cousins loved it! I was always up for something football related, even as a kid.

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