Showers and Flowers

It must be Spring in Colorado:

Yep, there are my poor tulips in a pile of snow. Not much and not too cold, so that is good. We have had over two inches of rain/snow mix in the last two days. For those folks in wet rainy climates, I realize that is just about nothing, but we live in a high plains desert. Our annual rainfall ALL year is only 17 inches, so that is a significant amount all at once. Now, it probably won’t rain for the rest of the summer. I just wish we could ration it out, but that is Mother Nature for you.

We got to go to garage sales last week. We got in a car together, and drove around and yacked till the Summer Intern was ready to kill us or stuff a sock in our mouths, but we had a glorious time. Now this week, Deb is off visiting her parents, so I am on my own again, but I have some fun stuff for you anyway.

I may be sorry I added this one first, as I don’t think there is going to be any way to top it:

Well, I guess your average Rocky Horror Frank N. Furter Angel might do it. I really do think it is amazing, but I am just not sure how you would use it to best advantage. Do notice that there is a nice rainbow wreath in the box in front, as you wouldn’t want your home to not be color coordinated. Do you put it up for Christmas only, or do you leave it up all year? Mardi Gras maybe? I didn’t look at the price, but a new one will set you back around a hundred bucks. I didn’t even know these existed.

I think this next item should be worth a whole lot more than it’s priced:

Seriously, if you could actually keep a fisherman from lying with a device this small, it would be priceless. I think just a scale won’t do it either. It should have a built-in ruler, and a lie detector. Oh wait, now that I look at it, there is a built-in tape measure, so we are halfway there. No offence to the tall tale fishermen amongst us, but you know what you do.

The same sale with the De-Liar also had this:

It might take looking at the shadows to tell what it is. It’s your basic portable one-holer. What really got me was the smart alec seller. Although, if you were in dire need of one, I guess it’s good that it still works! Doesn’t look to me like this had much use ever. I think you would be a bit exposed using this most places, but if you are out in the boonies making up fish lies and you need to go, you need to go.

While browsing the thrift store, I came across this little lady:

I can’t resist looking at travel dolls, as they come in all shapes and sizes. She looks a bit angry, but you might too if you had a furry ass! No really, see here it is:

Ok maybe it’s a donkey, but it sure is furry. But she loves it and it is hers. I am going to be bad and admit I almost bought her just to take away her wooly friend, but I resisted, as they have been together for so long, and it was a bit on the small side for Barbie and pals.

I did, however, buy this because it made me laugh:

It’s furry too. I found this at a local on line auction, and had very little competition for it (can’t imagine why) so for the grand total of four dollars it came home with me. This is a sweater clip. Ever wondered how you could tell for sure, well, other than the chain? Take a look at the clips:

If you look closely at the top of the clip you will see that jagged edge. That sticks out to hold onto your sweater. If you clipped that on your ear, you would be very sorry indeed. Other than that, they look just like clip on earrings!

One more item from the thrift store:

Thank goodness Farmer John has his back to us, as I am pretty sure that his front would not be much more prepossessing than his back. I think folks do this just so they don’t have to figure out how to make some sort of face that isn’t cross-eyed. I know that is what I would do, ’cause faces are not my thing, either. Of course, I wouldn’t have started this whole project in the first place. I would have just wound up the yarn in a nice ball and threw it across the room for the cat.

One last fun find. I love old children’s books, and one of my favorite stories is Cinderella, so this charmingly illustrated version caught my eye at a recent yard sale:

It was published in the 1920s and I recognized the illustrators name of Lois Lenski. Turns out she had written a ton of children’s books as well, and I am sure I shelved dozens of them when I helped put my son’s school library back together after a move. The funniest thing about the book is that there are two distinct different illustrators. Here are two different interpretations of the same scene on facing pages:

I love how the Fairy Godmother is more of a witch in the illustrations. Fun to see these early interpretations. Some of the pictures were only line drawings, but I thought they were so pretty that I decided to share one of them with you for a coloring page. I cleaned it up a bit and here it is:

I love the Arts and Crafts feel to her dress. That rose motif is straight from the period. Feel free to download, print and color this pretty piece. It’s a nice thing to do in the rain. Ask me how I know.

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