If I Fitz, I Sitz

I am starting to see signs of spring. Well, at least Easter displays and that means spring, right? Never mind that it is only the first week in March, by all means trot out those bunnies. Heck, don’t we need some red, white and blue for the 4th of July? What, am I getting ahead of myself? Everyone else does. To be fair, I have seen a few tulips and crocus poking their little green shoots out of the ground, so there is hope.

For those keeping track, Ramses is now 6 months old and weighs a bit over 10 pounds. We may have a mountain lion on our hands before we get done:

He is coming to work with me most days, and hangs out in my mother’s bead store that is right next door. Nothing like a cat in a box of beads. My life has come down to this:

I want to be a cat when I grow up. Someone comes along with food a couple of times a day, gives you treats and pets, and follows you around cleaning up your messes. Yep, it’s a cat’s life for me!

I was brave last week, and ventured into ARC because I needed a few things to complete some projects. Boy, do I miss our second hand craft store. The only plus is that I found a few “horribles” to share with everyone here, so it was sort of a win, and I did find a couple of things I needed, so I guess it was worth the early trek to get there before the crowds.

So I am going to bet this family has three kids:

I would say they were all from one birth, but they seem to have some distinct time differences in the style. Heck, maybe it is even three generations. Honestly though, if you really want to give someone flowers to celebrate a birth, don’t make it a plant. New mom’s don’t have time to breathe, let alone water plants; do them a favor and get a plain vase that won’t need a trip to the thrift store to become useful again. Or if you really want to be her favorite person in the whole world, just give her a lift by waiting a couple of weeks and getting the biggest box of chocolate you ever saw to help with the mood swings.

OMG there are two of these?

We spotted one of these back in 2018. Check it out here. It didn’t get any better with the passage of time and now it is missing the shade, as if that made any difference in how ridiculous this is. They look different enough to be two separate ones, and not the same one following us around to different thrift stores. (Now there is a thought to inspire terror, especially with some of our finds!) What this all boils down to, is that there are a least two people in this town with execrable taste.

And yet, I found this:

I am mostly a native (I do not count three months in Italy on an army base before I was three months old.) I do love living here, but so do a whole lot of other folks and they keep putting us on those best-places-to-live lists, and messing it up for the rest of us, so just to be clear, it’s terrible here. No mountains, horrible beer, no restaurants, it’s days to go skiing, and it snows 10 feet at a time and gets to 120 degrees every summer. Remember that.

The summer intern spotted this:

He has an affinity for “pengins” as we call them, as his school mascot was a penguin. We both felt really sorry for this poor fellow. He seems really sad, and it might be because he has a gourd stem sticking out of the top of his head, or maybe it’s just Monday. We wished that someone who could paint this well could have given us a jolly happy penguin to cheer us up, instead of this morose looking bird. He will probably be an orphan forever with that look on his mug.

While we are birding, what’s up with the gilded cockatoo:

Actually, I am less offended by the gilding than the combination of the gold and the pink top knot. What is up with that? I could have lived with this either all pink or all gold, and only been slightly irritated by it. Even though it looks like a sick raven in a Las Vegas chorus line. I made the mistake of turning it over:

Well, thank goodness they told us it is not a toy. Every little kid I know is just dying to get their hands on one of these. It is the number one item in Sears Wish Book (Boy, am I dating myself there). Seriously, the warning should read “Expensive crap that is not decorative, do not buy!” The thrift store took the original price tag to mean it was worth something, and marked it up. Must be because no one is supposed to play with it.

These just made me spend a bit too much time trying to figure out where they came from:

I looked everywhere for a milk maid missing her buckets, a donkey without his load, or even a St. Bernard without his cask. Nothing, but there they hung. Sometimes I think the folks who work in back have not one ounce of common sense, as they split everything up. We find outfits divided up, salt and pepper shakers torn from each other, creamers without their sweet sugars, and now this. When will the abuse end?

I did end up learning something this week. I have been spending some time mending some lovely vintage clothes that I recently acquired—working on them to get ready to list them. I cleaned this top and got ready to do the mending and was flummoxed by the construction. Here is the top:

A lovely little Gibson Girl style blouse from around the turn of the century, but when I looked inside I found this:

Wait a minute where did those serged seams come from? Well, did some digging and found out that the first commercial sergers where made in the the 1880s and were in relatively common use for lace gowns, etc. by the turn of the century. Who knew?

We had several fun entries into our “Caption This” contest and the winner will be announced Friday night. The prize will be this 5 x 7 inch vintage wooden frame complete with glass:

You still have time to enter. Here’s the picture to be captioned:

Caption me!

Post your entries in our blog comment section, on Facebook, or the doll boards. We would be happy to judge you and award a prize to the best comment. You have until Friday, March 5th 7pm to come up with your entry.

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4 Responses to If I Fitz, I Sitz

  1. OSS says:

    Ramses is SO beautiful! Love the tee shirt. heeheeeeee Our lives are ruled by several of those creatures. Oh…and the western slope is AWFUL too. No one in their right mind would want to live here. Got that, out of staters? lol

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Dawn! We agree, all of Colorado is just terrible: too cold, too hot, too smoky! Why would anyone want to live here? Hugs.

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Caption – name dropping time!: Mermaid, “Flipper ate my head.” Cat, “I’m the failed practice piece of one of Picasso’s studio workers.” Dog, “I’m the model for the big-eyed dog pictures by Keane.” Happy March, girls!

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