These Aren’t a Few of My Favorite Things

I have just been a lump of laziness for the last month. I have no inclination to get anything done, even with several projects that desperately need to be finished. I’m blaming 2020 for my malaise and maybe the weather, too, and I’m guessing that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Whatever it is, I need someone to give me a good swift kick in the pants to get me going!

Yay, I have some pictures so we can write a regular post. If you are going out to thrift stores and find something blogworthy, shoot us a picture and we’ll gratefully use it in a post. Read all the way to the end because we have a contest for a yet-to-be determined prize.

I think some folks have been cleaning closets about 40 years too late, by the looks of this:

The wack-a-doodle still life screams 1970s to me. You need to take a closer look at those sandwiches—they were probably featured in a advertising cooking pamphlet from the Hamburger Council. They even have a hollowed-out tomato in the center of the platter probably holding some sort of sauce—you can see the top is sliced off. Besides the gourds and squash sitting in a chair, the weirdest thing in this whole scene might be that pottery cat, or person, or ?? nearby. What’s that on top of its head—grated cheese for the hoagies? It doesn’t really fit in with the fall scene complete with mums, calico corn, and Coke. Just typical ’70s weirdness from someone who has experienced it firsthand! It was so silly and weird that one of us almost bought the set, but common sense came to our rescue.

This also has a 1970s vibe:

The patterns inside were pretty typical ’70s stuff and in black and white so I didn’t take pictures. I figured that “p.o-ed” owl on the front was a good enough sample of the quality within. The best thing I can say about the book is that you would learn a variety of stitches, but at what cost? You might be better off doing this project with just the flowers and background. You could put a inspirational saying in the title box. My choice would be, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West. She knew how to make every day count and probably didn’t waste time with needlepoint!

Since we’re talking crafts now, it seems like the right place to stick this picture in:

I found this wreath project in the December 2020 Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I instantly thought of this old find:

Holy yarnballs, Santa!

Do you think that this second wreath is an epic Pinterest fail, inspired by an earlier version of the BH & G idea? I like the first version of the wreath with the smaller yarn balls, but I have to say that the white balls of yarn, with the gold thread wrapped around them, kind of look like cauliflower florets to me. Even so, BH & G’s wreath is a 1000 times better!

OMG, what is the deal with this kind of craft project:

I have to assume it was made by someone that hates china and glassware! Maybe a childhood trauma? What could be the best possible outcome for gluing all of these pieces together? I’m particularly confused by the head vase or woman’s bust at the top, fitted over a harvest gold candy dish. My guesses are this is is a crockery totem pole, or maybe a breakable scarecrow. The maker obviously wasn’t trying to create a decorative object. You know, if you have too much china, glassware, and the like, you can always donate to a thrift store to free up space. I believe that using a shotgun on all of these pieces would be a better choice than gluing them into a freaky tower. One action might make you feel better while the other is going to make everyone else feel worse! B.H. feels confident that this was a county fair midway target for baseballs at $5 a pop. It would be your civic duty to completely destroy it.

Here’s another pieced together object:

I kind of get where the makers were trying to go. Canoes, or wooden dugouts, can be lovely decorative objects depending on the skill of the maker. Nick Offerman made the most beautiful canoe which is almost too nice to put into the water. I could see Nick’s version being a focal point in a large log cabin kind of house. This four-foot canoe is much less ornamental, and just looks bizarre under glass. The cradle holding the canoe is weird, too. Maybe a metal base, or even a wooden box-like base would serve the design better. I know why is was at the thrift store, but even more surprising is that someone bought it. Maybe to remake it into a garden tchotchke? Or maybe they wanted the glass, and had kids that would play with the little boat? It’s best that we don’t know because chances are that they loved it as a coffee table.

We saw these glasses and they looked like feet with broken ankles:

Things became a little clearer when we looked at them from the side:

Okay, they are the lower leg and hooves of a horse, maybe? But why? I looked at quite a bit of equestrian glassware trying to find something similar. I also uploaded the image to Google, and it told me that these were jugs and showed me lots of blue-glass pitchers. Does anyone know what they signify? Were they giveaways from a big animal veterinarian practice? They look impractical to drink from and not pretty enough to keep in the cupboard unless they’re more special than we think. Looking at them again, they are not exactly the same so I wonder if they’re handmade. That could explain everything!

Last up:

This is the most oddball grouping we’ve seen in a while. It’s almost like the cat and dog, who are pretty strange all by themselves, are talking about the headless mermaid beside them. I feel like this picture lends itself to a caption contest. If you all feel like playing along, post your entries in our blog comment section, on Facebook, or the doll boards. We would be happy to judge you and award a prize to the best comment. You have until next Friday, March 4th 7pm to come up with your entry.

Thanks for reading along this week. We’re hopeful that soon we might be shopping and wise-cracking our way through Friday mornings again. Keep safe!

Also, Kathy is working on a doll sweater tutorial, I think. Stay tuned for that!

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2 Responses to These Aren’t a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Lovindollz says:

    Here is my entry:
    Dog: Wow, you sure are a colorful character. Cat: And you are not, your point???


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